Best VPNs in 2022 – Fast, Secure and 100% Trusted


Nowadays, it is hard to keep your online identity private and safe. A VPN is the best option to avoid being visible online. There are many VPNs on the market so choosing the right one for you isn’t an easy task. Each VPN claims to be the best in the industry, but the truth is that most of them aren’t worth your attention and money.

Are you looking for quick answers? – Here Are The Top 5 VPNs in 2021

  1. NordVPN – The fastest and most reliable VPN on the market, backed up with excellent privacy and security features.
  2. PrivateVPN – user-friendly and affordable VPN service with Port Forwarding
  3. Surfshark – Packed with great in-house developed security features that make it uncompromisingly safe.
  4. ExpressVPN – Excellent all-encompassing performer across all crucial categories.
  5. Private Internet Access – Veteran VPN with a massive server network.

After extensively testing all of the best VPNs in the industry, we’ve narrowed down the list of the top 10 best VPNs. Our thorough, objective and honest reviews don’t shy away from highlighting all of the positive and negative aspects Each VPN service.

Our list includes services that provide a secure and reliable online experience as well as torrenting and streaming speeds unrivalled. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at each of the top VPN services in 2021.

Best VPNs In 2021 – 100% Secure


With Over 5400 servers in 59 different countries around the worldNordVPN is able to reach every corner of the world with its powerful RAM-servers. The network is well-spread and offers speeds unmatched by other VPNs in the industry. They do not use virtual servers. However, a significant portion of their infrastructure consists of colocated servers which are managed in-house.

NordVPN’s safety features are extensive and allow the user to tailor his experience. NordVPN customers have solid security and privacy features. DNS leak protection, DDoS protection, Split TunnelingThese are just a few of the many features available. You can also find some very unique features like CyberSec(Ad-blocking, Protection against Malware and Phishing) Onion over VPN(Routing through Tor).

It also offers excellent speed and performance for streaming and torrenting activities. NordVPN’s obfuscated servers can bypass even the most sophisticated geo-restrictionsYou can stream unlimited content on any streaming site of your choosing. Torrenting is easy to find. P2P dedicated servers in their “Specialty Servers” tab and enjoy fast downloads and maximum privacy.

NordVPN has an excellent Privacy Policy that clearly states that they don’t log any user data. Furthermore, Their service is located in Panama, which doesn’t have any mandatory data retention laws and isn’t a member of any international surveillance alliances.

NordVPN’s service is available across a long list of supported appsAll platforms, including Windows, macOS Linux, Android and iOS. With that in mind, you’ll have no problem setting up this VPN on your device. NordVPN offers extensive knowledge about the service that will help you use it. Their Chat support is available round the clockGet in touch with them as soon as possible.

NordVPN is known for its affordable pricing plans. Even though it is loaded to the rafters with incredible features, NordVPN is still one of the most affordable options on the marketYou can also find them on Facebook. You can also take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. NordVPN works for everyone, no matter their level of expertise.

NordVPN logo

  • 5200+ Global Servers in 59+ Countries
  • CyberSec malware, ad-blocking protection
  • Next-generation encryption with two VPN servers
  • VPN traffic can be disguised with obfuscation tech
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Uses Netflix for streaming
  • Lightning fast with P2P support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


With There are just over 150 servers available in 62 different countriesPrivateVPN might not have the best network. PrivateVPN’s VPN service has a strong reputation for quality. No matter your location, you can count upon high-quality, lightning-fast servers in all countries, including Russia, Turkey, Japan and the USA.

You can count on IPv6 leak prevention, DNS leak protection and a reliable kill switch, thanks to the 256-bit encryption. The service supports several protocols, allowing you to tailor your connection to best suit your network’s needs. The available protocols in PrivateVPN’s apps include OpenVPN with UDP/TCP, L2TP, IPsec, PPTP, and IKEv2.

PrivateVPN can unblock all major streaming platforms with no consistency issues.. On the first attempt, we were able access multiple Netflix streaming servers, Hulu and BBC iPlayer as well as Amazon Prime Video. This process was made easier thanks to PrivateVPN’s user-friendly apps, which precisely label what server is suitable for a specific streaming site.

The VPN’s speeds are fast and reliable, although not among the fastest in the industry. PrivateVPN, when paired up with unlimited bandwidth performs very consistently and it is an excellent choice.A great choice for torrenting users who want a reliable VPN.

