Do you need a new set computer speakers? This guide will help you choose the right speaker for you.

You can choose from a variety of PC speakers to suit your budget, whether you are a casual user or a gamer who wants a different option to using a headset for gaming.

We have reviewed 11 of the most popular computer speakers and rated them according to their sound quality, experience, and price. The list below has options for both high-end speakers with surround sound and budget-friendly portable speakers.

High-End Speakers for PCs under $500

The three choices below are great options if you are looking for high-end speakers for your computer. The Audioengine A5+ as well as the Audioengine A2+ will provide excellent sound quality at a reasonable price.

The Logitech Z906 speakers are THX-certified and can produce 5.1 surround sound.

You have a lot of options with a budget between $200 and $500. However, regardless of your choice, the options below will provide you with an exceptional audio experience.

Comparison Chart for PC Speakers Below $500


The Logitech Z906 surround sound system will give you an edge when playing PC games such as PUBG. It costs $300.


CHANNELS 5.1 Surround
CONNECT 3.5mm, RCA and Optical
POWER 500 Watts
SIZE 15” x17” x17”
WEIGHT 37 lbs. Total

Logitech Z906

Logitech Z906 boasts six speakers total, plus a subwoofer. It also offers Dolby digital surround sound that is 5.1 THX certified. You can use the Z906 system for media or gaming on your computer or in your home theatre.

The Z906 has inputs for 3.5mm jack and RCA. It also supports six-channel direct, optical, coaxial, and coaxial. You can also buy a Bluetooth adapter that connects to the Z906 via Bluetooth.

The system can deliver 500 watts per hour and can reach a maximum of 1,000 watts.

The Z906 is a great option if you are looking for high-quality surround sound systems for your computer, whether it be for media or gaming.


The Audioengine A5+ is a great choice if you are looking for high-quality PC speakers with excellent audio quality. It costs around $400. Although it will not give you surround sound, the A5+’s high-quality design will provide incredible sound quality.


CHANNELS 2.0 Channel
CONNECT 3.5mm, RCA and USB
POWER 150 Watts
SIZE 8” x7” x11”
WEIGHT 25 lbs. Total

Audioengine A5+

However, having more speakers does not necessarily mean better sound quality. The Audioengine A5+ PC speaker system is the best for pure audio quality and rich listening experiences. It costs less than $500.

They won’t provide surround sound, but the Audioengine A5+ can deliver an audiophile-level experience with 150W power between the speakers and a high quality design.

The A5+ has inputs that can be connected via RCA, USB, Bluetooth, and 3.5mm jack. However, the Bluetooth version is more expensive.

The Audioengine A5+ may be your best option if you are looking for the best sound quality and a higher budget.


The Audioengine A2+ speakers are a more affordable alternative to the A5+. They deliver excellent sound quality, but not as good as the A5s, and they can be carried around in a small space (at most, within the same home/office). The A2s are an excellent option if you want a high-end audio experience but don’t have the budget for the A5+.


CHANNELS 2.0 Channel
CONNECT 3.5mm, RCA and USB
POWER 60 Watts
SIZE 4” x5” x6”
WEIGHT 7 lbs. Total

Audioengine A2+

Audioengine also offers the A2+ 2.0 speaker system. The A2+ speaker system isn’t as powerful and can’t deliver the same high-end sound quality as the A5+. The A2+ system is about $150 less than the A5+, but still delivers great sound quality.

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The speaker can output 60 watts between the speakers. It can also be connected via 3.5mm Jack, RCA or USB. The speakers weigh in at around 7 lbs, which is a little heavier than the other cheaper options. They are lightweight enough that they can be used by laptop users who travel around their home/office. However, they are not practical for transport outside the home/office.

The A2+ will provide excellent sound quality and come in a lightweight package. It will also cost a lot less than the A5+.

The Best Computer Speakers Below $200

You don’t have to spend more than $200 to enjoy quality options. For users looking for wireless speakers capable of producing audiophile-level sound quality, the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse is the perfect choice.

Both the Klipsch ProMedia III and Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1 channel systems are excellent. They offer great sound quality, along with a bit more power for a lower price.

We think you can’t go wrong using the Klipsch ProMedia. However, if you want a Bluetooth-capable option or like the sound design of the Soundsticks III then those are also viable options.

