ICOspeaks is the Best Telegram crypto group form AMA Session

The ICOspeaks telegram crypto community is extremely popular for its AMA sessions. (Ask me whatever you want)

ICOspeaks Team held 70 AMA projects, all of which were relevant to Decentralized Finance and cryptocurrencies in general, throughout the course of the last six months.

What is it that the project’s creators wishes to communicate to a global mass audience? In general, the most important thing is to capture the attention of users, solicit their input, and engage them in a thorough discussion about the project’s features. The fact that Telegram communities with over 70k users, such as icospeaks, have the chance to participate in an AMA Session is a wonderful thing. Another reason for project owners is to attract the smartest and brightest investors to the project, which is a brilliant idea, to say the least. Investors will also benefit from personal discussions with the team and the ability to ask any questions they may have. However, we must admit that not every user question will be answered by the team, in which case we always recommend that users follow the project and ask their questions within the project community on social media platforms such as Twitter or Telegram to avoid this situation.

So let’s talk about the ICOspeaks AMA session, shall we? ( ask me anything )

Step Number 1 is to prepare for the AMA, which can be accomplished by making announcements in both groups, such as the project community and the icospeaks community.

AMA Host and Project Speaker have a pre-discussion in Step Number 2. ( there is some instructions how AMA should be handled and time schedule)

Step number three.

There is nothing complicated about the AMA session procedure. There will be four blocks in our AMA session, including the following: 1) The first block of our AMA session will be a self-introduction from today’s speaker.
2) The second block of AMA is scheduled. Speakers provide an overview of the project. Please provide us with a few phrases in response to the following questions:

3rd Block of AMA (Alcohol and Drug Abuse). ICO Speaks received a question from the team. Our staff has developed a few questions on which we are particularly interested:

Fourth Block of AMA. The Voice of the Community The community is welcome to ask any questions they have about Your initiative, and your speaker will respond to them.

We need you to provide us with information for blocks 1, 2, and 3 prior to the AMA.

Names, telegraph links, and positions of speakers will be listed here, and the speaker will be given a few minutes to introduce himself or herself ( please makes sure the speakers have joined the telegram community at least 1-2 h before the AMA start)
Prepare 3-5 questions and answers that you would like to use to kick off the AMA ( it must be general question about concept of the project)
Prepare three to five questions and answers that you would like us to ask you. In this section you will find (some new features, upcoming plans, and the project’s strongest aspects)
Block 4 does not necessitate any prior preparations. (The community poses a question, we mute after receiving a series of questions, and you choose which ones to be addressed)
Following the AMA, either you or we will choose ten winners who will get the prizes.
Blocks 2 and 3 will be conducted in the format of an interview; I will ask one question, and you will respond; at this time, the chat will be silenced.