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Where to buy and sell TON Crystal: coins of the legendary Free TON blockage project are available for trade at

One of the most talked-about events of the last year was the botched launch of the cryptocurrency project Telegram Messenger, which was intended to replace the popular messaging app. The whole crypto community across the world held its collective breath as the fight between the SEC and Pavel Durov’s TON progressed further and further. Few people imagined that such an ambitious endeavor, backed by such a strong effort and massive financial resources, could be simply abandoned as a result of regulatory pressure from the United States. But that is exactly what happened. However, the regulator emerged victoriously, and as a result of its judgment, one of the most significant advancements in the field of decentralization of financial interactions was halted just as the product was about to be completed.

It was, of course, impossible to simply throw away the fruits of the great effort put in by TON’s developers. It was not the Durov team that continued to develop TON; instead, it was TON Labs, which operated as an independent project based on Telegram Open Network and was overseen by Durov. The project received support from more than 7,000 businesses and individuals, and the Free TON network was officially launched on May 7, 2020.

Distinctive Characteristics of the FreeTON Network

The Declaration of Decentralization, rather than the traditional Whitepaper, serves as the primary project document (DOD). Freedom of expression, personal data protection, decentralized management, opposition to censorship, and the cooperation of individuals all around the world are among the ideals that Free TON seeks to uphold, according to its mission statement.

Free TON is a peering platform for several blockchains that allows users to exchange information. TON-based blockchains, in contrast to other types of blockchains, offer considerably faster transaction speeds and were originally intended to be scalable. This economy is based on the TON Crystal coin, which differs significantly from traditional cryptocurrencies both in terms of its architecture and in terms of how it was distributed: it was initially impossible to simply buy TON Crystal because the tokens were distributed through a competitive mechanism, which made it difficult to simply buy TON Crystal.

According to the project community’s vision, 5 billion tokens were given on a non-financial basis to the project participants who had made the most significant contributions to the project’s progress. As soon as the distribution of tokens is complete, the tokens are released from their restrictions, which is the stage that is currently taking place in front of our eyes.

The Free TON network is completely decentralized, following the Declaration of Independence. The decentralization of network management, validation, and software development is a core characteristic of these processes. It is planned to distribute TON Crystal over the network to allow as many users as possible to participate in currency staking. The project is being worked on by several different distinct development teams at the moment. No validator can have more than one-third of the total number of network tokens available to them.

Users are provided with a set of tools to help them construct TON OS applications, which includes Solidity and C++ compilers, databases, and an SDK. TON is essentially an intermediary interface between the blockchain network and the users. The TON Surf OS is used to describe the user interface, which is partially similar to the Linux UI and features a secure browser, wallet, and chat programs, among other things. Because the TON code is open source, members of the community can actively engage in refining and developing its various elements.

How can one go about purchasing or selling Free TON?

So, is it feasible to obtain TON Crystal in some way? Today, certainly, the listing of a coin that was both technically complex and distributed innovatively was not an easy undertaking. The platform was one of the first in the world to be able to deal with this problem. In addition, the crew is a huge supporter of the Free TON project. The concepts underlying the new TON are consistent with the philosophy of, which seeks to reach audiences all across the world. Every single fiat currency in the world is supported by the platform, and there is no fee for such transactions, which is a significant advantage over other payment options available (0 percent fee for all transactions, input, and output, except for the fees charged by crypto networks). Customer service is also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the platform.

Four major components make up the ecosystem: a cryptocurrency exchange, a few-click automatic exchange, a multicurrency crypto wallet, and a peer-to-peer platform where participants can negotiate a favorable rate and buy or sell cryptocurrencies for any fiat currencies. allows users to profit from exchange rate changes, accumulate cryptocurrencies, and exchange them for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies swiftly and seamlessly, without the need for third-party intermediaries. Everything is completely secure, with the ability to withdraw funds automatically and, as previously said, with no fees. wallet is a digital wallet developed by SIGN. will provide you with a free and secure multi-currency crypto wallet for each of the cryptocurrencies that are currently supported after you register with them. The wallet simplifies the process of adding coins to the platform as well as moving money to other addresses, including external addresses. In addition, has a ‘cold-hot wallet’ policy when the vast majority of customer coins are stored in the cold, i.e. in wallets that are not linked to the Internet, rather than in the hot. Hot wallets are only used to hold small quantities of money that are used for withdrawal operations.

