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The Top 4 Robo-Advisors that Make Investing Easy

Making a monetary investment in the stock market has never been simpler. People of various socioeconomic backgrounds can now readily participate in stocks thanks to technological advancements and the availability of fully online brokerages. In the twenty-first century, Robo-advisors are a dime a dozen, and stocks have soared to the moon and are now on their way to Mars. Robo-advisors are excellent resources for newbie investors who are new to the stock market.

What criteria should you use to determine which Robo-advisors are the greatest fit for you? Possibly, you are a passive investor, or perhaps you are an expert in Motley Fool Stock Advisor who dabbles in individual stock investment. Whatever your financial strategies are, there is a Robo-advisor out there that has been tailored precisely for your needs and objectives. Continue reading to find out about the top 5 Robo-advisors and how they can help you improve your money!

Betterment Investing Options

Betterment is unquestionably the best of the robot advisors that are currently available on the market. They are motivated by technological advancements to make your money work for you. Betterment assists you in creating an investment strategy to fulfill all of your financial objectives. Betterment provides all of the investment accounts you may require, including:

Betterment’s checking account is where you spend your money. It can be used in the same way as a regular checking account. You will be issued a debit card and will be able to set up direct deposits.
Save is Betterment’s answer to high-yield savings accounts, offering an annual percentage yield (APY) that is eight times the national average! Besides that, your Save account may be covered by FDIC insurance up to $1 million, which is incredible!
Betterment’s brokerage account is called Invest. This is the account from which you will purchase stocks and bonds.
Betterments’ retirement options include standard IRAs, Roth IRAs, rollover IRAs, and 401(k) plans. There’s also a section dedicated to retirement planning.
Betterment’s flexibility to accommodate several accounts is a terrific feature for those who like to keep all of their money in one place. This saves you from having to wait days for transfers and from having to pay the dreaded transfer charge. If you want to understand more about Betterment before you sign up, you can read this Betterment review.

Its cheap costs, which are 0.25 percent for a normal account (0.4 percent for a premium account), plus the fact that there is no minimum account balance make Betterment appealing to any user.

M1 Finance

Your stock and bond allocations (for example, 60/40 stock and bonds) and auto-deposits are set and then forgotten about. Betterment takes care of the rest, including adjusting your portfolio and automatically harvesting tax losses.

Betterments You can only choose an investment allocation that is a combination of 13 different asset classes if you have an investment account with a limited number of investment possibilities. Betterment is a fantastic alternative if you want to put as little effort as possible into your investment strategy.

M1 Finance is a company that provides financial services to individuals and businesses.
M1 Finance is another of the leading Robo-advisors, and they operate in a very different manner from Betterment in terms of client service. Investing in individual stocks is possible with M1 Finance! Even fractional shares are available for purchase.

Their most helpful and distinctive feature is their customizable “Pie” Portfolio tools, which are available in a variety of designs. This tool enables M1 investors to carry out the following activities:


Create a diversified portfolio or pie by selecting a large number of single stocks.
Assign percentages to each stock pick within the “pie” to represent the value of the stock.
Put money into the “pie” regularly.
Each “pie” purchase a user makes entails the purchase of fractional shares of every stock within the pie at the percentages allotted to each stock. In other words, if you want to create a tech “pie” that includes companies like Amazon, Apple, Alphabet (Google), and Tesla, you may do so while simply making a single investment into your “pie.” Isn’t it cool?

In particular, it is useful if you wish to make investments in 20-50 or more companies in a single “pie” of money. While I’m sure that all the discussion of pies have you hankering for a trip to the bakery, I recommend that you first check out M1 finance. They charge no fees and only require a one-time commitment of $100 to get started.

Blooom is another one-of-a-kind Robo-advisor, and not only because of the additional ‘o’ at the end of its name. It is the only robot advisor that is fully equipped to manage retirement accounts, such as 401(k) accounts, and other types of accounts. If your retirement assets are not held by either Vanguard or Fidelity, Bloom is not the right fit for you.

Once you become a Blooom member, the software will thoroughly assess all of your retirement accounts and invest in the ETFs with the lowest costs (exchange-traded funds). There is no requirement for a minimum balance in the account; nevertheless, there are subscription fees:

$250 every year for an indefinite amount of time.
The standard rate is $120 per year.
An absolute must-have: $45 per year
When it comes to discovering the greatest retirement investing alternatives, Bloom can assist you by taking care of the effort. Contact Bloom now to learn more.


Acorns enable its users to invest “spare” change by automatically rounding up their purchases. To begin, you must first open an account, then select an investment portfolio type from a list ranging from “conservative” to “aggressive,” and finally link all of your debit and credit cards to your new account. Putting spare change into a savings account is an excellent method to save money for future purchases.

Acorns take care of the rest by rounding up every transaction and depositing the proceeds directly into the portfolio of your choice on your behalf. Acorns also offer the following types of brokerage accounts in addition to its one-of-a-kind brokerage account:

Acorns Later is a vehicle for the IRA (traditional, SEP, and Roth options)
Acorns Spend is a bank account for Acorns.
Acorns Early is a UTMA/UGMA account that parents may use to save for their children’s future. It is also a terrific tool to teach youngsters about the importance of saving and investing.
If you are a very passive investor, Acorns should be your top-of-the-line Robo-advisor because it requires the least amount of effort on your part compared to any other alternative.

If you’re contemplating either Acorns or Betterment for your retirement account, take a look at this comparison of the two companies’ retirement accounts.


There are a plethora of Robo-advisors to select from, and we barely scratched the surface with our list of the top 4. Other excellent Robo-advisors include SoFi Automated Investments, Wealthfront, Vanguard Digital Advisors, SigFig, and Schwab Intelligent Portfolios, just to name a few of the many available options. Using a Robo-advisor regularly is an excellent investment habit that will lead to significant gain.

If you are interested in investing in the stock market, Robo-advisors might be quite valuable tools to have at your disposal. For you to choose from, there are a plethora of possibilities accessible. Depending on your individual goals, needs, and desires, there is likely to be one or more options that will work for you. Allow yourself to explore and use all of the possibilities that are available to you rather than limiting yourself to just one Robo-advisor.

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