BelugaCDN, an American hosting company, has been providing exceptional and affordable website performance acceleration solutions for businesses in the United States and around the world. BelugaCDN website is only in English. Although the company is mainly focused on U.S.-based business websites, it also has presence in many other countries such as Turkey, India and Brazil.

BelugaCDN is an option for anyone in the United States who wants CDN solutions at a reasonable price. BelugaCDN is often cheaper than other American companies offering similar services. This is due to the high quality of their service offerings. The company’s expansion outside of the United States is not surprising. Although they are relatively new in the market, BelugaCDN has more than 15 years of industry experience. They have invested heavily in setting up a fleet high-performance servers that use ultra-fast SSDs.

BelugaCDN Features and Ease-of-Use

BelugaCDN provides exceptional content delivery acceleration services. They not only invest in state-of the-art CDN infrastructure but also ensure that their service offerings are diverse enough to suit different industries. These are some of the features offered by BelugaCDN:

  • Protect your website and DDoS attacks with built-in protection
  • IPv6 Network uses dual-stack technology for 20-40% faster websites
  • BelugaCDN Sonar ™ provides real-time traffic insight
  • A user-friendly interface makes it simple to create and manage your website properties
  • Instant purging allows you to remove any content from any edge in one click
  • There are many tools available that will help you protect your content. These include Token Auth and Full SSL, Geo-Blocking and Two-Step Rate Limiteding.
  • Dev-friendly RESTful API that supports automation, fine control, advanced settings, and more

It is important to remember that BelugaCDN does not focus on website hosting. Their goal is to enhance your host and speed up your website’s loading time.

BelugaCDN Support and Pricing

BelugaCDN’s most important selling point is its cost, which is only 25% of the price of MaxCDN and Amazon CloudFront. Savings can be made by working with BelugaCDN.

BelugaCDN is not a replacement for your hosting provider. However, it offers vital website acceleration solutions that every business who wants to be noticed on the internet should seriously consider. You can only get everything that BelugaCDN promises by purchasing a subscription.

BelugaCDN does not provide 24/7 support as it is not a traditional web hosting vendor. The company has made it easy to set up your service. You can choose, pay and launch your chosen service within 45 seconds. Despite not being available 24/7, technical support is still responsive. From the moment I sent them an email, BelugaCDN’s support team responded in less than 24 hours.

What is the cost of BelugaCDN?

BelugaCDN has multiple plans, ranging in price from the most expensive to the least. Prices vary depending on the type of hosting plan that you choose. Below is the latest pricing table, which is updated every week.

What BelugaCDN plan should you get?

You can always upgrade later on. BelugaCDN is able to assist you in migrating to a more costly plan. You shouldn’t spend too much money until you need to increase your visitors. You can speak with a BelugaCDN expert about your specific needs.

BelugaCDN Blocked

Imagine a visitor to your website typing your website’s URL into a browser. The visitor’s computer will send a request for information to your website server. It will receive an answer. Your page will be visible to the visitor. A CDN is a network that receives users’ requests and connects to your website’s server to provide an answer.

A CDN is used by many users to protect their servers from DDoS attacks. It receives all traffic and blocks requests that are not permitted. The CDN supports HTTPS and HTTPS protocols. This means that any other services such as FTP or SSH will be hidden behind the CDN. If an attacker wants to gain access to these services, they will need the IP.

What is BelugaCDN’s Customer Service?

BelugaCDN isn’t ranked among our top web hosts. This could be due to BelugaCDN’s small and under-the-radar hosting provider. A small company hosting your website has many advantages. As a customer, they are more important than you. Check out this comparison of the top web hosting services.


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