5 Reasons Why SSL Protection Is Crucial to Any Digital Marketing Plan
5 Reasons Why SSL Protection Is Crucial to Any Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing is one of the crucial components for organisations for global recognition of the business, expansion of the products and services, and course for increasing the client base. Digital marketing typically consists of Search-Engine optimization, Pay per Click, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Google Analytics, and Content marketing. But to create a Digital Marketing plan, there is one more step involved in the beginning. Robust safeguarding of your website is ensuring it will give you protection eventually with the least expenditure on your pocket.

And the only way protection is possible for your website is by installing SSL protection. SSL protection provides benefits such as data privacy settings, helps increase online visibility, is useful in building customer trust, and helpful for establishing brand value.

Before we proceed further let us understand some overwhelming facts-

  • There are more than 30,000 websites that get hacked every day.
  • The percentage increase of security and data breaches has been more than 67% since the year 2019.
  • A website is the most common platform for attackers to steal crucial information.
  • The pandemic of Covid-19 aggravated the situation further with there being a 300% increase in cyber-crime and close to 1000 to 3000 cases being reported every single day.
  • Most of the time attackers use a maliciously injected script that is shown to be executed by a trusted web application.

What do you mean by SSL?

Secure Socket Layer, better known as SSL, is the type of security protocol used for the encryption of data that is sent between a server and a user. In simple words, it means that if the SSL certificate protects your site the browser will indicate a secure lock by showing a padlock symbol. It is the ideal manner wherein you can secure websites along with important data on your server. The best part about obtaining an SSL certificate is that it is not at all expensive.

There are diverse types of SSL certificates available-

Extended Validation Certificate

It is one of the most advanced certificates available and is an expensive certificate available. It protects highly personal information and e.g., payments of any kind and is a much sought-after validation certificate for any kind of e-commerce business. EV SSL certificate offers the highest authentication with strong security.

Domain Validation Certificate-

In this type of certification, the advantage is that it is the quickest validation you can get, but it also offers a low level of validation. You need to decide whether you want to go for this certification based on your products and services.

Multi-domain certificate-

If you have a digital marketing plan which needs several domains, then this is your go-too certificate for the same. This is also the best option if you have several unique domain names and do not want to spend for each certificate for the website.

Wildcard SSL certificate

The Wildcard SSL certificate comes under the domain and subdomain category. This kind of certificate ensures that if you have the certificate for one domain then you can also use the same certificate for other sub domains. If you are having subdomains, then search for cost effective ssl and provider who can offer a single security solution like wildcard certificate. It can secure main domain and first level subdomains. Here, you can easily obtain a Wildcard SSL Certificate from CheapSSLShop at a nominal amount. that can save your hard-earned money.

How does this SSL work?

  • A browser or a server tries to connect with the website that is secured with SSL. The browser sends the request that the web server identifies itself.
  • The web server sends the browser a copy of the SSL certificate.
  • The browser checks to see whether the SSL certificate is coming from a trusted source or not.
  • The server sends back a digital acknowledgment to start an SSL encryption.
  • The encrypted data is then shared between the browser and then the web server.

You need several types of certificates which depend on the type of business and the services.

1.      Understand which certificate suits you the best-

There are diverse types of certificates available in the market. You need to understand which type of certificate will suit your services the best.

2.    Make sure you provide valid company information-

To get the SSL certificate you need to provide valid company information which includes the site name, the company name along with the address.

3.    You also need to know the certificate authority

Choosing the right certificate authority is particularly important. There are several certificate authorities available such as –

    1. Comodo SSL
    2. Geo Trust
    3. Global Sign
    4. Rapid SSL

4.    Creating a certificate signing request

Once you have the provider for you, you need to find a certificate signing request on your server.

5.    Waiting for validation of the certificate

Validation of the certificate is very crucial and will let you validate your company details.

6.    Installation of the certificate

Once the validation is done there is installation of the certificate. In this process you should have a word with your web developer on how you can install the SSL certificate.

SSL certificates have the validity for one to two years and at the most 27 months. If your SSL certificate expires then you need to update it immediately.

Why is there a growing need to install an SSL certificate?

With the internet becoming an indispensable part of our lives, data security is turning out to be of utmost concern. It is becoming more important to secure websites from data leaks, stealing of passwords, and intruding on other important personal information.

An SSL certificate is like a digital passport required to prove the authentication and validation to protect the confidentiality of the website communication with the different browsers.

An SSL certificate is also helpful for B2B communication and other important deals, it is also important for client and consumer security. With several businesses getting more advanced on all the levels, it has become important to have a secure protection strategy which can invest in strong security parameters. Since now-a-days most of the business dealing happens online, business owners also want to ensure that their dealings and conversations become secured. And the only way to have secured payment transactions is to have an SSL certificate installed.

Typically, an SSL certificate contains the following parameters-

  1. The owner’s name.
  2. The serial name and the expiration date
  3. The public key copy
  4. A digital signature of the issuing authority

Five reasons why your Digital Marketing plan needs an SSL certificate-

·    Helpful for Boosting Your SEO

Google has precisely over 200 ranking factors that it actively takes into consideration while ranking the websites. However, in the year 2014, Google changed the specification ranking and has announced that websites with an SSL certificate will get an added advantage over the version of those that do not possess the one.

·    An SSL certificate boosts the brand trust factor

The one important thing essential for Digital Marketing is having strong brand value. Every user who will pay a visit to your website is bound to check the URL. Having an HTTPS icon is good but having an HTTPS SSL icon is a bonus. It tells the user that your organisation cares about data security. One point which needs to be noted here is that it does not matter whether your brand is big or small, cybercriminals can attack any type of digital marketing business.

Research has repeatedly proved that it is quite easy to target smaller brands of business as most of the times’ data security is often a forgotten phenomenon. At times they do not have the budget to invest in data security.

·    Improve the search engine rankings-

Google has confirmed that websites with an SSL certificate will have the advantage of ranking higher as opposed to those who do not have or have only an HTTPS certificate. However, one needs to have a holistic picture here. Only having an SSL certificate will not magically propel your website to the top rankings. Other combination factors need to work in tandem. Factors such as optimised content, page speed, links, and user experience are all important parameters in improving the overall search rankings.

·    An SSL certificate is necessary if you have an e-commerce website-

According to research, the customers will abandon a website if there is no SSL certificate. If your website is of e-commerce domain, then it also needs to be PCI DSS compliant. It is the standard marker for the protection of the consumer’s online data security.

It is even more important that your website has an SSL certificate because if cybercriminals get to know even the slightest of any kind of easy access it will be a cakewalk for them to trap customers in their trap.

·    Having SSL validation is a legitimate way to protect your clients/customers-

Installing an SSL protection layer is a legitimate way that shows it protects your customer’s information. It is not just any other method only for website protection.

It is a robust level of technology for the encryption of communication between the users and the web browsers.

Having an SSL certificate is the key to deliver a safe and trustworthy web experience for your audience. It will go a long way in securing your digital marketing efforts and protect your data from cybercrime activities.

Along with a robust digital marketing plan it is extremely important to have secured web protection in place to ensure safety of your data and building brand ownership. As companies and organisations build websites it is getting even more necessary to have new and improved secured web practices to ensure safety of the data.