managed email security
managed email security

Understanding the advantages of Sacramento CA managed security services
Managed security services have become huge business, which means you’ve probably heard of them. You might not be sure exactly what they are, what they do, or how they can help your company. With that in mind, here’s a quick primer on the advantages of Sacramento CA managed security services.

The advantages of staying close to home

Sacramento CA Managed Security Services Benefits

Before diving into the advantages of managed security services, consider the advantages of keeping local rather than going worldwide. Simply put, being local allows you to maintain the strongest possible connection with your managed security services provider.

On the plus side, this provides you with the ideal opportunity to turn them into a true partner and shareholder in your company. On a less positive side, it means that any disagreements between you will be resolved by your local laws and courts. In summary, if you choose a non-local managed security services provider, be aware that your service contract will almost certainly stipulate that any issues will be resolved through their legal system and courts. This can make obtaining redress expensive and inconvenient at best, and impossible at worst.

Understanding IT security that is managed

The cornerstone of a managed security services provider’s business, as the name implies, is security management. To put it another way, it’s more about managing preventative measures than it is about giving advise on how to implement excellent security or dealing with security events as they arise. Most managed security services providers can handle all of the above, but anything beyond managing day-to-day security tasks is likely to be classified as a value-add service and priced as such.

The main distinction between managed security services providers and most real-world security firms is that managed security services providers will normally only patch security flaws or manage live security breaches if they are paid extra to do so. Unless you have a capable in-house IT team, you should have a sinking fund and/or insurance in place to cover any unexpected expenditures.

The advantages of IT security that is handled

While the preceding paragraph may have seemed like a big warning about choosing a managed security services provider, it’s more correct to say that you should know exactly what a managed security services provider will and won’t perform for you as part of their usual service. They can give numerous substantial benefits to your business provided you and your managed security services provider are on the same page about what is required.

Access to highly qualified cybersecurity professionals without having to hire and keep them.

This may be the single most important benefit of using a managed security services provider for many SMBs. The fact that there is a global scarcity of cybersecurity professionals is well known, which implies that they are in great demand.

Even if SMBs can offer the same compensation and benefits as corporates and specialized firms (especially managed security services providers), they are unlikely to be able to provide the same depth of experience or prospects for professional growth. This can be a huge roadblock in terms of attracting and maintaining cybersecurity specialists, since they simply cannot afford to fall behind in such a fast-paced field.

Monthly costs that are predictable

This is the other major advantage of choosing a managed security services provider, and it is related to the issue of personnel recruitment and retention in many ways. Staff expenditures are a significant element of an IT security operation, and not only do you never know how long employees will stay or how long it will take to replace them when they depart, but you also have to deal with typical staff absences like vacation, sickness, and even jury duty. Then there’s the constant training that’s required for good cybersecurity.

Many small businesses are eager to avoid the hazards of trying to maintain a large in-house IT team by outsourcing it to a managed security services provider, which will offer them with a guaranteed service at a set price.

Knowing that important activities will be completed on time gives you peace of mind.

When an in-house IT team is overloaded, it’s all too easy for important activities to be delayed and alerts to be overlooked. While this is natural, it can result in major security concerns. When you use a managed security services provider, you can be assured that the resources you need will always be there when you need them.

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