Comparative Chart of PC Speakers Below $200


The Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth speaker system is a great option if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker system under $200. The Luna Eclipses can deliver the same high-end audio experience as more expensive speaker sets. The Luna Eclipses are capable of delivering the same high-end audio experience as more expensive speaker sets, but they cost $30-50 less.


CHANNELS 2.0 Channel
CONNECT Bluetooth, 3.5mm
POWER 74 Watts
SIZE 21” x13”x6”
WEIGHT 12 lbs. Total

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse

The Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse is a great option for those who need Bluetooth speakers. However, if you are looking for a set that delivers excellent sound quality and low power, then the Edifier E25 Luna Eclipse may be worth a look. The speakers cost less than $200 and can deliver a high quality sound.

An auxiliary cable can be used to connect the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipses. They are also capable of delivering 74 Watts of power between them. These speakers are priced at the high end of the $100-$200 range. If you’re looking to save some money, the Klipsch PROMedia 2.1 and Harman Kardon Soundsticks III offer comparable sound quality (as well a subwoofer) for about $30-$50 more.


The Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth speakers set is known for their high-end sound quality, but the Klipsch PROMedia 2.1 speaker sets can provide a comparable listening experience at a much lower price. The ProMedia also has more bass because it is a set of 2.1 speakers. The Klipsch ProMedia is a better option if you don’t require a Bluetooth speaker set.


CHANNELS 2.1 Channel
POWER 200 Watts
SIZE 26” x10” 10” 10”
WEIGHT 15 lb. Total

Klipsch ProMedia

Klipsch ProMedia2.1 is an excellent option for those with a moderate budget who want to increase the sound quality of their computer’s sound system.

ProMedia 2.1 has 200 watts of power and a subwoofer that can be powered by 130 watts. The ProMedia 2.1 speakers are also THX-certified, which means you can expect cinema-quality sound quality.

Although the speakers cannot be connected to computers or other devices via a 3.5mm connector, this shouldn’t be an issue as most computers and common devices use these jacks. The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 offers more bass than the more expensive Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse or the cheaper Harman Kardon Soundsticks III.


Harman Kardon Soundsticks III have an industrial design that will make your system stand out. The Soundsticks are a solid value as they come in at around $20-$50 less than the other options in this price range. The Klipsch ProMedia speaker systems might be better for you if you are looking for a stronger system.

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CHANNELS 2.1 Channel
POWER 60 Watts
SIZE 11’’ x 11’’ x 16’’
WEIGHT 11 lb. Total

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

The Harman Kardon Soundsticks II is a top-seller in sound quality, but it is not without its unique design. Soundsticks II’s industrial-inspired look is enhanced by the transparent enclosure on the subwoofer and speakers.

The system delivers an excellent sound quality and comes with 60 watts power. There is also a 3.5mm plug that allows you to connect any device.

The Soundsticks are also less expensive than the Klipsch ProMedia2.1 set, and 50 percent less than the Edifier E25 Luna Eclipses. If you are looking to save money and like the Soundsticks’ design, this might be the best option.

Best Value Speakers for PCs under $100

Although the quality of speaker systems within the $50-100 price range is lower, you won’t have to spend hundreds on speakers if you choose one of these two options.

If you have around $100 to spare, we recommend the LogitechZ623. However, if you are looking to save money while still getting a good set of speakers, the Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 might be a better choice.

These speakers won’t deliver an audiophile level listening experience but are sufficient for casual users and users with limited budgets.

Comparative Chart of PC Speakers Below $100


Logitech Z623 is a great all-round 2.1 speaker system that’s affordable and reliable. The Z623 can deliver 200 watts (peak 400 watts) of power and is THX-certified. They are also very affordable at less than $100 making them a great choice for budget-minded shoppers.


CHANNELS 2.1 Channel
POWER 200 Watts
SIZE 17” x12” x12”
WEIGHT 18 lbs. Total

Logitech Z623

Logitech’s Z623 is another solid speaker system worth looking into if you have a limited budget.

The Z623 can produce 200 watts peak power and up to 400 watts.

The Z623 system also has THX certification. The best thing about them is that they cost less than $100

The Logitech Z623 is a great option if you are looking for a good-sounding speaker set to go with your computer but don’t have the money for expensive speakers.