PrivateVPN users may be discouraged by this. This service is based out of Sweden, a member of the 14-Eyes Alliance. However, this VPN has proven over the years that it’s maximally dedicated to user privacy and protection. It employs several. Traffic and usage data are subject to a strict no-logs policy.

PrivateVPN remains true to its name, providing a secure and private service that is both accessible for beginners and experienced VPN users.. It has dedicated apps for all major platforms and many security features. It also offers reliable and solid performance at all levels. The prices are also very affordable. PrivateVPN is a worthy choice for our top VPNs list in 2021.

PrivateVPN logo horizontal

  • Server locations in more than 60 countries
  • Zero data logging policy
  • 2048-bit encryption with AES256
  • Unlimited bandwidth and amazing speeds
  • Supports anonymous torrenting/P2P friendly
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Allows port forwarding


Surfshark’s VPN server network is average in size. A little more than 3200 servers are available in 65 countries. But numbers are not all that important. All servers are equipped to host private DNSCamouflage Mode, Traffic Obfuscation (traffic obfuscation) and Support P2P Activities without any restrictions

VPN protects the server networks. AES 256-bit encryptionCombine it with Asymmetric authentication. It also comes with Perfect forward secrecy, meaning that it’s very effective in preventing security breaches by frequently exchanging encryption keys. Besides this, Surfshark’s apps come with many useful security tools that make this VPN one of the safest ones around.

Some of Surfshark’s most notable features include CleanWeb(Malware, ad blocker) Turn off the kill switch. Whitelister(Split tunneling and Inverse Split Tunneling). Multi-Hop (routing through 2 VPN servers, and NoBorders mode (Proprietary bypassing solutions).

Surfshark offers streaming and security that is both reliable and easy to use.It can conquer any geo-block it finds. Camouflage Mode as well as NoBorders Mode make streaming smooth on even the most difficult platforms, like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

Although Surfshark doesn’t support a port forwarding feature, it’s One of the top VPNs for torrenting. It has been tested extensively and found that it does not only keep high speeds for torrenting sites, but also maintains high download speeds. It improves upload speed by 50 percent.

Surfshark supports numerous protocols. These are some of the protocols supported by Surfshark There are many options, from the more traditional protocols like IKEv2 or OpenVPN (TCP/UDP) to more recent ones like WireGuard or Shadowsocks.. The last one is particularly interesting, as it’s designed to work and bypass restrictions in even the most heavily-censored and authoritarian countries.

Surfshark has many privacy and security features, but it is easy to install and use. It works on all major mobile and desktop platforms including Windows, macOS Linux, Android, iOS, and Android. It can be set up on routers and browser extensions as well as a variety of other devices.

The service follows a zero-log policy and only keeps information on the user’s email address and billing data. Surfshark is one of the best-priced VPNs available. Moreover, since it comes with so many excellent features, it’s This is undoubtedly one of the most affordable VPNs that you can subscribe..

Surfshark VPN logo horizontal

  • Over 3200+ global server locations in 60+ countries
  • CleanWeb Ad-blocking
  • OpenVPN offers strong encryption and security
  • Whitelister, Multihop VPN and Kill Switch
  • No-logs policy
  • Uses Netflix for streaming
  • Amazing speeds
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


ExpressVPN has always been a top-ranked VPN provider, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a high-quality VPN capable of providing a reliable and powerful service across the board. It comes with More than 3000 servers at 160 VPN server locations in 94 countriesExpressVPN is a top choice for VPN users all over the globe.

A small fraction of ExpressVPN’s servers are virtual servers, which may raise some eyebrows, but there’s no reason to worry about this aspect. ExpressVPN employs the renowned TrustedServer tech. This prevents data from being written to the hard disk. Instead, All servers only run on RAM.

ExpressVPN is a safe and secure service. ExpressVPN comes with 256-bit encryption Included and excluded split tunneling, DDoS protection, and ExpressVPN’sNetworkLock is an in-house-developed kill-switch called NetworkLock.

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for streaming as it can bypass all geo-blocks. ExpressVPN can not only unblock all major streaming services but also allows you toIt will work in all countries, even those that have heavy censorship such as Russia or China..

ExpressVPN torrenting is easy. This service supports P2P activity on all its servers. The user interface is intuitive. The app allows you to browse among servers and use Smart Location to connect to the best server based upon your location.

ExpressVPN is one of the most trusted VPNs in the market. They are committed to protecting user data. The service does not store any data and has undergone an audit by PwC, one of the world’s most stringent auditing organisations, to demonstrate its commitment to privacy.