TON A wallet designed specifically for TON Crystal

Creating a unique address for your wallet is required before you can begin using it. This address will be issued to you for the rest of your life. Following that, the addition of TON Crystal becomes conceivable. Because of security concerns, coins can only be withdrawn after you have completed the two-factor authentication process. As previously stated, the KYC is not required because the platform does not directly interact with fiat accounts.

A mobile application for is available.

In a matter of seconds, you may download the mobile application, which is available for both Android and iOS. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to buy and sell TON Crystal fast, safely, and profitably, regardless of where you are located. In addition to the automatic exchange, the mobile application supports the complete functionality of, including all settings and notifications except the automated exchange. exchange TON Exchange TON Exchange

The cryptocurrency exchange platform serves as a marketplace for cryptocurrency trading. Working with the exchange is modular: you can configure the schedule, select to only show you the pairs that interest you, and obtain statistical information about the pairs that interest you.’s trading interface is straightforward and user-friendly; it offers TradingView charts as well as a live chat feature.

Interface for a cryptocurrency exchange: purchase TON, sell a TON

TONS OF FREEDOM offers free TON liquidity in the form of buy and sell orders.

As you can see from the screenshots, TON buy orders totaled 4.2 BTC (about $67,800) at the time of writing this article, while TON sell orders amounted to 83,173 TON (approximately $84,000). Over a month, the total trading volume at the exchange came to about 176,700 metric tonnes.

SIGEN Automated Exchange (SIGEN AX)

This feature allows you to exchange cryptocurrency in an automated fashion at the current exchange rate, which is determined by the time of the latest necessary transaction confirmation. The Automated Trade is a secure and convenient way to exchange cryptocurrency fast and safely. Because of fluctuations in the currency rate, you may eventually receive a slightly different amount – either a higher or a lower one, depending on the situation.

Ton Crystal is available for purchase.
Ton Crystal can be purchased or sold automatically using the automated exchange in a matter of clicks.

SIGEN is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform.

To make trading as obvious and simple as possible for users, the peer-to-peer platform has been built. Trading without the use of intermediaries is totally visible, and transactions are carried out directly between participants, with the platform itself ensuring that all transactions are secure and confidential. You can use this site to generate buy or sell offers that are tailored to your specifications, and then wait for them to be accepted by another user. Also available is the option to select from any of the previously produced offers. The average amount of time required to close a deal is 15 minutes.

The ESCROW mechanism holds coins in a peer-to-peer transaction on the seller’s account until the transaction is completed – this is how the world’s largest trading platforms, such as AliExpress, operate and function. It is possible to ensure the security of the transaction because the coins are only delivered to the buyer when the seller has confirmed the payment. To increase the security of payment confirmation, the platform employs two-factor verification by mail, Google Authenticator (GA), or a code table, among other methods.

Google Authenticator is a service that allows you to authenticate with your Google account.
As you can see from the screenshots, TON buy offers on the p2p platform totaled 578,400 TON (about $584,184) at the time of writing this article, while TON sale offers totaled 3,699 TON (approximately $3,736). The entire weekly volume of peer-to-peer trading reached 42,961 TON (about $43,390).

It is possible to buy or sell TON through the program in exchange for cash, bank transfer, electronic money, and other forms of payment.

To prevent fraud, all correspondence in the P2P transaction chat is logged. Disputes are resolved by arbitrators, who conduct an in-depth analysis of the case to reach an equitable conclusion.

Statistics on the trading volume of TONs are provided for free.

The following are the current TON Crystal statistics available on

In total, 204 people held TON in their accounts; 123 people were purchased or sold on the stock exchange; 92 people bought or sold on the peer-to-peer platform; 187 unique buyers and sellers engaged in both the stock exchange and the peer-to-peer platform.
These figures represent the first three weeks of trading since the start of the year. Although the numbers are minor, there is a clear upward trend. We cordially encourage everyone to participate in the purchase and sale of tokens for the illustrious project.

It should also be noted that the trading platform is developing a media portal, which can be found at This is a full-fledged media resource that will soon start publishing interesting articles, reviews, news, and other materials dedicated to cryptocurrencies.