Do you have a question about whether you should buy a pre-built computer or build one yourself?

It is not difficult to build a computer. You can actually build your own computer if you follow the instructions and use a screwdriver.

It is a smart decision to build your computer. This post will highlight the 14 top benefits of building your own computer. I hope you’ll see the difference between buying a prebuilt machine and getting a better deal.

1. It is cost-effective to build a gaming PC

It will be cheaper to build your own computer than buying a pre-built one from the store. A computer can be built to your specifications.

A basic computer for internet use can be built for around $300. These internet-only builds work well for anyone who only needs to send emails, surf the internet, and stream video. If that’s all you do on your computer, there is no need to spend more money.

A solid entry-level gaming computer can be built for as little as $300-$400. For $600 more, you can get a gaming computer that can run most games on 1080p monitors at maximum settings. Gaming enthusiasts who are looking to play at higher resolutions or refresh rates or who want to try virtual reality gaming should spend $800 on the best components for their gaming PC.

However, building your computer from scratch can provide the same performance as a pre-built system that you would get at a store.

2. Easy Upgrades Possible by Building a Computer

You can build your own computer and know exactly where every component is located. It’s easy to replace parts if your system isn’t performing as you would like or if you feel the need for an upgrade. It will be more difficult for people who want to replace components in their store-bought machines. They may not feel comfortable upgrading their computer because they haven’t built it themselves. This will make it more expensive to hire someone to do the work.

It’s easy to upgrade parts of your gaming PC. It is a smart idea to upgrade your system every few year if you are an avid gamer.

3. You will have a superior cooling system

Pre-built computers have a problem in that the cooling systems may not be efficient enough for gamers. These machines are built on assembly lines, and have many components packed in tight spaces. This limits airflow. Either they don’t have enough fans, or the cables block airflow. Sometimes both.

You can choose to have cable management and slots for fans when you build your own computer case. You should be able find a case that can accommodate two to three fans, even for mid-range builds. You’ll be able to add fans or liquid cooling radiators to a higher-end gaming computer. Your cooling system will last longer if it has high airflow. This can save you money and time.

4. A PC Build Gives You a Skill That You Will Keep Forever

Building a computer gives you an edge over others, whether you’re a student or a worker. If you asked 100 people to build a computer, only a few would be able to answer. Computers are everywhere. They are everywhere. It is important to understand how these machines work together.

You can repair your computer if it has problems. Perhaps your family members, friends, or children are experiencing computer problems. Instead of spending thousands to replace the computer, they could call you and ask you to help them diagnose and repair it. You will be able to fix and build computers for the rest of you life. These skills will help you save money and time, giving you an edge over others who don’t have them.

5. A PC allows you to choose higher quality parts

Although you may think certain computers are of high quality because of their brand name or logo, the components in the pre-built machines that are sold at retail stores are often not the best. These big-name companies often use low-quality components such as RAM, optical drives and hard drives.

They are always looking for the lowest price, which increases their profits. You can only use high-quality parts if you know what parts go into your machine when you build it.

To find the best components for your next build, visit our Top Components section. Browse through our buyer’s guides.

6. No more waiting for tech support… you are the tech support

The retailer’s technical support will only be available if you purchase a computer in the store. It is common to spend hours on hold waiting for a tech representative to resolve your problem. This is frustrating and a wasteful use of your time. This process can be avoided if you build your own computer.

You can repair any problem on your machine if it breaks or doesn’t work properly. You are your own technical support staff.

It is true that building your own computer puts more responsibility on you. You are responsible for fixing any issues that may arise. You will still learn a lot about how computers work and the majority of people who build their own computers find that they can solve any problem with just a Google search.

System-builders don’t have to spend hours calling tech support to resolve common issues. They understand computers better than most people and know how to find the right answer in a faster and more efficient way.

7. Bloatware is Eliminated by Building a Computer

What is bloatware? Bloatware is a computer that you bought at a retail store. Ever wonder why your computer runs so slowly? The computer is not even one year old and there are no harmful programs on it. Bloatware is the correct answer. Although bloatware doesn’t cause harm or pose a danger to your system it can slow down your computer by taking up too much space on your hard disk.

Your computer is infected with unnecessary software that you don’t use or need. Why would they do this? These add-ons often include third-party applications that give them an additional revenue stream. Another form of bloatware is trialware. Trialware can include security and antivirus software. The software is available for use for a period of time. After that, it will take up space on your hard disk if you don’t renew the subscription.