However, while ExpressVPN is unquestionably one of the best on the market, it is not suitable for everyone. The primary disadvantage of this service is the high monthly cost, which cannot be avoided even if you choose the most expensive plan. If you’re willing to spend up to a dozen dollars per month, ExpressVPN is a feature-rich service that will exceed your expectations. If you’re on a budget, though, you should pick another VPN from our list.

  • 160+ Locations and 3000+ Servers
  • Strict No-Log policy
  • Unlimited streaming (Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer)
  • Strong military-grade AES256-bit key encryption
  • Split tunneling, Kill Switch, and RAM-disk servers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Support for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Reliable connections and fast speeds

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is well-known as the VPN that has the largest global server network. Their server base is continuously expanding and now numbers in excess of 30,000. More than 29,000 servers are available in 77 different countries around the globe. But, aside from pure numbers alone, PIA’s servers are certainly among the top ones in the industry.

If you’re a privacy-conscious VPN user who wants to enjoy a wide variety of features, PIA has got you covered. You can count on PIA for some of the best features. custom DNS configuration, dedicated IP settings port forwarding split tunneling, a kill switching, and PIA Mace. This is the VPN’s unique approach to the traditional malware, ad and tracker blocking, which is very useful when streaming.

Speaking of PIA’s streaming capabilities, this VPN has endured its fair share of struggles over the years. It’s reasonably successful in unblocking all streaming platformsEven though you might experience occasional hiccups (mostly in the form of unblocking ability), they are not serious.

This VPN, on the other hand has been proven to be extremely useful. The top torrenting service. P2P with the PIA is extremely fast thanks to no bandwidth limitations, massive server networks, and features such port forwarding. Furthermore, because torrenting is supported on each server, you will have a very convenient experience when downloading and uploading files via the PIA network.

PIA is based in the United States, which isn’t the most optimal place for a VPN provider. This should not, however, dissuade you from using this VPN service. It promises a 100% zero-log policyFor all its customers.

This VPN is also among the most advanced on the market.It allows for high levels of customization. You can setup PIA from any platform you choose, including smartphones, computers, routers and TVs.

A top VPN service deserves the best. PIA offers 24/7 customer support and a reliable, detailed Help section.. You can get Private Internet Access starting at around two dollars per month with one of their long term plans.

PIA Logo Horizontal

  • Allows port forwarding setup on particular servers
  • Supports P2P and torrenting
  • No Request or Traffic logs
  • You can use it with up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Unlimited Bandwidth at good speeds
  • 3200+ Servers in 29 countries
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


CyberGhost numbers 6800 servers located in 112 locations throughout 90 countries Global. It is transparent about its servers and capabilities. Before you connect to any of their servers, you can view detailed information about each one. For example, you can see whether or not the server you want to connect to is physical or virtual or whether it’s suitable for P2P activities.

CyberGhost is a tool for securing your data 256-bit military-grade encryption with DNS and kill switch protectionAll of its users. CyberGhost users can choose to have a dedicated IP that is only for them.

CyberGhost offers streaming and torrenting at an exceptional speed and has unlimited bandwidth and traffic.. It’s capable of unblocking all Netflix regional platforms, as well as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Disney +, and dozens of other popular streaming sites.

CyberGhost can be found in Romania, a country that’s not a part of any multinational surveillance alliance or contributor. The VPN has a strong privacy policy which clearly states that they don’t keep any user information. CyberGhost has not shared any identifiable information on its customers despite being subject to numerous legal and police inquiries over the years.

VPN provides apps for most major desktop and mobile platforms, browser extensions, and apps to various TVs, consoles, and other devices. It’s also worth noting that CyberGhost has one of the longest money back deals. It can be worth up to 45 Days.

You can connect up to seven concurrently and have 24/7 customer support. They will promptly resolve any problems you may encounter. CyberGhost overall is A solid choice for all occasions that offers a reasonable price, reliable security features and user-friendly applicationsAll in one service.

CyberGhost VPN Logo hirizontal

  • 90+ Countries and 6000+ Servers
  • Access to NoSpy Servers
  • No-logs policy
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Unblock streaming services
  • Option for dedicated IP
  • Strong AES 256-bit encryption
  • IKEv2, WireGuard, OpenVPN, IPSec protocol support


PureVPN is one of the pioneers in the VPN industry and a name that’s been around since 2007. It has built a great server network over the years. Over 6,500 servers at more than 180 locations in 140 different countries worldwide.

