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Can bison army take over all meme coins?

Bison Army is the name of a project that was only just created by a group of seventeen crypto specialists. This article makes an attempt to understand the journey and objectives of Bison.

What exactly is a meme currency, and how exactly were the investors in SHIBA INU compensated?

The market for meme coins experienced explosive growth in 2021, particularly the market for dog-themed meme coins. One of the most well-known “breeds” as of November 2021 is Dogecoin (DOGE), which is closely followed by its competitor Shiba Inu (SHIB).

Meme coins are a form of cryptocurrency inspired by memes. When compared to big cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) and ether, they have a propensity to be extremely volatile (ETH). This is probably due to the fact that meme coins are mostly driven by their respective communities. The sentiments of the online community and social media platforms typically have an effect on their prices. This typically brings with it a great deal of hype, but also fear of missing out and financial risk. Although it’s true that some traders got big off of meme coins, a large number of them went broke as a result of the volatile market.

Some people believe that 2021 was a “bad” year for the cryptocurrency market. The meme coin pack was led by the doggie pair of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), which surged in price and market capitalization respectively. As of the beginning of November 2021, the value of DOGE has increased by more than 8,000 percent from the beginning of the year, and it is currently ranked ninth on CoinMarketCap in terms of market capitalization. Since January, the company’s rival, SHIB, has increased its pump by more than 600,000,000 percent.

To help better comprehend what is going on, SHIB currently has a market cap of $25 billion, whereas doge coin has a market size of $29 billion.

The reality is that MARKET CAP is a factor that has a great deal of significance in the cryptocurrency industry.

And if one has an open mind, one may understand that possibly after these two well-known MEME COINS have generated a very high percentage of profit for the investors, it is appropriate for them to take a break for a little while.

What exactly is a UTILITY COIN, though?

One may compare a utility token to a coin, however it is incomparably superior than a meme currency in terms of its functionality. Utility tokens do have worth !

There are several different ways in which investors might benefit from utility tokens. They provide people access to a product or service that will be released in the future.

A tech startup will often develop a digital product or service and launch an initial coin offering (ICO) (Initial Coin Offering). During the initial coin offering (ICO), the company will be selling utility tokens. Investors have the ability to purchase these tokens and then use them as a form of payment on the platform that was established by the firm that is issuing the tokens.

After the pre-sale has been completed, early investors will be able to make a healthy profit from it and use the tokens in the software that the provider has developed.

What exactly constitutes a bison army token?

The Bison Army, which was developed by qualified professionals in the fields of website design and computer programming, is, in our opinion, the most effective utility meme coin because it encompasses both MEME and UTILITY coin.

Taking into consideration Bison Army’s road map and TOKENOMIC, we came to the conclusion that there are a few very essential points, which we will now discuss with you.

DEX wallet, DEX exchange, and DEX social media will be the three specialised software applications that the Bison Army will have available.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term “Dex,” it is sufficient to picture the situation as one in which the user, rather than the manufacturer, holds all of the power and control.

What exactly are a DEX WALLET as well as a DEX Exchange?

A decentralised exchange, also known as a DEX, is a type of cryptocurrency exchange that eliminates the need for a middleman in peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions that take place online. These transactions can take place in a safe and secure environment. The DEX Wallet works the same way, granting you complete ownership of your funds without requiring you to assume any risk and securing them in your very own offline wallet.

We got in touch with the Bison Army Team in order to get a better understanding of how DEX social media would function, and we realised that they take their company very seriously.

What kind of social media is a DEX?

Imagine being able to cut costs on your social media account and still provide compensation to those who promote your brand on your behalf.

Imagine for a moment that all of the businesses that enjoy placing advertisements on your website also pay you directly.

Imagine for a moment that all payments are split among the people who run social networks in proportion to the functions they perform and the amounts of money they bring in.

Imagine you have access to an infinite amount of space to discuss crypto!

Yes, you are RIGHT!

On the social network Bison, all activists will have direct contact with the employer or advertiser, and they will make greater revenue in proportion to the amount of activity they engage in.

What are some possible applications for the Bison army token?

Also, for the DEX social media, they and all influencers can just accept BISON ARMY TOKEN. Bison Army takes a little FEE for its DEX exchange, and all fees will be exchanged directly to Bison Army token. Therefore, the advertiser must purchase bison army tokens in order to pay the influencers, and the influencers themselves will be compensated using the same tokens.

This is how the correct value for the bison army token will be determined!

What are the market caps for bison army, tokenomic, and token advantage, and how do they compare to other memes or utility coins?

The XRPL network, which possesses various benefits, was utilised in the creation of Bison Army.

In a nutshell, the speed with which payments can be made and received, along with the quickness with which transactions can be confirmed and the remarkable level of security offered by this network, is its best and most crucial feature.

To get a better grasp on this network, it is important to be aware of the fact that many financial institutions with an interest in blockchain technology use the XRPL network.

Bison army has 100 billion tokens, each of which cost $0.00002 in a pre-sale, giving the company a market cap of $2 million.

If Bison Army is successful in completing all of the tasks on its road plan, we anticipate a significant financial benefit for the company’s investors.

The pre-sale of the Bison Army token will conclude on November 26th, and the only option to obtain this token will be through the Bison Army’s official website.

The fact that Bison Army has achieved a total of twenty-two thousand trust lines in the XRPL network in such a short amount of time is indicative of the widespread interest that people have shown in this token.