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IT Companies For Small Business

Understanding the business advantages of Office 365

Microsoft has stated unequivocally that it believes Office 365 is the way forward for enterprises. While Microsoft has had varied degrees of success in persuading customers to buy its goods, when it comes to business, it has an excellent understanding of what its customers need and desire, as well as how to offer it. Here are a few of the advantages that Office 365 provides to organizations.

Lowering capital expenditures

The fact that Office 365 is a monthly subscription and Office 2019 is a one-time, standalone purchase is the most obvious example. One less obvious example is the fact that Office 365 can help businesses save money on IT infrastructure.

Despite the fact that Office 2019 is not the most resource-intensive piece of software on the market, it nevertheless consumes significantly more resources than Office 365. This is because Office 2019 requires the host machine to perform all processing, whereas Office 365 offloads the processing to Microsoft’s back-end servers. This implies that even desktops (and mobile devices) with low specs can run demanding software like PowerPoint and Access.

Licensing options are numerous

You just pay for what you need when you need it because Office 365 is a monthly subscription service. For example, if you just have a small permanent crew but need to hire extra help during busy times, you may simply purchase subscriptions for those employees during those times and cancel them when they depart.

As an added plus, keeping with Microsoft Office ensures that you and any temps or freelancers you hire are on the same productivity page, as it is the industry standard in every sector and region. This allows them to focus their efforts on studying what they need to know about your company, allowing them to get up to speed and productive faster. This increases their job happiness while also helping you save money.

Office 365 for Business has a lot of advantages.

Even if you prefer that all of your employees work from a single location, there are a variety of reasons why you should be able to offer some form of remote working. To begin with, it frequently improves employee happiness and thus retention. This is significant since the ability to work remotely, at least on occasion, is increasingly being considered as a requirement rather than a benefit, and you want to appear to be current.

Second, working with Office 365 rather than Office 2019 may be easier for mobile employees. Even while Office 365’s offline capabilities is limited, it’s frequently enough to keep users going. Furthermore, there is often a significant difference these days between being on the road and being truly offline. It’s usually easy to acquire a good amount of internet connectivity using a combination of WiFi hotspots and cellphone data.

Because Office 365 is built to work with mobile devices, and carrying a tablet (even with an add-on keyboard) is usually more easier than carrying even an ultra-portable laptop, mobile employees prefer Office 365 to Office 2019. (plus the battery tends to last longer).

Last but not least, allowing employees to work remotely provides a clear disaster-recovery answer. It also covers you for times when you may need (or desire) to vacate your facility, such as when noisy maintenance work is required or when you need all of your available space for an event but still want your employees to be able to work.


Office 365’s “online first” approach is perfect for collaborative work, especially when employees are working from different locations. In reality, it can be incredibly effective when people are physically close to each other but have difficulty coming together in one area.

Even while most workplaces have some dedicated meeting spaces, demand always seems to outstrip supply, and meeting areas in some offices can sometimes become offices, albeit informally, to accommodate temporary personnel.

If you work with third-parties on a regular basis, such as agencies and freelancers, Office 365 can make life easier for everyone because they are practically all familiar with it.

Updates on a regular basis

When you buy Office 2019, you receive exactly what you pay for for as long as you use it. Security updates are the only updates. For as long as you are a customer of Office 365, you will receive regular functionality updates.


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