Emerging AI technology Used in Voice Transcription

When it comes to artificial intelligence, especially in the context of machine learning, artificial intelligence is at its absolute peak when it is able to operate in a huge data collection, such as text. This is especially true in the case of text. The fact that much of the data in the world cannot be accessed in text format presents a challenge. Instead, you can find it in the form of spoken words, audio recordings, or even live events. When considering AI in its broadest sense, this fact establishes speech transcription as an objective of critical significance. Take a look at the information that is provided below if you are interested in learning more about some of the emerging AI technology that is being used in voice transcription.

The Market That Exists Right Now for AI

The market for AI transcription is currently competitively divided between established companies and new entrants. They take a radically different approach to the market, but there are certain companies that aren’t following suit. Bigger firms are selling speech-to-text conversion and bundling it as an application programming interface (API) or as part of a more comprehensive solution. However, there are a few notable exceptions; for example, several start-up companies are currently investigating potential business models that will allow them to offer transcription software directly to their existing clients.

However, this involvement is limited to research initiatives for the most part. Major technology corporations such as Google, Microsoft, and even Baidu are all active participants in the sector. It would appear that the majority of the commercial projects that are now underway are concentrating their efforts mostly on dictation or the transcription of a single voice. When this occurs, the computer has the opportunity to be trained in advance. Verbit is currently miles ahead of the competition in the realm of technology and is the industry leader in transcription. Some people could argue that they are even capable of being compared to some of the most well-known names in the industry.

The Prominent Figures

The likes of Google, Amazon, Nuance, Cisco, and even Apple are among the most recognisable names. Since the early 1990s, they have been conducting research into voice recognition, and the development of several virtual assistants has helped to propel this line of investigation ahead. This includes voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Voice, and even Microsoft’s Cortana. The Microsoft Artificial Intelligence team has been in the news very frequently. The first milestone was reached when they published a study demonstrating that they have archived equivalency with a number of different human transcribers. The reasoning behind this decision was to see whether we could improve the accuracy as a whole.


If you go beyond the borders of the United States, you will quickly see that Baidu, a Chinese technology company, has been a significant leader when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI). In order for them to develop the deep speech project, they developed and implemented a neural network with an extremely deep hierarchy. In this day and age, the only way for world-class speech recognitions to work is for them to leverage data that was provided by third-party sources or for them to recruit graduates from speech and language tech programmes that are now being used.

Baidu is of the opinion that the pipeline should be much streamlined, and they also think that technology for speech recognition should be made more accessible. If this were the case, it would be analogous to neural networks and even even recognition software. If you look at the business side of things, you will also notice that Baidu has a product called SwiftScribe, which is now in beta. Although it is still in its infant stages, this is able to transcribe from an audio recording. Due to the fact that it is unable to transcribe in real time, it lags behind its competitors. Although there are likely to be a great number of more breakthroughs in the future, it would appear that things are headed in the correct path at the moment.