The Creative Labs GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 speaker system is a good option for those who don’t have a lot of money but still need a reliable system. Although the GigaWorks T20 speaker set is not high-end, it will provide a good audio experience for the money.


CHANNELS 2.0 Channel
POWER 28 Watts
SIZE 6’’ x 9’’ x 6’’
WEIGHT 2 lbs. Total

Creative Labs GigaWorks – T20

Creative Lab’s GigaWorks T20 Series II 2.0 speaker sets are $30 cheaper than the Logitech Z623 system. These two speakers can deliver 28 watts and can be connected via RCA or a 3.5mm jack.

These speakers will not deliver an audiophile-level sound quality, but if you have a tight budget and need a speaker set to improve the audio quality on your computer or laptop, the GigaWorks T20 speaker system is likely to be a viable option.

Although, if you wanted to save even more money, you could check out some of the ultra-budget-friendly speaker systems listed below as well.

Low-cost PC Speakers Below $50

These options are affordable and will work well for you if you need a quick option to save money until you have the funds to buy a better set of speakers or just a device that plays audio.

The Creative Pebble, among the many options available, is the best option. It is affordable and produces surprisingly good audio. The speakers are lightweight and small, making them ideal for laptop users and anyone who needs a portable set.

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The Logitech S120 is a great option if you are looking for something really affordable, either as a temporary solution or something that can be used casually, and it costs only $10.

Comparison Chart for PC Speakers Below $50


The Creative Pebble 2.0 desktop speaker system is a great value at a mere $20. Pebble’s lightweight design and sound quality make them suitable for laptop users. These speakers can also be used for desktop users if they are not too expensive.


CHANNELS 2.0 Channel
POWER 4.4 Watts
SIZE 9” x5” x5”
WEIGHT 2 lbs. Total

Creative Pebble

The lightweight Creative Pebble is available for $20. Pebble desktop speakers have a 2.0 channel system and can be connected via USB or a 3,5mm jack. This makes them extremely versatile in terms of the devices they can be used with.

The Pebble speakers are much more affordable than traditional laptop speakers and can deliver a better audio experience. They are also lightweight and small enough to be carried around with you.

These speakers will be a good choice if you are looking for inexpensive speakers to use on your desktop for basic audio. They look great, and we like their aesthetics.


The Cyber Acoustics 2.1 is a great choice if you are looking for a speaker system that delivers a lot more power than the average. If you only need a set of cheap speakers to last until you have the money for something better, the Cyber Acoustics 2.1 might be your best choice.


CHANNELS 2.1 Channel
POWER 18 Watts
SIZE 4” x5” x4’’
WEIGHT 8 lbs. Total

Cyber Acoustics 2.1

Cyber Acoustics’ 2.1 speaker systems are only $10 less than the Creative Pebble 2.0. Cyber Acoustics’ 2.1 speaker system comes with a subwoofer. If you need more power than the Creative Pebble 2.0 and a smaller system, the Cyber Acoustics may be the best option.

The Cyber Acoustics 2.1’s sound quality is not exceptional and may be a bit behind the Pebble if you don’t require extra bass.

This is a decent, sub-$30 speaker system that desktop users can use to provide a casual sound experience, or to save money until they can purchase something more expensive. If that is the case, the Creative Pebble or the extremely cheap Logitech speakers could be purchased below.


The Logitech S120 is a very affordable set of speakers. It costs just $10. These speakers are so cheap that you won’t need to say much more than what you already know. They don’t have amazing sound quality but they’re very affordable and will suit anyone looking for an extremely affordable option.


CHANNELS 2.0 Channel
POWER 2.3 Watts
SIZE 11” x10” x7”
WEIGHT 2 lbs. Total

Logitech S120

The Logitech S120 speaker system is a great option if you are looking for a set of speakers that will last until you have the money to buy a better-quality one.

The Logitech S120 isn’t going to blow you away, but it does have a decent sound quality and comes in at just $10. The S120 is a very affordable option, even though it doesn’t have the best audio quality.

The S120 is not the best speaker in the world. These speakers will suffice if you only need temporary speakers, or if you have very few requirements and need to play audio.

Which computer speakers are best for you?

We have 11 options for you if you are looking to buy new speakers. They come in a range of price points and feature sets. You can choose from a range of options, including high-end models that cost a lot or low-cost ones that are affordable.

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