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Best VOIP Apps for Cheaper Business Communications

Making free phone calls over the internet using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), often known as Internet Calling, is an economical and effective method of communicating. Making advantage of the Voice over Internet Protocol technology, the VoIP software would allow you to make calls, send text messages, photos, record messages, and do a variety of other functions. For added convenience, most VoIP applications have a few free services that may be smoothly linked with your phone, tablet, or PC.

Advantages of VoIP apps.

When compared to traditional telephones, VoIP offers several distinct advantages.

The cost of this technology is one of the primary reasons that more and more people are adopting it. Virtual private networks (VoIP) enable organizations to significantly cut their communication costs while also providing a plethora of services to improve communication between employees, customers, and suppliers.
Their portability allows them to be set up almost anywhere, whether in your office for a meeting with your colleagues, at home, or even on the fly.
It is a very effective way of communication that does not necessitate the use of a SIM card or the provision of credit on your phone. While some VoIP applications are designed for casual discussions, others are well-suited for large-scale conferences with a large number of participants.
The majority of VoIP applications are completely free to use. All you require is a reliable internet connection, and you will be able to make free audio and video conversations with anyone in the world. It also allows you to share files and screen pictures with others, making business communications easier and faster. This might be useful for interacting with suppliers, assisting with after-sales service, or communicating with other members of the team who are located in different locations and offices.
By moving to VoIP, some businesses have been able to reduce their international communication costs by as much as 90 percent or more.
Now, let’s have a look at some of the greatest VoIP applications available for download and use:

Best VoIP Apps for businesses

  1. Skype is a good example of this.
    Skype, unquestionably one of the greatest VoIP applications available, is equipped with sophisticated codecs for making high-quality audio and video calls. Using a high-speed internet connection eliminates any danger of visual blurring or audio interruption………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. It can be utilized at a conference with a maximum of 25 people in attendance. For only $13.99 per month, you may subscribe to an unlimited world plan that will allow you to make unlimited calls to any location on the planet. One disadvantage of Skype is that while conferencing with a medium or big group, it consumes a lot of bandwidth. As a result, if the hosting account does not have a strong internet connection, the call may suffer from dropped communications, including video and voice.

2) Hangouts on Google+

Google Hangouts, the greatest Android VoIP application available so far, would allow you to interact with a large number of people across a variety of devices. Even those who do not have a Google account or do not have the Google application installed on their phone might be invited to participate in a Google conference. Only a web browser and an active link to the invitee’s Google Hangout are required for participation. As a result, Google Hangouts is compatible with a wide range of operating systems and mobile devices, making it extremely convenient for businesses to communicate with their clients and consumers. Incalls with medium and even big groups of people, Hangouts is extremely steady, which makes it ideal for a group of individuals working on a project from a variety of various geographical places.

3) Facebook Messenger (Facebook Messenger)

The Messenger application from Facebook is yet another excellent VoIP application that should be kept on hand at all times. The call quality, on the other hand, is not as good as what is provided by Hangout or Skype. The huge reach of Facebook Messenger more than makes up for the poor quality of the call. It would enable you to communicate with all of your page followers in a more personal and direct manner than ever before, and you could easily provide updates to your most valued customers and provide them with additional information about special in-store offers from your company’s Facebook account.

4) Viber (Viber is a messaging app).

Viber for Android is one of the most established participants in the market of VoIP applications, and it continues to be one of the best options for making calls over the internet. Since its inception, Viber’s service has significantly improved, and the company has evolved into a full-fledged talking application that also allows you to conduct phone calls and video chats. You have the option of participating in public discussions, attaching files, and even deleting previously sent messages. It has become one of the most popular VoIP applications of our time due to the abundance of intelligent features and cross-platform compatibility.

5) Signal Private Messenger (Signal PM)

The emphasis on privacy is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of this up-and-coming VoIP technology. It enables you to communicate with other Signal users by making free phone calls and sending text messages. Even though Signal does not have as many features as the other VoIP apps on our list, it may be integrated directly with your phone number and address book. Anyone who requires enhanced security might benefit from this open-source application.

To summarise, VoIP applications are essentially necessary for 2017, and you will be hard-pressed to find an internet user who is not already familiar with one or more of these applications.

Wrapping it up

Even if your company does not engage in e-commerce, having access to a VoIP service will provide you with a cost-effective means of following up on new business prospects. Communicate with colleagues all across the world and contact suppliers to tell them of new orders, product information, and customer feedback, among other things.

While certain VoIP applications are well-suited for casual talks, others are well-suited for group conferencing. We have only included those VoIP applications in our list of the best VoIP apps that are suitable for business communication purposes. Comment below and tell us about your VoIP app experience, as well as which ones you like the best.

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