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How Chalkboard is Redefining Business Chat Apps

Microsoft has stated that Skype for Business Online will be decommissioned on July 31, 2021, marking the end of an era for the service. With so many corporate chat apps emerging, each with its distinct offering, it might be difficult to choose the most suited solution once Skype for Business has been turned off.

We take a closer look at some of the most effective business communication tools available today, as well as the primary reasons why Chalkboard is becoming increasingly popular around the world:


Chalkboard makes it simple to communicate with consumers while keeping your mobile number confidential. It is intended for business owners who are constantly on the move to use this text messaging service. Personalization has just gotten a whole lot easier thanks to this handy mobile application. Instead of sending out mass emails or posting lengthy updates on Facebook, clients will instead receive a personalized SMS message from the company. It is straightforward, straightforward, individualized, and extremely effective. In addition, a chalkboard can be used to gain useful customer insight. By maintaining a direct channel of communication with your customers, you can obtain feedback fast and alter your plan as needed. You won’t be weighed down by superfluous features while using this streamlined, user-friendly application, which makes it very simple to ask your customers for their opinions.


Fleep is a service that provides instant messaging, work assignments, file sharing, and productivity tools to its users. The overall experience is similar to Skype for Business, with the primary distinction being that Fleep does not force users to work in a team context. Communication with anyone, including suppliers and contractors, is possible using the tool, as long as you have their email address on hand. User benefits include team communication and chat, the ability to collaborate and communicate with any other Fleep user, simple task management, and connection with third-party applications such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


Matermost is a team collaboration tool that is excellent for businesses that want to keep their information as private as possible. It is designed for a flexible and modern workspace and is equipped with support for the highest levels of security and compliance. This open-source alternative to Skype for Business provides businesses with the option of hosting within their secure environment, allowing them to save money. This is a subscription-based service, but there is a free trial period. A variety of compliance and mobile security systems may be integrated with ease. Key features include total open-source customization, enterprise-grade security, customized emojis, multi-language


Real-time calling, video meetings, instant messaging, and file sharing are all possible with this cloud-based application. The user-friendly layout makes it a terrific option for some of the most popular business chat apps and collaboration solutions on the market right now. The collaboration center provides a high-definition video that is compatible with prominent hardware manufacturers such as Cisco, Lifesize, and Polycom. Communication gaps with external teams can be readily bridged thanks to the fact that anyone with an email account can be invited to meetings, regardless of whether or not they are a member of the team. Guest support, instant chat, video and audio calling, file sharing, and browser-based access are just a few of the useful services available.


A large number of apps interact with virtual assistants, chatbots, and artificial intelligence tools to increase productivity. box distinguishes itself from the competition by putting artificial intelligence at the heart of its service. A basic component of most collaboration and team chat software is the inclusion of task management features. Other features include company- and private-chat, video conferencing, and file sharing. A personal artificial intelligence assistant (AI assistant) assists users in managing their calendars more efficiently and successfully. Intelligent file storage and search, a personal AI assistant for each user, connections with Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as high-level security and encryption, are just a few of the capabilities offered by this artificial intelligence-powered application.

Cisco Webex

Those who are familiar with Cisco Jabber may understand that Webex is a logical next step for its customers in terms of cloud collaboration. Webex, formerly known as Cisco Spark, is a team chat platform that provides a comprehensive set of features. Individual persistent chat, team messaging, and interactive meetings that include Cisco whiteboard experiences are just a few of the options available. Users of Cisco VoIP handsets, conferencing solutions, and telepresence devices may rest easy knowing that Webex is compatible with the vast majority of the company’s products.

The Takeaway

Deciding on whether or not to replace your present company chat tool might be a difficult issue. Businesses, organizations, and departments will all have different requirements because they will all have different apps and hardware that will need to interact with and work with replacement corporate chat tools. While platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams may appear to be obvious choices, it is worth trying new technologies that provide a more personalized approach to communication.