You don’t need to worry about these things if you build your own computer. You won’t need to add any extra programs that slow down your computer’s performance since you will be installing the software.

8. A PC gives you better warranties

A warranty usually covers a computer purchased pre-built from a retailer. It typically lasts one year. The warranty covers the whole computer. While this may sound great, it can be a hassle if something goes wrong. You will need to send the entire computer in to be repaired if a part fails or malfunctions. This leaves you without a computer for the time being.

You’ll find that each component can be purchased individually to make a custom build. These pieces come with warranties that can last up to two years. High-quality components come with warranties that can last for up to seven years, with some components even offering lifetime guarantees.

You can send each part back if something goes wrong. It is true that it can be difficult to identify the cause of a problem in a computer system. However, the fact you built it yourself gives you confidence that you can figure it out.

However, you will get a longer warranty (and therefore better coverage) if you purchase your components separately and create your own system.

9. The Building of a Computer Teach You Responsibility

You can build a computer if you’re a child or teenager who is interested. This will teach you responsibility and help you grow faster. It is expensive to build a computer. If you pay for it with your own funds, you will soon learn the value of $1. Perhaps your parents are helping with some of the cost. You don’t want your parents to waste their money. If you run into problems, don’t give up on the project.

You will need to care for your computer once it is built. Keep it out of liquids, dust, and any other substances that could cause damage. A mistake can cost you as much as $1,000 if you aren’t careful. The computer must be maintained over time. This includes any upgrades or tweaks that may be necessary to improve its performance. These are all lessons in responsibility that will be useful for children and adults alike.

10. You have complete control over customization

You have complete control over the building of a computer. You can choose the parts that you need to make your computer work exactly as you wish. This allows you to make changes as needed. Your custom computer is an ever-changing and growing process. You may not be able to play much right now and don’t care about high quality graphics. Instead, most of your time is spent surfing the web and watching streaming videos.

In a few years you might be a serious gaming enthusiast. To maximize your gaming experience, swap parts from your current computer. You can swap out parts such as your memory, case and optical drive for customizing.

11. A PC can help you improve your problem-solving skills

This skill can be applied to other areas of your life. There will be bumps and obstacles along your journey to computer building. This is a chance to test your problem-solving skills. How people react to adversity can tell a lot about their character. While it is easy to give up, fighting through your difficulties makes the reward even more satisfying.

Reach out to others for assistance. Ask experts who have been through it before for their advice. It doesn’t matter how frustrating or difficult your problem might seem, I guarantee that there will be a solution. Your research skills will also be put to the test. You will also find other valuable information during the research process. This helps you to understand the topic better and makes you more knowledgeable.

12. Build a computer and choose your operating system

You are bound to the operating system that came with your computer when you purchase it from a retailer. A company may release a new operating software, but that does not necessarily mean it is the best. These new operating systems are often plagued by bugs and other issues. Many people believe that if something isn’t broken, don’t fix. This means they won’t be happy with a new operating system as they are comfortable with the one they have.

You don’t have to worry about this issue if you build your own computer. You don’t have to use Windows 10, but you can choose the operating system that you are most comfortable with. You don’t have to upgrade to another operating system unless you choose to. If you are not satisfied with the new software, you can always return to it.

13. If you are building a PC, join an elite community

You shouldn’t build a computer with blinders. Ask for help from experts and peers. You can find many online forums where people share their experiences building different machines. Their knowledge is valuable. Even if your goal is not to participate in these forums or blogs, it’s a good idea to at least read some of them to avoid common rookie mistakes.

You can be sure someone has encountered the same problem you did during your building project. For help, reach out to others on these message boards, comment sections and other online forums. Because everyone has a common interest, these communities are unique. Perhaps you will be able to offer your advice and help a new builder.

14. It’s fun to build a computer

The entire process of building your computer will be enjoyable. There will be some mishaps and hiccups, but these are what make the process more enjoyable. Building a computer is easy. You can find step-by-step instructions (including ours) to help you along the way. You can use them to guide you. You only need to be focused and able to follow the instructions precisely.

You might find that building computers is your new hobby. Many people find their hobbies in building models of trains and cars. Computer building could be your calling. Computer building is a fun way to spend your time and you will be able to use the results for work or pleasure every day.


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