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EliteTorrent, a Spanish BitTorrent site, was popular and featured Spanish versions of international movies, TV series, games, and other software. Although it was troubled by Spain’s anti-piracy law in 2015, was permanently closed in 2017. This created a vacuum that was open to all Spanish-speaking netizens worldwide, who needed to search for EliteTorrent alternatives.

Screenshot of the original EliteTorrent website

Although there are many alternative sites that use the EliteTorrent tag, we can’t verify their authenticity. These mirrors are not recommended as they are unlikely to be affiliated with the original EliteTorrent team.

We recommend using these 10 reliable EliteTorrent alternatives in 2022 or beyond. For your P2P content consumption, we have included both Spanish and international BitTorrent sites.

Note EliteTorrent should not be confused with EliteTorrents. This BitTorrent site was closed down in 2005 by Operation D-Elite. Sometimes, EliteTorrent is also known as “Torrent Elite”.

Warning The domain hosts pornographic material. It is not recommended that you access it.

Secure and Trusted Alternatives To EliteTorrent

EliteTorrent is known for its tile display and Spanish torrent content. It also has verified and healthy P2P trackers and decent seed-peer rates. Most likely, a torrent was active because it had active seeders. The content could be downloaded quickly and safely.

We have attempted to include equally effective torrent sites in this list. The top five sites are primarily focused on Spanish content. The five below are favorites worldwide.

1. MejorTorrent offers a wide range of Spanish-language movies and TV series as well as music. It is the ideal EliteTorrent alternative. It had more than 57,000 active torrents in all categories at the time of writing. It has been updated with the most recent international movies and web series. The homepage still features Spanish blockbusters, web series, such as Crooked and Mr. Corman, The Mallorca Files and many more (September 2021 release).

MejorTorrent offers Spotify and Netflix deals, as well as a daily poll and helpful Help section for BitTorrent users.

Homepage of MejorTorrent, top Spanish torrent site

2. DivxTotal, as the name implies, is a Spanish torrent site that focuses on HD movies. The homepage lists the most popular titles of the week. This is similar to the releases in RARBG (the Russian torrent giant). You will also find Spanish content, similar to EliteTorrent. DivxTotal also offers 3D and dubbed movies.

3. Sub Torrents provides Spanish subtitles for any video that Mejor or Divx is interested in. SubTorrents can provide subtitles in Spanish for any of your favorite movies, whether you use OpenSubtitles or Subscene. It lists all kinds of web shows and movies.

4. GamesTorrents is the best place to find games in Spanish. It has been around since 2004 and offers video game torrents on all platforms, including PC, Wii, Xbox, Wii and PlayStation. No Man’s Sky Frontiers, El Shaddai and Kitaria Fables are some of the most popular games in Spain.

Homepage of GamesTorrents

5. DonTorrent is a similar site to MejorTorrent, but it has a different web design. You will also find a mixture of Spanish content, including documentaries, movies, web series and TV shows, as well as software programs. DonTorrent may be an alternative if MejorTorrent is unavailable.

Tip – To bypass the block, you can still access MejorTorrent using a reliable VPN. Continue reading for more information.

6. 1337x is now the #1 torrent website in the world. This has been due to the demise of KickassTorrents as well as the frequent jitters experienced by The Pirate Bay. Its resilience, up-to-date torrents, and large database of pirated content in both English and foreign languages like Espanol, Catalan, are the reasons it is so high. 1337x’s greatest asset is its large community of torrent uploaders that provide torrents for movies, TV, apps, games, and many other media.

Another reason 1337x is so popular is its accessibility.

7. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been around more than a decade now and it is still going strong. Despite the torrent site being subject to a lot of legal friction and takedowns over the years, it has managed to remain calm and composed. The site is still being updated by uploaders who are loyal to the original Warez scene or other torrent tracker groups.

The Pirate Bay is a great alternative for EliteTorrent if you’re looking for older content.


RARBG was founded in 2008. New releases are often found here. There are many private trackers out there (reminiscent of the old Demonoid days), but RARBG is the first to grab public torrents. is still active in Spain, and has a vast database that’s worth exploring.

