Chrome Extension Hack

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How You Might Get Hacked By a Chrome Extension Chrome extensions are useful tools that improve your browsing experience. However, they may contain viruses that could compromise your computer's security. This can have serious consequences. Consider all of the sensitive information stored in your browser. You are responsible for passwords, social media accounts, and credit card credentials. Even...

What Cybercriminals do to Make Money

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how do cybercriminals make money? An analysis of what works is the basis for cybercriminals making money. Hackers try different forms of cybercrime to find the most lucrative. Extortion is the main method hackers use to monetize stolen data. For years, extortion has been a popular form of cybercrime. There are other ways hackers can make...

How Cybercriminals Plan Attacks

History of Cybersecurity
how cybercriminals plan attacks Every cybersecurity expert must know how cybercriminals plan attacks. Cybercriminals employ a variety of tools and techniques to determine the vulnerabilities of their victims. Targets can be individuals or organizations. Cyber-attacks are often used to steal valuable information and breach systems. Both passive and active attacks are planned by criminals. Active attacks are...

How Many Cybercriminals are Caught

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how many cybercriminals are caught It is important to understand how many cybercriminals have been caught. Are cybercriminals and the entities that support them able to be captured, held accountable, and prosecuted. What can countries do to increase the number of cybercrime convictions? These and other urgent questions are important because cybercrime is growing and threatening...


Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan
What is Zerodium? Zerodium is a trusted place where you can buy zero-day exploits. Zerodium is used by security researchers and hackers to make money from vulnerabilities they find in operating systems, software, hardware, and devices. You have many options to make money by finding vulnerabilities. The vulnerability can be disclosed to the software and hardware vendors. Many companies...

Cryptography Benefits

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Elliptic Curve Cryptography Encryption Application and Benefits Elliptic curve encryption, a popular modern cryptographic system, is faster than most and has a wider appeal. ECC is based upon the elliptic curve theory, which allows for more efficient cryptographic keys. ECC's asymmetric encryption is lighter because it has smaller keys. Understanding ECC Public encryption methods such as Diffie-Hellman and RSA...

Cissp PMP

How to Become a Cybersecurity Specialist
PMP vs CISSP What is the PMP exam like the CISSP? It was a strange question that I answered when someone asked it. What is the difference between the PMP and the CISSP? These two exams cover completely different topics. The PMP exam covers project management, while the CISSP exam covers cybersecurity. I thought about it. This question is...

IAT Certification

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IAM vs IAT Certifications It is common to confuse the IAM and IAT certifications. These terms can be misunderstood and used interchangeably. The Dept. established IAM as well as IAT. In 2004, the Department of Defense established these qualifications. These qualifications standards are meant to ensure that the Department. These standards are meant to ensure that the Department. IAT is Information...

Benefits of Managed Security Services Sacramento

Why Managed Security Services
The advantages of Sacramento managed security services When compared to trying to manage IT security in-house, managed security services offer a variety of advantages to many SMBs. If you're still undecided about whether managed security services are ideal for you, here's a quick rundown of the advantages of hiring managed security services in Sacramento. There will...

Benefits of Managed Security Services Sacramento CA

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Understanding the advantages of Sacramento CA managed security services Managed security services have become huge business, which means you've probably heard of them. You might not be sure exactly what they are, what they do, or how they can help your company. With that in mind, here's a quick primer on the advantages of Sacramento...

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