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Choose the Windows VPS that’s Worth the Money!

Today, virtual private server (VPS) solutions for Windows are available in a wide range of packages, tiers, and features. While there’s no denying that these solutions provide greater ease and dependability, selecting the best Windows VPS service can be difficult at times. We’ve compiled this list of the greatest services to make your decision-making process a little easier. Make the most of your time by browsing through these services before deciding to purchase a Windows VPS right away.

How we selected the best Windows VPS services

We evaluated the most popular virtual private server (VPS) providers available today based on a set of criteria. Using these indices, we were able to narrow the field down to those providers that combined the finest features with the best overall value for the dollar.


The first thing you should consider before purchasing a Windows virtual private server is your budget. As a result, we made certain that each of the services listed here represents outstanding value for money.


When using a virtual private server for gaming or Forex trading, you want your server/website to load as quickly and efficiently as possible. To determine which providers had the fastest loading speeds, we examined each VPS service individually.


We looked for service providers who can give assistance and deliver constant uptime, as well as those who can supply both. Unexpected downtimes can cost you in terms of traffic, money, clients, and business prospects. As a result, we made certain that only services that contribute to high uptime rates were included in this section.

Scalable solutions

However your website or online presence is configured, one of the constant objectives is to expand and increase its reach or visibility. In addition, you want to host options that can scale to provide equal levels of capabilities and features when you require additional resources. As a result, the services listed below are provided by carefully selected vendors who have a proven track record of providing scalable solutions to their clients.

Having established how these Windows VPS services were selected, let’s look at which services were cut and why they did so.


An extremely high likelihood exists that a huge percentage of website owners who are reading this began off on a shared hosting plan provided by Hostinger, which we recommend. This is because they provide some of the most economical and expandable beginning packages available elsewhere in the market.

The vast majority of clients upgrade and purchase Windows VPS with Hostinger without even considering switching to another vendor. Considering how effectively their features and plans are configured, this isn’t surprising.

When opposed to a shared subscription, you have a dedicated IP address, which provides greater security and exclusivity. Each server has 128GB of RAM, which, combined with Intel’s Xeon processors, ensures that performance is never compromised.


GoDaddy asserts that it is the most powerful player in the web hosting industry. Many people will agree considering the great customer service, 99.9 percent uptime, and unequaled speed and performance that the company provides.

They provide four different Windows VPS plans that may be used to host several different businesses and websites. The Deluxe plan, on the other hand, is preferred by the majority of customers because it strikes a nice compromise between pricing and performance.

And when you factor in the numerous management choices, the choice of an operating system, and the availability of free migrations, there’s a lot to like here.


Few other hosting providers provide the level of customization available on Kamatera’s servers. You simply choose the setup that best meets your needs, and you’re ready to start.

You can define the server location, select your processor, and choose from up to 20 different RAM options ranging from 1GB to 450GB. You can also choose from a variety of storage options. They’re also one of the few providers that offer Windows Server 2019, which is a new release.

If you don’t want to go with one of the customizable plans, you can choose from one of three preset plans that start as low as $4 per month. When it comes to Windows servers, Kamatera is without a doubt one of the most popular choices, and you should give it serious consideration before purchasing a Windows VPS from another provider.


Windows is another company that offers plans that can be customized. As a result of the powerful hardware and advanced features, their Windows VPS will be up and running in as little as 40 seconds.

They make use of Dual Intel Xeon CPUs, which are capable of taking cloud computing to the next level. Furthermore, their blisteringly fast SSDs operate at industry-leading IOPS speeds, allowing data to be accessed promptly with zero delays.

Because they only have four sites, their server locations are more constrained in comparison to other providers. Nevertheless, with a simple signup process, customizable pricing, and fast speeds, windows is a great value for money option.


Amazon Web Services is the best solution if you want various licensing choices along with a file system that is completely managed and natively compatible with Windows. Anyone debating whether or not to purchase a Windows VPS should have a look at Amazon Web Services’ Windows hosting before making a decision.

AWS claims 99.99 percent uptime for each of its EC2 regions, and its Availability Zones (AZ) are located in 77 locations across 24 different regions, according to the company. What a way to establish a global presence!

AWS also has the distinction of being one of the industry’s oldest, most trusted, and most commonly utilized hosting companies, according to its customers. Hosting your Windows workloads on Amazon Web Services (AWS) has the potential to increase deployment by 71 percent, minimize downtime by 98 percent, and enhance developer productivity by 26 percent.