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AWS Cloud Architect Tops the Latest Salary Survey

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which holds a staggering 45% market share in the cloud industry, is the largest player. This is why there is such a demand for AWS cloud experts. has released the latest Salary Survey, which shows that AWS professionals can earn substantial salaries. AWS Certified Solutions Architect is the most valuable certification available today. The average annual salary for this certification holder is $146,960.

IT professionals are rushing to get ready for the AWS Solutions Architect exam. A few people I know are currently studying for the test and will be sitting for it in the coming weeks.

Do you want to get this certification? If you are looking to increase your earning power, the answer is yes.

The path to becoming one of these high-earners is fairly straight forward.

Begin by studying for the AWS cloud Practitioner exam. This exam is for absolute beginners. You will find great training videos at which will make it easy to pass this exam.

Next, prepare for the Certified Cloud Developerexam. This exam is more challenging and will require you to be familiar with the AWS cloud platform. Linux Academy offers excellent classes for this certification.

Now you can begin preparing for the Cloud Architect exam. This exam will go into more detail than the lower levels exams.

Friends of mine who have spent 30 days studying have passed the Architect exam. It is possible, and well worth the effort.

AWS Certified Cloud Architect certified people complain that recruiters keep calling . This sounds like a great problem.