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Building an Automated Selling Machine: Reeve Yew Explains How a Sales Funnel Works

One of the most important ideas in the field of internet marketing is the concept of the sales funnel. It is something that you have probably previously heard more than once, but it may still sound too convoluted and sophisticated to you. This is the nature of sales funnels, but if you construct them correctly, you have the opportunity to turn your firm into an automatic selling engine that was almost unknown before you built the funnel. Because Reeve Yew has devoted his entire professional life to designing and implementing sales funnels, there is no one more qualified than he to describe how the process functions.

Understanding the Basics

Consider a sales funnel to be analogous to a physical funnel. You can pour a liquid into the opening at the top, and then you can anticipate that the same substance will come out of the other end. However, the way things are done in sales are a little bit different. Your company’s sales process can be thought of as a kind of filtering system. You want a lot of people to enter your sales funnel so that you can sort out those who aren’t interested in what you have to offer based on their previous interactions with your brand. Those who go through the entire process and come out the other side have a better chance of becoming actual clients.

According to Reeve Yew, who is also the co-founder of Funnel Duo Media, sales funnels are made up of a number of different processes, all of which need to work together cohesively in order to convert prospective clients into actual purchasers. When a potential customer first becomes familiar with a product, there are a number of steps that must be taken before he can make a final decision on whether or not to make a purchase.

How Traffic Generation Impacts the Success of Sales Funnels

Reeve continues by explaining that the performance of your sales funnels is ultimately determined by the method through which you generate potential consumers for your business. You might, for instance, be able to boost the number of people who visit your website by running email marketing campaigns, making e-books or coupons available for download, or making use of the power of social media. In the instance of Reeve, he has utilised social media in the past with a significant amount of success. It was during his first attempts at online marketing that he utilised a growth plan on Facebook and Instagram to acquire thousands of followers in a short period of time. This method assisted in increasing awareness about his new website and helped him progressively earn the trust of his visitors.

This is not to claim that traffic coming from social media converts at a higher percentage than traffic coming from other sources. At first, it was difficult for Reeve to increase the number of conversions he made. When running advertisements on social media, which might be tough to target, you are more likely to run into this issue. When launching these advertisements, it is not sufficient to reach as many eyes as possible. In addition, it is absurd to believe that potential buyers will immediately reach for their wallets or enter their credit card information after viewing your advertisements; they will not act in such a rash manner.

According to Reeve, gaining the interest of your target audience, assisting them in making a decision, and directing them toward a particular action are equally as vital as raising the level of awareness among that audience. What is the next stage in your sales funnel that will capture the interest of your site visitors if, for example, the majority of your traffic originates from social media? Is your deal so alluring that individuals who take a look at it won’t have a hard time deciding whether or not to go through with the purchase? Does your sales funnel feature a call to action that is explicit and to the point, allowing potential buyers to understand exactly what they should do?

Putting Everything Together

Obtaining responses to these questions, as Reeve Yew explains, constitutes the fundamental building blocks of any sales funnel. Any marketer who intends to construct a sales funnel really needs to take all of these aspects into mind. In addition, once the sales funnel has been established, you may find that your website transforms into a selling machine on its own. After that, it is simply a matter of replicating the process and modifying it as required in accordance with the specific demands placed on your company.

Last but not least, Reeve advises avoiding hacks or shortcuts before automating the entire process. This is because putting in the time and effort allows you to gain a better understanding of how sales funnels work and what it takes to produce the results you want. Lastly, Reeve recommends avoiding hacks or shortcuts before automating the entire process.