Although speeds certainly aren’t among the very top in the industry, you can count on above-average speeds. They also have servers that are consistent and stable throughout the network.

PureVPN offers a solid security service that is backed up with a Split tunneling, kill switch, port forwarding and DDoS protection are some of the options available.. The latter three options are available only as an add-on to your monthly subscription. The service only supports a small number of protocols. You can choose only between UDP, TCP and IKEv2. 

Nearly a third of its servers are optimized for smooth streaming PureVPN can deblock any streaming platform. It is one of very few services that can do this. Can reliably and consistently bypass China’s Great Firewall. The VPN is also very good for torrenting. You will experience a slight drop in download speed when compared with your base speed.

Because the VPN is based in Hong Kong, there’s no need to be concerned about privacy rules. PureVPN asserts unequivocally that it does not log or collect any personally identifiable information. Furthermore, they have an audit policy that is “always on.” This means they agree to random and unscheduled audits at any moment, which is something you won’t find with many VPN services.

The major drawback of PureVPN is its paywall, which covers some of its most useful features. As previously said, key security features like DDoS protection and port forwarding are only available if you’re willing to pay an extra couple of dollars each month.

If you refuse to do so, you will be left with a very minimal and barebones service. PureVPN can be used by casual VPN users as well as beginners. Users who want advanced features and a lot of them may not be the best fit..


  • 140+ countries, 2000+ servers
  • 31-day money-back guarantee
  • Blocks geo-restricted content and hides internet traffic
  • Internet Kill Switch and IP Leak Protection
  • Get the lowest dedicated IP addresses
  • Support for Windows, MacOS and Android.
  • Ideal for streaming Netflix, Hulu and BBC
  • No-log policy. Audited and strict.


VyprVPN is available Over 700 servers in more than 70 countries, numbering over 300,000 available IP addresses. All numbers aside, each server uses the most recent hardware to ensure maximum network speed & reliability.

VPN offers several proprietary in-house technologies that enhance user privacy and security. The most notable is their unique Chameleon protocolThis was created to provide reliable and efficient bypassing of any country that is restrictive.

This protocol is not the only one. VyprVPN also offers VyprDNS Protection and VyprVPNCloud. This user-friendly VPN server-deployment option adds an additional layer of protection to Vypr users wishing to access cloud servers.

VyprVPN scored very well in streaming and torrenting during our extensive tests. VyprVPN has proved to be an excellent choice when it comes to streaming. Although it may have slower speeds when connected remotely, VyprVPN remains one of the best VPNs for streaming in 2021.

A VPN service that prefers to keep everything in-house VyprVPN adheres to a strict no-third parties policyThey write all of their code and own and manage all of their servers. They also own and manage all their servers and hardware. All data is encrypted and protected from third parties.

This, combined with their strict no-logs policy, means that no one, including VyprVPN employees, can view any of the traffic data or user information that passes through their servers. Also, we should consider that The service is located in Switzerland, which is privacy-friendly.Vypr is undoubtedly the best choice for anyone looking for maximum anonymity online.

Although the VPN was once a very poor service provider, it appears that things have changed in recent years. Today, it is possible to find A detailed FAQ page, troubleshooting and setup guide.It was easy to do. They also have a great deal of other benefits. We are available to assist you at any timeShe is responsive and very helpful.

VyprVPN is a great service. VyprVPN’s innovative in-house technology, and tight privacy features make it one the most interesting services for privacy lovers. VPN Among the best in the industry for streaming, torrenting and bypassing region locks.

VyprVPN Logo Horizontal

  • Audited No-Log VPN
  • High-Speed Streaming
  • Chameleon technology conceals VPN traffic and protects against DPI
  • High-End encryption/ NAT Firewall
  • OpenVPN support for IKEv2, IKEv2, L2TP/IPsec PPTP protocol
  • Available on all platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


TorGuard is a top-rated VPN service. It is available in multiple price plans to suit different users. The service is geared towards individual users. TorGuard’s “Anonymous VPN” subscription plan comes with over 3000 servers in more than 50 countries.

Their service contains cutting-edge encryption and allows customers to connect to TorGuard’s servers using over a half-dozen protocols and open-source programmes. OpenVPN (UDP vs. TC), L2TP, and IPSec are examples (STunnel, OpenConnect).

