Are you looking for a split-screen PC game that you and your friends may play together or against each other? We’ve highlighted nine of the best split-screen PC games currently available in this list.

For decades, video gaming have been a popular pastime that has brought people together to play the same game. Unfortunately, it appears that more and more games are focusing on structuring things such that each player has to use their own system, connecting through a wired connection, whether it’s the internet or a LAN setup.

9 Awesome Split Screen PC Games

While couch co-op may appear to be going the way of dial-up internet, the PC market still offers plenty to offer gamers looking for a local multiplayer experience. This list has been developed to highlight nine titles that not only feature multiplayer, but also happen to be split screen PC games, in an effort to promote co-op PC games. Given the variety of game genres represented on this list, there should be at least one title that satisfies the desire to play with friends on a single system.

Portal 2 is a sequel to Portal.

“Portal 2,” which was announced in March 2010 and published in April 2011, is a physics-based puzzle game featuring single and multiplayer modes that requires two players to play as testing robots tasked with cooperating to reach the exit of each testing level. Unlike the original Portal, Portal 2’s multiplayer gaming rules limit each robot to one of two portal gun colours. When a blue portal gun is shot onto a suitable surface, and then the orange portal gun is fired onto another appropriate surface, the game’s titular portals are generated.

The game has received a slew of accolades, including BAFTAs for “Best Design,” “Best Game,” and “Best Story.” The game continues to attract a large player base of over 4,000 players each day, more than half a decade after its first release.

Rocket League is a video game developed by Rocket League

This game, which was released in July 2015, combines racing and sports by allowing players to control miniature rocket-boosted cars in a soccer game where the ball is larger than the cars. The ability for players to customise their rocket car, the large amount of cross-play between PC, Xbox One, macOS, PlayStation 4, and even the Nintendo Switch, the ability to change game modes and arena rules, and its status as an official game for eSports competitions are all reasons for the game’s large player base and popularity.

In categories such as “Best Sports,” “Best Multiplayer,” “Best Game Design,” and “Best Family Game,” Rocket League has won or been nominated for dozens of accolades from BAFTA, IGN, the “Golden Joystick Awards,” “NAVGTR,” “The Game Awards,” and “DICE.” Its status as an eSports title earned it the Golden Joystick Award for “eSports Game of the Year” in 2017 and again in 2018. One of the best things about Rocket League is that it can be played without a high-end gaming machine.

“Madden NFL” is a video game series created by EA Sports.

Since its inception as “John Madden Football” on MS-DOS in 1988, Madden has been one of the most prominent and well-known of American football games. For devoted football fans, Madden is such a beloved franchise that numerous Super Bowl match-ups have been simulated using the multi-platform sports game prior to the real-world event. Despite its long history and large fan base in the world of sports games, Madden NFL 19 marks the series’ return to PC after a hiatus that began with Madden NFL ’08.

Madden NFL 19 has an aggregate score of 80 on Metacritic, despite the fact that game was only launched on August 10th of this year. Madden is an annual series, which means a new instalment is released each year. Every year, one NFL athlete serves as the mascot on the cover of a Madden game.

The “FIFA” Series is a collection of video games based on football.

Outside of the United States, soccer, not gridiron, attracts the attention of many individuals; if you know a soccer lover who owns a gaming console or plays games on her computer, chances are she owns at least one copy of FIFA. Electronic Arts’ sports department also creates the FIFA series of soccer sports games, owing to the fervour of non-American sports fans. FIFA 19, like Madden NFL, is a yearly sports game, with FIFA 19 hitting store shelves and internet stores on September 28th, 2018.

Unlike previous FIFA games, this is the first to allow players to participate in the Chinese Super League. The most recent FIFA game, like the previously discussed Madden series, has failed to win any accolades but has an aggregate Metacritic score of 81.


Brawlhalla is a free-to-play multiplayer fighting game that was released on October 17th, 2017 by Blue Mammoth Games. It has over 40 playable characters, each of whom wields two of 11 different types of ranged and melee weaponry. The objective of the game is to knock your opponents off the screen or into the bottomless pit at the bottom of each stage. Players can either get used to having a rotating stable of six different characters or pay a fee to have access to all of them at all times.

