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Recognizing the advantages of Office 365 Personal

If you’re a home user, such as a student, or a microbusiness, such as a freelancer, you’ll almost certainly need productivity software, and you have three possibilities these days.

Option one is to use Microsoft Office 2019, option two is to utilize a free product, either standalone or cloud-hosted, and option three is to use Office 365 Personal to divide the difference. If you do a lot of work, Office 365 Personal will almost probably be the best option for you. Here are some of the causes for this.

It is quite cost-effective.

Even the most basic version of Microsoft Office 2019 will cost a lot of money. In fact, it’ll most likely be a lot more than the ordinary home user wants to pay all at once, if at all. Office 365 Personal, on the other hand, is a low-cost monthly subscription. This now includes Skype credit and OneDrive storage, making the package even better.

You may argue that nothing beats free when it comes to value, and you’d be right. There are several excellent free options accessible. In fact, the free options will most likely be completely adequate for casual users. Serious users, on the other hand, will quickly discover the limitations of the free options. Lack of sophisticated capability, buggy, inconsistent behaviour, and general slowness are common examples.

The storage (together with Skype) may be enough to justify the cost.

There are a lot of places these days that offer free storage, albeit probably not one terabyte. In theory, you could have a terabyte of storage by signing up for many accounts with different providers. However, in practise, that would almost certainly be inconvenient.

Office 365 Personal Advantages

Even if you were willing to put up with the inconvenience, the truth remains that you have real consumer protection only if you pay for a service. If you’re using cloud storage to save crucial files, whether personal or business, this should be a major consideration. You need to know that your cloud storage service will be available for the large majority of the time and that your information will be kept safe.

For the sake of completeness, consumer protection can only be effective if it is enforceable. This is why sticking with trustworthy providers headquartered in nations with strong legal and regulatory frameworks is highly recommended. Megaupload, a former file-hosting and-sharing site, is a good example of why this matters in the real world.

Megaupload was shut down because of fears that it was being used to promote copyright infringement. The abrupt closure left a large number of legitimate and completely innocent individuals without access to their legitimate personal files and with no realistic possibility of regaining them.

It offers a fantastic feature set all-around.

Most home users could probably get by with simply Word and maybe Excel in the past, but these days, many of us utilise (or are obliged to use) a wider range of productivity tools.

Even school-aged children, for example, are frequently required to deliver presentations and generate handouts, so knowing how to use PowerPoint and Publisher can be beneficial. Outlook and OneNote are just useful to have, and while Access is a bit of a niche, it’s comforting to know you have it in case you ever need it.

Another advantage of having all of these apps at your fingertips is that you can actually learn how to utilise them effectively. This is, at the very least, quite beneficial. At the very least, it has the potential to increase your job prospects. The plain fact is that Microsoft Office (in all of its forms) is the industry standard productivity suite in practically every industry and in almost every country on the planet.

It may be used on any device and is also available offline.

The primary distinction between Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home is that Office 365 Personal is designed for single-user use, but Office 365 Home may be shared by up to five users. As a result, Office 365 Personal can only be installed on one computer at a time, but it can also be installed on one tablet or smartphone.

It also includes some offline features. This is admittedly minimal, but it will suffice to keep you going. Users can profit greatly from this flexibility because it allows them to work on the go. That might be anything from your commute to college or job to sitting in a car waiting for your children to finish their activities, depending on your situation.

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