Insights Success Recognizes Online Trading Academy for Its Leadership in Innovation

Online Trading Academy Receives Acknowledgement from Insight Success

Insights Success is a global publication that is aimed at C-level executives, vice presidents, consultants, venture capitalists, human resources professionals, and managers. Its purpose is to keep these individuals informed on some of the most recent developments that are occurring in the business world. This magazine covers a wide range of business sectors and provides data-driven insights into collaborative solutions and delivery methods that companies may employ to strengthen their positions in their respective markets.

Online Trading Academy was given recognition in the online magazine published by Insights Success for the efforts the company does to provide instructional resources on the financial markets of a high standard of quality. OTA was chosen from a large number of firms all around the world to get the award for The Most Innovative eLearning Solutions Provider. This demonstrates that OTA is a leader not only in the United States of America or North America but also on a global scale.

In particular, the CliK platform offered by Online Trading Academy was singled out for praise. CliK is a proprietary platform for analysis, trading, and instruction that is only accessible to students enrolled in OTA programmes. Students will be able to learn about risk management while gaining experience in the markets thanks to the platform, which was created by combining OTA’s original trading method with patented trading tools. The platform was developed with the aim of being user-friendly for first-time investors, but it also provides advanced investors with information that is pertinent to their needs.

Individual Investors Can Learn to Invest Through Online Trading Academy

Individual investors who are interested in learning more about stocks, futures, options, and FX can take advantage of the instructional programmes that are provided by Online Trading Academy. The course material also goes over various trading tactics, enabling students to concentrate on developing an overall game plan that is tailored to their needs. OTA provides a cost-free introductory class through CliK and other initiatives, followed by a selection of premium courses that can be taken either online or at one of the company’s more than 40 financial education facilities.

CEO Eyal Shahar is in charge of Online Trading Academy. In addition to that, he was the driving force behind the development of CliK and has more plans for the company. It is well known that Shahar is the driving force behind OTA’s cutting-edge technology advances and educational advancements, both of which have contributed to the organization’s success. In the not too distant future, Shahar intends to implement additional plans for new innovations, features, and educational programmes that will assist the company in educating individual investors in an even more efficient manner.

Numerous awards have been bestowed upon Online Trading Academy.

The designation of Online Trading Academy as the Most InnovativeeLearning Solutions Provider by Insights Success is certainly remarkable; yet, this is not even close to being the only award that the company has obtained. The organisation has been honoured in the past with a number of accolades, not only for its educational services but also for its franchise operations.

In the realm of education, OTA has been recognised with a number of awards, including the Best Forex Educator Global Award (2020 Global Forex Retail Awards), bronze for Achievement in Product Innovation (Stevie Awards), and Student Engagement Award Finalist (Edtech Trendsetter). In the realm of franchises, OTA has been honoured with a Top 50 Franchise Award from Franchise Business Review for the third year running. In addition to that, the business has been honoured with a number of regional accolades for being a wonderful place of employment.

The Academy for the Prospective Future of Online Trading

Moving forward, Online Trading Academy plans to maintain its commitment to offering instructional programmes that are both cutting-edge and of the highest possible calibre for traders and investors. Although the award season for 2020 is drawing to a close, it is probable that the company’s unwavering dedication to investing in innovation will ensure that it maintains its track record of earning a large number of accolades in the years to come as well.