Tinder, the most popular dating app, has over 50 million users around the world and more than 1 billion matches every day. However, it is not available in all locations. It is possible to unblock restricted access and hide where you are online. But, will it work when you want to meet someone far away? What VPN is the best for Tinder?

Are you short on time?

These are the top VPNs for Tinder:

  1. NordVPN The best VPN for Tinder
  2. Surfshark with integrated Fake GPS on Android app
  3. ExpressVPN is great for privacy and unblocking Tinder
  4. Private Internet Access Good quality and speed
  5. PureVPN is a great alternative to dating apps

Tinder: Can you use VPN?

A VPN is a great idea for Tinder. You can access Tinder from any location and your data will be protected. Tinder cannot be accessed from places where Facebook is blocked because it is part of the network. To bypass such restrictions, a VPN is a good option, especially if you are traveling internationally.

Although Tinder has not been reported to block VPN connections, it is often the case. This can only happen if traffic from the server looks malicious, meaning that multiple users are connecting from the same IP address. A VPN for Tinder can be used legally and there are no restrictions.

Can VPN change Tinder location

A VPN can hide your location, but it is not the same for mobile apps. Tinder uses your phone’s GPS location to determine where you are. While a VPN does not change your IP address, you can alter your location by using fake GPS. Here’s how.

How do I change Tinder’s location

Tinder uses your exact coordinates from your smartphone to pinpoint exactly where you are. To match people with other countries, you must spoof the GPS location of your phone. Here’s how to do this.

Change Tinder location on Android:

  1. Go to GooglePlay and install the app Fake GPS Location
  2. Click Open Settings in the app.
  3. Find Developer Options and choose Fake GPS.
  4. Now, on Fake GPS App select the fake GPS location you want to show on the map
  5. Clear Tinder Cache
  6. Start Tinder
  7. To catch up to the new location, adjust the Distance for Tinder
  8. Enjoy your new matches!

Tinder Location Change on iPhone

It is difficult to fake a GPS location using the iOS platform. You could still try other apps that work the same as Android. These are the apps you should try:

  • Fake GPS Location
  • iSpoofer (using Mac).
  • iTeleporter
  • Gfaker

Fake GPS apps may not always work. It is possible to try several. Tinder is able to tell the difference between fake GPS coordinates and real ones. Premium subscriptions might be the best option to change your location. While researching fake GPS apps, I found that the device took a while to use a fake location.

Why use VPN to Tinder

Tinder is an app that can consume your time quickly and distract from the task at hand. It is therefore often blocked by Wi-Fi networks at schools and workplaces. A VPN can help you unblock Tinder. It also offers other benefits like data protection, anonymizing your traffic, and unblocking streaming services like Netflix. Let’s take a look at some reasons to use a VPN for Tinder.

  • Tinder unblocks on any WiFi: Using a VPN that is compatible with Tinder, you can remove it from any WiFi. It can not only bypass censorship, but it also hides all internet activity from schools and employers.
  • Access to Tinder from abroad. This matchmaking app is often unavailable abroad. Particularly in areas where Facebook is not available. A VPN allows you to access the internet and then use it again.
  • Unblocks Streaming Services such as Netflix: The service can also unblock geo-restricted content like Netflix and Hulu.
  • Protects your data online with strong encryption: Strong encryption protects personal information from hackers, ISPs, and government agencies. It also hides what you do online
  • Stops you being tracked online by advertisers: Some of the best VPNs also have anti-tracking and ad-blocking features that prevent third-parties and advertisers from tracking you online.
  • It hides your location on the websites you visit. When you browse online, the websites cannot tell where you are actually located because it masks our IP address.

The Best Tinder VPNs


  • 5200+ Global Servers in 59+ Countries
  • CyberSec malware protection and ad blocking
  • Next-generation encryption using double VPN servers
  • VPN traffic is obscured by obfuscation technology
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Uses Netflix for streaming
  • Lightning fast with P2P Support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • More than 3200+ global servers located in 60+ countries
  • CleanWeb Ad-blocking feature
  • OpenVPN offers strong encryption and security
  • Whitelister, Multihop VPN, kill switch
  • No-logs policy
  • Uses Netflix for streaming
  • Amazing speeds
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • 160+ Locations and 3000+ Servers
  • Strict No-Log policy
  • Unlimited streaming (Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer)
  • Strong military-grade AES256-bit key encryption
  • Split tunneling, Kill Switch and RAM-disk Servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Support for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Reliable connections and fast speeds

Private Internet Access

  • Block trackers and ads
  • You can use it with up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 3200+ Servers in 29 countries
  • No Request or Traffic logs
  • 7-day money-back guarantee


  • 140+ Countries and 2000+ Servers
  • 31-day money-back guarantee
  • It hides internet traffic and allows you to unblock geo-restricted content
  • Protection against IP leakage and Internet Kill Switch
  • The cheapest dedicated IP addresses
  • Support for Windows, MacOS and Android.
  • Ideal for streaming Netflix, Hulu and BBC
  • No-log policy. Audited and strict.

The Bottom Line

A VPN can block Tinder on any WiFi, and it will also work where it is not available. However, it cannot change your location so that you can match up with someone from another place. You can change your location by faking your device’s GPS coordinates. However, this is not always possible. You could also benefit from a VPN for Tinder, which can unblock Netflix and protect your personal information.


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