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BitYard x AMA Recap

We are excited to share with you the results of our AMA session with our friends from the team today. The AMA took place on December 15, 2021, and our guest was Ben Rogers, Travala’s chief marketing officer.

The entire award fund was 400 AVA, which was divided into four equal halves for each participant. In this AMA Recap, we will attempt to outline some of the most intriguing things that were discussed during the session.


Anna – BitYard (in English): Thank you for your interest in our upcoming LIVE AMA with Ben Rogers, CMO of Please join us for this event on Facebook Live.

We’ll begin with an introduction to, then we’ll select 5 questions from the community for Ben to assist us in answering, followed by an open chat, and lastly our Q&A session!

Ben Rogers, Travala’s Chief Marketing Officer: Hello, my name is Ben, and I work as the Chief Marketing Officer at We are a platform that enables for the booking of over 3 million travel products using more than 50 different cryptocurrencies, including our own AVA cryptocurrency. AVA is the driving force behind our rewards programme, and you may unlock savings by progressing through the tiers of our intelligent programme. Also available is, a premium travel business that organises trips for crypto whales seeking exclusive experiences such as private islands and private jets.

Anna – BitYard (in English): Thank you for introducing me to you. Anyone interested in learning more about and AVA Token should visit the following websites: and

PART 2: Community Questions

Q1 from Anna – BitYard.
Can you provide a more in-depth explanation of the Smart Program? What are the advantages of becoming a member, and why should I do so?

Ben Rogers, Travala’s Chief Marketing Officer: If you enrol AVA in our Smart Program, you will be eligible for discounted travel on our online booking portal as well as voting rights in the governance pool, among other benefits.

The first tier is now available to those who stake 250 AVA or more, and it provides a 1 percent discount on your accommodation along with a 2 percent giveback. The subsequent tiers go up to 2500 AVA or more, and they provide a 5 percent discount along with a 5 percent giveback.

Through the staking of the token and the membership of the smart community, access is allowed to the governance pool, and when votes are cast in favour of community grants, rewards are distributed to the smart community members.

For the final point on this list: our sister firm, Dtravel, has set aside a 10 million token allocation to smart members, which will result in airdrops to members of the community.

The following items can be purchased on the open market and staked on our platform in order to become a member.

Anna – BitYard (in English): Thank you for your response. And then there’s the fact that a lot of people are currently interested in NFTs, the metaverse, and games. What advantages do you believe you will have in this field in the future, and how can I find out?

Ben Rogers, Travala’s Chief Marketing Officer: It’s no secret that will be receiving NFTs in the near future. Our plans to enter the metaverse have also been made public, and we will be announcing them soon. When it comes to travel, there’s a lot that can be done with both of these efforts, so I guess you’ll just have to keep an eye on our social media feeds and wait for the announcements to arrive.

Anna – BitYard (in English): Thank you for informing us about this. Q3.Does using to book airline tickets or hotel rooms seem simple?

“The booking engine is really straightforward to use, and after you have selected a hotel or flight, just like with other Online Travel Agencies, you will be provided with the checkout screen, which will allow you to pay in either fiat or cryptocurrency.” Ben Rogers, Travala’s Chief Marketing Officer:

During the 30-minute lock-in period, the cryptocurrency payments will be converted to US dollars, allowing payments to be made directly using a QR code!

Q4 from Anna – BitYard: What percentage of folks who book utilise cryptocurrency as opposed to standard payment methods?

Ben Rogers, Travala’s Chief Marketing Officer: The last year has seen us generate an average of more than 70% of our revenue in cryptocurrency, with the last two months accounting for 79 percent and 82 percent of our revenue, respectively, This would be accomplished through the use of, which allows high-net-worth individuals to connect with a concierge. These brokers can assist with the booking of private aircraft, yacht rentals, vacation houses, and anything else that may be bundled together into a vacation or trip itinerary.

Anna – BitYard (in English): That is fantastic. What about the final question: what is your vision for the year 2022?

Ben Rogers, Travala’s Chief Marketing Officer: We’re currently concentrating on expanding on the existing level of growth, which includes increasing user acquisition while also increasing profitability.

Several factors, such as direct contracting and integration into markets from the booking engine, will make us more appealing to customers.

PART 3: Open chat

Each member has the ability to post up to three questions in the group. The winner of your question will receive 20AVA as a prize!

Q1 comes from @v i799 and reads as follows: Could you please discuss with us some of your most significant accomplishments to date, as well as some of the superior features that you are currently developing?

Ben Rogers, Travala’s Chief Marketing Officer: Contracting directly with the client! Currently, we are working on bringing hotels directly onto the site for self-booking, rather than only through our partnership with expedia.

Q2 comes from @landcruiz and reads as follows: Do you believe that there is a connection between marketing and a high-quality product? Which of the two is more crucial, in your opinion? Which is more important: marketing or a good product?

Ben Rogers, Travala’s chief marketing officer (CMO): They’re both connected. Product development and marketing are increasingly intertwined these days.

Q3 comes from @chiennguyenns and reads as follows: In all, how many nations do you serve as Travala represent?

Ben Rogers, Travala’s Chief Marketing Officer, said the company’s products are available for purchase in 197 different countries.

Q4 comes from @chiongnauu and reads as follows: I currently reside in Turkey; may I use Travala to rent a hotel or anything else in Turkey?

Ben Rogers, Travala’s Chief Marketing Officer: You certainly can, and Turkey is a growing market for us as a result of the high degree of cryptocurrency usage.

PART 4: Quiz

There will be 5 quizzes on and the AVA Token to take part in. In each question, the first two members who select the correct answer will each receive 20 AVA! provides which of the following services, according to the following question?
A. Reservations for travel B. Referral Program
D. Above All, the AVA Token C.

When making a reservation through, which of the following benefits do you receive:
A. Lowest Possible Price Guarantee
Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments (B)
C. Rewarding People for Giving Back
D. Most Importantly,

Q3: Where can I purchase AVA Token? Ava Token may be purchased at the following locations:
Bedard A. Binance B. BitYard
Above All, Kucoin D. C. Kucoin D.

Q4: The following are the benefits of owning AVA Token:
A. Reservations for travel B. Participation in the NFT Program C. Voting Rights
D. Most Importantly,

Q5: What are the benefits of purchasing AVA on BitYard during the month of December:
A mystery box, B a travel credits lottery, and C a mystery box with a lottery
C. Trail Funds Provided Without Charge
D. Most Importantly,