Best CDN for Shopify
Best CDN for Shopify

Shopify’s Best CDN – Expanding the reach of your Shopify Store

It is difficult enough to manage a Shopify site. It is enough to worry about whether your customers are having a great experience.

It’s a shame, because it is what you will have to deal with. It is well-known that web visitors have a very short attention span. Most web visitors give websites only 8 seconds to grab their attention. They will likely leave if they don’t.

Your web pages taking more than 5 seconds to load will leave you with very little time to grab their attention. They will likely have moved on to the competitor by the time your page loads.

What can you do? These problems can be solved by Shopify’s Best CDN .

What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Many website owners use the content delivery network, or CDN, to address the issue of latency. Latency is the time it takes to deliver content after a web request from a visitor has been sent.

The problem is that web visitors are more distant than they are from the origin server, so the journey of a request can be longer. High traffic can cause the origin server to take longer to respond to all requests. It can lead to slow page loading times and high latency.

This is unacceptable for Shopify customers. They rely heavily on sales to keep customers on their site, so a fast loading website is crucial.

CDNs are a great option.

What does CDNs do to solve latency?

CDNs are made possible by a network of servers strategically placed around the globe. These servers are sometimes referred to by the names PoP or Point of Presence servers.

The PoP servers will receive a copy from the host origin server of all files and elements on its web pages. These files and elements will be stored by these servers.

A web page request is sent to the closest PoP server and not the host origin server. The PoP server will deliver the cached web page to the device that was requested by the visitor.

Two things are achieved by this process. This reduces the travel time of web requests, and also lowers the traffic handled by the host origin servers.

This means that web pages load quicker and the origin host server is less overloaded.

CloudFlare: How it can help your Shopify Store

CloudFlare is a top CDN provider in the industry. You can be assured that you will receive top-notch service from CloudFlare as you strive to offer the best web experience possible to your visitors and expand the reach of your site globally.

CloudFlare offers many benefits that will convince you.

High Performance Website

CloudFlare is a trusted CDN that optimizes your website’s pages, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript files, for faster loading. This top CDN provider optimizes your website pages to ensure that large files, such as images and videos, are not downloaded too slowly.

Global Reach

CloudFlare can also help you expand your website’s reach by connecting to PoP servers all over the globe. These servers ensure that Shopify customers have the same smooth and fast web experience regardless of where they live.

Protect traffic from DDoS attacks

CloudFlare uses a variety of mitigation tools to stop DDoS (Distributed denial of service) attacks and other types of web attack. TSL certificates are used to authenticate high-level traffic. CloudFlare is one of only a few CDN providers to support all five major TLS extensions, including HTTP/2, OCSP Stapling and Dynamic Record Sizing. ALPN and Perfect Forward Secrecy.

Dual Stack IPV4/IPV6

CloudFlare wants to expand your website’s reach beyond the global market. CloudFlare is a top provider that uses the most up-to-date IPV4/IPV6 dual stack network, which allows pages to be delivered to both mobile devices and traditional end-machines such as computers and laptops.


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