If you’re looking for a new gaming mouse pad, we’ve highlighted seven of the top options currently available in our guide to help you pick the one that’s suitable for you.

A mouse pad will never be as exciting to buy as a gaming headset, a 144Hz monitor, or a brand new gaming chair. A mouse pad, on the other hand, is a crucial component for PC gamers and PC users in general to ensure that their mouse works properly.

So, in this article, we’ve ranked, compared, and reviewed seven of the best gaming mouse pads currently on the market. We compared the dimensions, materials, and price points of each mouse pad to help you decide which is the best gaming mouse pad for your needs. Finally, if you’re looking for a new mouse pad, one of the ones below should suffice.

A Quick Look at the Best Gaming Mouse Pads

A short glance at a few of our top selections for the best gaming mouse pads can be found in the table below. We’ve chosen our greatest overall mouse pad, our favourite huge gaming mouse pad, and the finest budget-friendly mouse pad.


VicTsing Extended

  • 32″ x 16″
  • 3mm Thick
  • Fiber Weave
  • 2-Styles

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  • 36″ x 17″
  • 3mm Thick
  • Microfiber
  • 4-Styles

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Ixcc Silk

  • 13″ x 10″
  • 5mm Thick
  • Silk
  • 3-Styles

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Best Gaming Mouse Pad:
VicTsing Extended

32″ x 16″

3mm Thickness

Fiber Weave Material

Comes in 2 Styles

Our Rating: 9.2/10

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For a variety of reasons, VicTsing’s extended gaming mousepad is the greatest gaming mousepad on this list. The first is its fundamental dimensions, which are 8004002.5mm, allowing enough of room for both a mouse and keyboard arrangement.

There wouldn’t be much to say about if this mousepad’s only selling point was its size. Not only does it provide you plenty of room to play games, but the combination of natural rubber and superfine fibre weave it’s composed of also has its own set of advantages.

The smooth surface allows your mouse to glide across it with little friction, ensuring that you don’t get hooked or stuck on anything during crucial moments. On the other hand, the textured rubber bottom keeps this mousepad firmly attached to your desk, preventing it from shifting no matter how quickly you move your mouse.

Not only that, but natural rubber is both easy to clean and completely waterproof, so spills aren’t a problem when working or gaming. Each of these mousepads has a thick stitched edge for added durability, preventing wear and tear over time.

XXXL Mouse Pad:

36″ x 17″

3mm Thickness

Microfiber Material


Our Rating: 9.1/10

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When a product’s minimum size is XXL, you may reasonably anticipate that its size will be a selling element. The GLTECK is one of the largest and best mousepads on the market, measuring 3 feet long, 1 foot broad, and 3mm thick. But that’s only the XXL version; the XXXL adds another four and a half inches to the breadth to maximise usable capacity.

This mousepad isn’t only about length; after all, what good is a vast surface if you can’t use it? Fortunately, the GLTECK mousepad’s very smooth microfiber weave surface provides for quick, responsive mouse handling that won’t snag while you’re moving it, while the bottom is the polar opposite, providing a rough rubber hold to your desk to prevent it from slipping in an important moment. It also has a water-resistant shell that makes it simple to clean.

The exterior of these mousepads is sewn to help reduce wear and tear. This external stitching is available in either black to match the mousepad itself or red to create some good contrast.

Best Budget Mouse Pad:
Ixcc Silk

13″ x 10″

5mm Thickness

Silk Material


Our Rating: 8.7/10

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In terms of price, Ixcc’s silk gaming mousepads are hard to beat for the degree of quality on exhibit. Each Ixcc mousepad has a velvety silk surface, which provides exceptional smoothness when manoeuvring your mouse across the surface, as the name implies. It’s a steal at $7 for their cheapest option.

However, affordability isn’t the only advantage this mousepad has; there’s also a lot of variation. You can upgrade to a red-lined or extra-long version for a few bucks more. The first is simply the same 1310.20.22in mousepad as the standard model, but with increased red stitching around the outside, which is both a practical solution for preserving the mousepad’s edges and a good cosmetic addition. The second increases the size to 31.511.800.12in, allowing you to keep both your mouse and keyboard in place.

The anti-curling design used on all versions of this mousepad is the same, with numerous layers of material used to keep the mousepad rigid while set out on your desk. This, in combination with the rubberized bottom, prevents it from slipping.