Many VPN customers are unaware that the “Tor” prefix in this VPN’s name refers to torrenting alone. This demonstrates how crucial P2P filesharing support is for this VPN service. TorGuard enables torrenting across its whole network of 3000+ servers. It also has a port forwarding feature that you may utilise to speed up your torrenting.

TorGuard’s streaming issue is a little more complicated than torrenting. This is because unblocking streaming sites with TorGuard’s basic subscription plan will be difficult. If you want to use Netflix and other major streaming services, you’ll have to pay an extra monthly cost for their streaming package.

One of TorGuard’s most significant drawbacks is that it is based in the United States, which is a member of all major international monitoring alliances. While this shouldn’t be a problem because TorGuard promises not to collect any user data, it’s worth noting if you want to avoid using a VPN provider based in the United States.

Because of its amazing torrenting performance and rich features, TorGuard should be recognised in 2021. It can’t quite match the industry’s best, but it’s more than adequate for any beginner or average VPN user.

TorGuard logo transparent banner

  • Over 3000 servers and 50+ Countries
  • WireGuard provides modern protocol support
  • Blocks malware
  • Double AES and SHA encryption
  • No-logs policy
  • The best VPN for you
  • Wide range of dedicated IP locations available
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Perfect Privacy

Perfect Privacy is a very small network. A little less than 60 servers are spread across 25 different countries. Most servers are located in Europe. However, you can find some of them in more convenient streaming locations like Japan and the US.

Perfect Privacy offers security and privacy Many useful features, such as Multi-HopYou can have up to four VPN tunnels NeuroRouting. TrackStop(Malware and Phishing Blocker) Deep packet inspection, IPv6 support and a kill switch are all available. 

You can also choose to forward ports from the device., allowing for a more customizable experience based on the user’s unique needs. Perhaps the most important thing of all is that Perfect Privacy doesn’t log any traffic data or user information..

The majority of their servers support up to 1000 Mbps bandwidth, though there are no limits on the maximum speed and volume of the user’s connection. This makes it a great choice for streaming and torrenting as you can expect to get fast, reliable speeds even when connecting to a small number.

Perfect Privacy was founded in 2008 and is the oldest VPN in the industry. Despite this, Perfect Privacy has only gained popularity in recent years. Overall, it deserves the attention it’s getting, as it’s definitely one of the top 10 VPNs currently in the industry.

Perfec Privacy VPN logo horizontal

  • You can forward up to five ports
  • Setup of Easy Port Forwarding
  • Policy no-logs and RAM-disk servers
  • Supports P2P at 10000 Mbps speeds
  • Available in 26 Countries
  • Blocks malware and ads
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Best VPNs in 2021 – A Quick Speed Comparison Test

Many users agree that the most important aspect of any VPN service is its connection speed. Take a look at our comparison test to determine which VPN service is best for you.

Best VPN Speeds

How to choose the best VPN for your needs

Even if the selection has been whittled down to ten options, selecting the right one for your needs can be difficult. There’s no need to be concerned, since all of the VPNs listed on this website are capable of providing a reliable and high-quality service.

We’ve put these services through their paces to ensure that they satisfy our high standards and that you get good value for your money. With that in mind, all you have to do now is choose the VPN that best suits your needs and enjoy a seamless and secure online experience!


Are VPNs Legal?

Yes, VPNs are completely legal if you don’t use them to mask your illegal activities. VPNs are legal in most countries. Their main purpose is to anonymize, encrypt data and allow access to geo-restricted sites. However, any illegal activity you do through VPN is still illegal.

I have nothing to hide. What are the benefits of a VPN?

Even if you have no nefarious online behaviours to conceal, losing your data to hackers can be disastrous. Using a VPN is a simple but efficient approach to keep your financial information, online company login data, and anything else you want to keep private safe from prying eyes.

What VPN can I use to stream?

A VPN is the best way for you to access any streaming site regardless of your location. A VPN can offer you with unlimited and unrestricted access to any streaming platform throughout the world since it allows you to alter your IP address and fool any site into thinking you’re in its location.

What’s the Best Free VPN?

Free VPNs are available that claim to offer the best service on the market. We strongly advise that you avoid using free VPN services and only use premium subscription plans. Free VPNs simply can’t provide you the same level of privacy and security as paid services. Free VPNs can also be scammed by harvesting user data in order to sell it.

Is it difficult to use a VPN?

The best VPNs have streamlined their services to the point where setting them up and using them is nearly identical to downloading and signing up for any other software. Even if you’ve never used a VPN before, keeping to the app’s default settings and protocols will ensure a pleasant experience.


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