The reason I chose to take the CASP exam was simple:

Only one reason I chose to take the CASP exam over the CISSP was because it was easier. The decision was not logical. I didn’t know the true differences between the tests.

Because I thought it would make it easier to pass, I first took the CASP exam.

Simply put, I believed that I would be able to pass the CASP more easily than the CISSP. The CISSP was a difficult and feared test. Stories after stories of people failing to pass the CISSP were repeated. One persistent individual was set to take the CISSP the fifth time. I then heard that he had failed the exam again.

So I was afraid to take my CISSP exam. I didn’t believe I could pass the exam.

The CASP was not something I heard the same about. I didn’t know anyone who held the CASP certification. I did not know anyone who had taken the exam. I have not heard of any horror stories from test takers. Uninformed, I made the decision that seemed logical to me. I would study for and attempt to pass the CASP.

CASP Exam in a nutshell

The CASP exam is the next step after passing the Security+ exam.

The truth is, however, that the CASP exam is likely 50 times more difficult than the Security+ exam.

Passing the Entry-Level Security+ exam is the best way to pass CASP. After that, you will be able to work for approximately five years in the industry and learn as much as possible.

This is because CASP exams require you to be proficient in the cybersecurity domains.

CASP is for technical people who know the ropes and can do the work. CASP simulations are very difficult. It is impossible to predict what you might get. However, I have questions about building networks, using Linux commands for tasks completion, matching terms, and other topics.

All simulation questions will be given at the beginning.

It is believed that if you are able to pass the simulations, you will be able to take the CASP exam. This is because the CASP exam weighs the simulations more than the multiple-choice sections. This is why I spent so much time working through the simulations.

There were seven simulations that I completed, and each took me between 5-10 minutes. The test takes 165 minutes. I felt confident I could breeze through the multiple-choice questions. I didn’t worry about the simulations moving slowly.

Unlike the CISSP exam, you can review your answers to the CASP exam again.

The CASP exam was made easier by the ability to go back and correct your answers. I discovered that the next questions helped me recall my answers and allowed me to correct them.

You can also flip through the entire exam at the end to double-check you didn’t make any obvious mistakes.

The CASP exam, just like the CISSP is a difficult test.

Comparing the tests would show that the CISSP exam has more complexity. The CISSP exam is more in-depth. Questions on the CISSP exam cover everything from technical questions to IT management and leadership.

But I won’t minimize the difficulty of CASP exam. It is difficult to pass the CASP exam, but it is an honorable and highly respected achievement to achieve this certification.

My Recommendation

Both certification exams are highly recommended by me. CASP will demonstrate your technical expertise. CASP is a proof that you are capable of doing the job.

The CISSP certifies that you are both technically proficient and have mastered management and leadership concepts in cybersecurity.


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