5 of the Best Calendly Alternatives to Consider

Calendly is a tool for scheduling meetings that is utilised by the majority of sales teams, entrepreneurs, and marketers; nevertheless, it is not always the most suitable option for everyone.

If you are unsatisfied with the appointment scheduling tool that Calendly provides or if you are not convinced to use it, you may be wondering whether there are alternative solutions that are either equally as good or even better than Calendly.

Alternatives to Calendly ensure that the appointment scheduling requirements of each individual will be satisfied. This article examines some alternatives to Calendly that might assist you in reducing the amount of time as well as the cost that you spend scheduling meetings.

What is Calendly?

Calendly is a piece of software that makes the process of scheduling meetings much more straightforward. Users of Calendly have the ability to transmit a link that, once clicked, takes the recipient directly to their own personal calendar.

In spite of Calendly’s popularity, there are a lot of other options that can be helpful for people who need different kinds of features.

If you are looking for an easy tool to arrange meetings, you can use Calendly, which is a free choice. There are a few alternatives to Calendly that might work better for your specific situation. In addition to Calendly, there are a multitude of other choices that could meet your requirements and satisfy your preferences.

Best Calendly Alternatives to choose

Choose from These Top Alternatives to Calendly There is a wide selection of appointment scheduling software available online in a number of different formats. These online technologies are more valuable than they have ever been because an increasing number of individuals are working from home. The following are some alternatives to the scheduling app Calendly that you might find more useful.

1. Hubspot

Calendly and HubSpot Meetings are quite comparable in that both make it simple to plan appointments with potential clients and existing ones.

HubSpot Meetings may also be connected with landing pages, which will make it much simpler for site visitors to get in touch with your staff.

The fact that HubSpot is constructed on the free CRM platform offered by HubSpot, which comes with a number of benefits, is the primary benefit of using HubSpot.

If you utilise both HubSpot Meetings and HubSpot Contacts together, you can deliver an excellent experience for your customers by utilising all of the previous data and context associated with your contacts.

2. Doodle

Due to the fact that Doodle does not directly interface with Calendly in the same way that Calendly does, it is not possible to link the two services together.

Instead, the organiser makes a meeting through the use of Doodle, suggests a few different times for the gathering, and then posts it.

Doodle is by far the most popular scheduling tool since it allows users to book meetings across multiple time zones and for multiple individuals at once.

Because everything happens on a single page, consumers don’t need to be concerned about whether or not their email service is compatible.

3. Acuity Scheduling

scheduling software called Acuity Scheduling Accuity Scheduling has been in operation for a significant amount of time.

In contrast to other scheduling software, Acuity Scheduling was developed with the needs of small organisations and teams in mind.

Accuity would be most beneficially utilised by businesses who simultaneously provide both items and services if this scenario were to play out.

Businesses are able to plan video conferences and immediately integrate billing software into the system. In addition to creating automatic reminders for customers and staff, this functionality is also available.

4. Calendar.com

This scheduling software includes a function that can be thought of as an intelligent connection or virtual polling. It is entirely modifiable to suit your needs.

Users have the ability to adjust the meeting time, frequency, or location to better suit their needs. It is also possible to use Calendar.com or the calendar integration of their choice in order to establish native appointments.

You can obtain an overview of all of your meetings across all of your calendars by using Calendar.com, which makes it much simpler for you to manage your schedule.

In addition to this, Calendar.com provides a wide range of helpful monitoring tools, allowing you to monitor the efficiency of your staff at all times.

This is also an excellent solution for anyone who needs to schedule out content on their website or social media accounts.

5. Picktime.com

Picktime.com makes it simple and convenient for users situated in any part of the world to plan appointments and services in advance.

Picktime.com is an exceptionally helpful tool for companies whose core product is a service, such as hair salons, medical offices, enterprises that rent out equipment, and freelancers.

You can create appointments, modify existing ones, change your preferences, or reschedule them all from a single, centralised site.

The reporting capabilities of Picktime.com assist stakeholders in comprehending what is taking place and determining whether or not their procedures or working hours require modification.


There is invariably a gathering in the near future. Whatever it is that you do or whoever your customers are, you need to find ways to make it simpler for your employees to continue being productive and offer improved services to your customers.

A scheduler for appointments is something that can help with this. When you have a vast user base, it becomes impossible to provide service to your customers and complete your tasks. Your priority ought to be increasing the amount of work you do and holding meetings that are more fruitful.