Best Cloud Backup for Mac
Best Cloud Backup for Mac

Best Cloud Backup for Mac – Protecting Mac Devices

Mac devices have a better reputation for security than Windows. Mac devices are more secure than Windows counterparts because they have a strict and closed environment that makes hacking or breaches much harder.

There is no system that can be 100% protected and secure in today’s age of the internet. Even the Mac OS rigid OS can be vulnerable to external threats, such as power surges and drive failures.

It is therefore important for your business to back up data from Mac devices, even if you have a reputation of security. This is smart IT management.

Best Cloud Backup for Mac: Threats to Mac Computers & Devices

Let’s first define Mac before we discuss the potential threats to Mac computers and devices.

The Macintosh or Macintosh is simply a name for the Apple desktop and laptop computers. The Mac OS runs its own operating system instead of Windows as most office computers. The Mac OS X is its latest version.

The Mac OS, like its mobile counterpart, iOS for iPhones or iPads, is very rigid. It makes it difficult to communicate and collaborate with other devices. Peer-to-peer file share can be difficult, unlike Windows which is an open OS.

This is the Mac OS’s secret feature that protects and keeps you safe.

There is no absolute safety in this world. The Flashback Trojan, also known by the OSX Flashback infected over 700,000 Macs around the globe in 2011.

The Trojan virus infected computers and laptops with this Mac-specific Trojan virus. This caused massive data loss from data deletion, blocking, and modification.

Imagine what it would be like if your business was one of the affected. It can have devastating consequences for your business.

Apple’s slow and ineffective response did not offer any comfort to those affected. The patches to fix the problem were released over 50 days after the initial infections. They are only available for Macs running OS X Snow Leopard or OS X Lion Versions.

Users of older OS versions on Mac computers or devices were advised to turn off Java.

This shows that even closed-off operating systems like Mac OS need reliable cloud backups and recovery solutions.

The Best Cloud Backup for Mac: What Your Business Can Get From a Reliable Backup & Recovery Solution for Mac

Best Cloud Backup for Mac. 1: Automated Backup

Manual backup and process can be time-consuming and tedious. This can cause IT staff to lose time and make it difficult to perform other tasks.

You can automate the entire process by using the cloud to backup your data.

You can even define the data and sources that you want to backup. A schedule can be set up for the entire process. This allows you to set the frequency and time that data will be backed up.

The backup process should be performed when there are no to minimal users so it doesn’t draw bandwidth.

Best Cloud Backup for Mac – Feature No. 2: Data Recovery From Anywhere

The best thing about backing up and recovering Mac computers from disaster is the fact that you can access your backup data from any computer with an internet connection.

There is no need for panic if data is lost or damaged due to Mac computers that are not working properly.

Administrator users usually have the rights to access the backup cloud server and retrieve the data.

Because it is stored in the cloud, users can access the data from any device with internet connectivity to retrieve it, even when they aren’t in the office.

Best Cloud Backup for Mac-Feature No. 3: Disaster-Proof and Secure Backup Servers

The most secure data centers for cloud backup servers are both physical and virtual. Only those who have the responsibility to manage and maintain these servers have access to them. Cloud backup and recovery providers use several security layers to protect your backup data.

These cloud servers can also be hosted remotely and are not connected to your office network. Your cloud backup server will be there in case of an emergency, such as a flood or earthquake.

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