The game has a large enough player population to warrant serious competitions as well as a variety of recreational modes. The Brawlhalla World Tournament is a professional gaming event hosted by Blue Mammoth Games that has been held for at least three years and contains a $50,000 cash prize. Brawlhalla also features exceptionally low system requirements, allowing it to run on even the most basic gaming PCs and laptops.

Gears of War 4 is the fourth instalment in the Gears of War series.

On October 11th, 2016, the fourth iteration in the Gears of War franchise of third-person, cover-based shooters was released to the general public; an Ultimate version of the game was released earlier, on October 7th. The game takes place 25 years after the events of the last game, in a world where fossil fuels have been depleted and humanity’s leadership is adjusting to the ecological shock of eliminating earlier threats and catastrophic windstorms.

GoW 4 has been nominated for three awards: two from the 2016 The Game Awards for Best Action Game and Best Multiplayer, and one from the 2017 Visual Effect Society Awards for Best Technical Achievement. Several major game review publications praised the game, awarding it an eight or nine out of ten rating. According to recent occurrences, nearly six million people have played World of Warcraft 4.

Games with LEGO bricks

If you can think of a major media franchise, whether it’s Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, or something else, chances are there’s a LEGO game version of it. “Lego Dimensions” is a large crossover media title that incorporates the toys-and-games mechanics of competing brands like “Skylanders” and Nintendo’s “amiibo,” with the games being about adventure in those many worlds.

These games almost appear to be intentional exercises in greatness, with excellent controls, witty writing, and a mix of the long-loved LEGO toyline and a variety of franchises that appeal to the general market. Over 50 of the 69 games released under the LEGO licence have been released on PC. Six separate awards were nominated for “LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2,” a recent LEGO game instalment.


GRID Autosport is the ninth instalment in the TOCA racing franchise, and it was released in June of 2014. The game appears to take some cues from the serious simulation side of car racing games, rather than the arcade side, with a wide range of cars, race tracks, and car categories. GRID Autosport had over 3,500 gamers whizzing about in serious automobiles on realistic tracks at the height of its popularity.

Players may prefer the opportunity to play against other humans, given how cutthroat and alien the game’s AI can be. GRID Autosport has only received one award, that of GamesRadar’s “Best Racing Game” of 2014. On Metacritic, the PC version of this game has an overall score of 78, with a number of other game review sites giving it a score of around 80.


Screencheat is a multiplayer-only first-person shooter that was released on October 21st, 2014, with a novel approach to targeting that appears to be inspired by the old FPS practise of “screen peaking,” a frowned-upon practise in which players would look at another player’s section of the split screen to determine where that player might be hiding. While the game obscures each player’s character model, it also lets them see what their opponents view.

Players must then employ this knowledge to track down their opponents in a variety of highly lighted environments. It even contains a few unique variant modes, such as “One Shot,” in which players must kill a certain opponent with a specific weapon before reloading, and “Murder Mystery,” in which players must kill a specific opponent with a specific weapon. The PC version of the game has a Metacritic aggregate score of 71, despite the fact that it has not earned any awards.

Resident Evil 6 is the sixth instalment of the Resident Evil franchise

On April 2nd, 2013, Resident Evil 6 was released to mixed reviews from the gaming community. Users on Steam, on the other hand, have mainly given the game positive reviews.

However, you must first complete the prologue in Resident Evil 6 in order to access the co-op option. Multiplayer options in the game include the opportunity to play with up to six players online in the Survivors, Predator, and Siege modes. Only two players can play in the local co-op mode.

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is the fourth instalment in the Call of Duty franchise.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a split-screen game that could bring you some nostalgia if you wish to go back in time. On November 5th, 2007, the game was originally launched. IGN, GameSpot, and GameTrailers all gave it accolades, and it garnered largely positive reviews.

If you’ve been wanting to get some friends and family together for some PC gaming, especially during the family-friendly times of the winter holidays, but only one of you has a suitable computer, you can see that you have a few possibilities.

While the games on this list are a good place to start, there are plenty of other multiplayer games to consider. Whether you want to burn asphalt in GRID Autosport, fire guns in Gears of War 4, Screencheat, kick some balls in FIFA, Rocket League, or Madden NFL, solve physics puzzles in Portal 2, have a cartoony multi-player rumble in Brawlhalla, or simply play in an adventure game that takes a favourite IP and lets you explore a LEGO-fied version of that property; there are plenty of game genres you can enjoy with others without needing each p


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