Honorable Mention #1:

32″ x 12″

4mm Thicness

Microfiber Material

RGB Lighting

Our Rating: 9.0/10

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AUYEAR’s innovative and stunning take on the extended mousepad has a lot of interesting functions, but the lights are what most people notice first. A strip of LED lighting runs the length of the mousepad, giving ample illumination while also appearing pretty attractive.

You may even fold up your mousepad completely because the lights are nearly as flexible as the mat itself. While you can turn it off if you don’t want to use it, the nine various colour options, which range from solid illumination to gradients, ensure that you won’t grow tired with it anytime soon.

This mousepad, on the other hand, is far from being a case of form over function, as it comes with a slew of helpful capabilities to back up its good looks. It has a water-resistant microfiber surface that is easy to clean and provides a very smooth surface for your mouse, allowing you to move around freely. It also has enough area for both your gaming mouse and keyboard at 31.512in without crowding one out of the given space.

Honorable Mention #2:
MROCO Mousepad

11″ x 9″

3mm Thickness

Lycra Material


Our Rating: 8.4/10

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While the MROCO mousepad may appear to be simply another mat at first glance, it is actually one of the best gaming mousepads available. The slick Lycra fabric provides a friction-resistant surface for your mouse to move about without difficulty, making this stylish and multifunctional mousepad all you could desire from a product in its class.

On the other hand, one of its main selling features is on the other side of the coin. While the textured rubber used to construct the mousepad’s bottom is nice on its own, the rich shading makes it more difficult than ever to cause it to slip. It can stick to almost any desktop with ease, almost as if it were glued there.

Aside from that, MROCO’s mousepads are simply dependable. Each mousepad’s perimeter is stitched to keep it together during even the most vigorous use, and the water-resistant surface makes it easy to clean. It’s also available in three sizes: 118.5in, 12.510.6in, and 1411in, providing you the flexibility to choose the one that best fits your available work space.

Honorable Mention #3:
J&G Ergonomic

9″ x 8″

Ergonomic Design

Memory Foam

Gel Wrist Rest

Our Rating: 8.5/10

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Ergonomic mousepads make it easier for persons with wrist problems to use the computer. When it comes to gaming, the J&G modern ergonomic mousepad is no exception, delivering more wrist comfort without sacrificing usability.

This mousepad, which measures 9.458.071.1in, allows you plenty of room to manipulate your mouse without having to flex or strain your wrist. Not that you’d want to move it much anyway, because the comfy memory foam pillow supports and cradles your hand to relieve strain, making it an excellent ally during long gaming sessions. This type of material also easily returns to its original shape after use, reducing the likelihood of it wearing out over time.

T-cloth covers the surface of each J&G mousepad, a soft material that provides little resistance to the mouse as it moves across it. The bottom is covered in anti-skid rubber to assist it hold your computer desk better. Finally, extra stitching around the border of these mousepads adds to their durability by preventing fraying and peeling from continuous use.

Honorable Mention #4:

36″ x 16″

2mm Thickness

Lycra Material

10+ Styles

Our Rating: 8.9/10

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Look no farther than RICHEN’s huge gaming mousepads for a change of pace from the more traditional black mousepad. This mousepad is made of smooth Lycra fabric and has a variety of different pictures printed on it. To say the least, the two dozen distinct patterns are a welcome contrast from the typical black and red look of gaming equipment.

This mousepad operates wonderfully as a mousepad, in addition to its attractive exterior. The silky surface reduces mouse drag regardless of pressure or speed, and the big 35.415.5in surface area gives you plenty of room for your mouse and keyboard. An extra thick rubber foundation completes the package by preventing slippage even while you’re thrashing around madly, guaranteeing you don’t lose any games due to a loose mat.

RICHEN’s mousepads are made of high-quality materials and have professional edge stitching for added durability. The manufacturers claim that it is completely machine washable without trouble, both in terms of structural integrity and potential fading of the picture printed on its surface, which is a tribute to how truly waterproof it is. Even if you don’t throw it in the wash, it’s stain resistant, making cleanup a pleasure.

Which Mouse Pad is Best for You?

Whether you’re currently operating your mouse directly on top of your desk or want to move to a mouse pad that will allow you a lot more room to manoeuvre your mouse, one of the mouse pads listed above should meet your needs. There are mouse pads listed above that are ideal for serious gamers, affordable solutions that will work for everyone, an ergonomic mouse pad that is worth considering, and even an over-the-top mouse pad with RGB lights. So, whether you’re looking for a new mouse pad for gaming or just for day-to-day work, you should be able to find one that works for you among the options listed above.


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