9. YTS (previously YIFY).

This is enough to introduce you. is the unofficial successor of the worldwide phenomenon YIFY. It is known for low-quality rips. Its database of active torrents is unmatched. This website is completely redesigned and includes a link to IMDb, subtitles and magnet links.

10. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is last on our list. It’s a simple BitTorrent website that offers torrents from all categories. has also had to deal with anti-piracy authorities, but has managed to stay strong over the years. has the advantage that it rarely downs any torrent. This site is likely to help you if an older torrent file has been deleted from your computer.

Other EliteTorrent alternatives to Spanish content include Identi and EstrenosDTL as well as DivxaTope and GNULA.

Do You Need a VPN to Torrent?

This question is based on your risk appetite and preference. A VPN is recommended if you want to hide torrenting activity from law enforcement and surveillance agencies.

A VPN is basically a proxy server.

  • Blocks your IP address from being visible on public trackers’ peer lists
  • Your torrenting activity can be anonymized and your privacy
  • Unblocks EliteTorrent alternative sites
  • Geoblocks and censorship bypassed
  • Acts as an efficient privacy tool
  • Tracking and ISP surveillance are stopped

It is not easy to underestimate the VPN’s ability unblock torrent sites. It is possible, for example, that MejorTorrent might be blocked depending on where you live. A reliable VPN can help in such cases.

Downloading copyrighted material is a crime in many parts of the globe. Although sharing pirated content in Spain was legal, this was repealed in 2013. According to the anti-piracy law, if someone gains a financial advantage by sharing pirated material, they could face imprisonment. A VPN does not provide you with access to a movie or game that is copyrighted. It only provides you protection.

Tip: When torrenting, ensure you use a VPN to download both the torrent file as well as the actual content.

Use the Best VPN to Torrent Securely

NordVPN is the best recommendation for torrenting. NordVPN is rated the best VPN in 2021 and has many advantages when it comes torrenting. These are some of its greatest benefits:

  • Torrent-specific P2P server
  • BitTorrent clients have a negligible speed limit
  • NordLynx protocol guarantees high-speed uploads and downloads
  • In the event of a VPN error, the double kill switch automatically shuts down your Internet connection and your BitTorrent Client.
  • Split tunneling is used to torrent only
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • A wide range of servers are available to unblock Spanish torrent sites

NordVPN was tested across all 10 EliteTorrent alternatives for downloading movie torrent files. It allowed us to access the top 10 torrent sites in Spain, and also enabled peer discovery and speed.

  • 5200+ Global Servers in 59+ Countries
  • CyberSec malware protection and ad blocking
  • Next-generation encryption using double VPN servers
  • VPN traffic is obscured by obfuscation technology
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Uses Netflix for streaming
  • Lightning fast with P2P Support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Question

Here are quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about EliteTorrent alternatives, EliteTorrent torrents and VPNs.

What happened with EliteTorrent?

EliteTorrent was closed down in 2017, after Spain’s antipiracy laws were implemented. Although there are many EliteTorrent mirrors available today, none of them is reliable.

Is torrenting illegal in Spain?

Since 2013, it is illegal to share copyrighted material and make revenue from them. The legal guidelines apply if you are using the content only for your own personal use. It is therefore safe to download and stream content using any of the EliteTorrent Spanish alternatives.

Should an EliteTorrent mirror be used?

No. No. These mirror sites can send magnet URLs or torrent files to your computer.

What are the best EliteTorrent alternatives to Spanish torrent content?

Our research shows that MejorTorrent and DivxTotal are the top EliteTorrent alternatives for 2021.

How do I keep safe torrenting?

To torrent safely, you can use a VPN. To download Spanish content, we recommend any one of these torrent sites.

Do torrenting requires a VPN?

No. VPN is strongly recommended for torrenting, as it conceals your IP address.

Which VPN is best for EliteTorrent?

NordVPN is recommended for downloading Spanish-language content via torrent networks.

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