The freeRTOS Vulnerability Disaster

Cyber Security & Drones
freertos security vulnerabilities FreeRTOS, an open-source operating system that powers many IoT hardware products' microprocessors and controllers, has been exposed to new vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities affect FreeRTOS through the TCP/IP stack. Versions affected Versions affected include FreeRTOS V10.0.1 (with FreeRTOS+TCP), AWS FreeRTOS V1.3.1, OpenRTOS, and SafeRTOS (with WHIS Connect middleware components TCP/IP). This is why it's a disaster Many IoT...

Hardware Firewall Vs Software Firewall

Hardware Firewall vs Software Firewall
Individuals and organizations use firewalls to provide security. The security appliance is used to manage incoming and ongoing traffic within a network. The firewall is a security device that detects and filters malicious data packets. These packets could potentially cause damage to the entire network, as well as personal computers and other devices. A firewall can also block certain...

How to Encrypt an External Hard Drive?

How to Encrypt an External Hard Drive
The current average cost of a data breach increased 10% to $4.24million. Data breach refers to unauthorised access to personal or sensitive information. Data breaches can be a complicated hack that allows hackers to gain access to networks and databases. They tend to focus most of their resources on protecting the network perimeter, which includes firewalls and...

AWS Cloud Architect Salary Survey

AWS cyber security salary
AWS Cloud Architect Tops the Latest Salary Survey Amazon Web Services (AWS), which holds a staggering 45% market share in the cloud industry, is the largest player. This is why there is such a demand for AWS cloud experts. has released the latest Salary Survey, which shows that AWS professionals can earn substantial salaries. AWS Certified...

DNS Security

DNS Security Best Practices
DNS Security Best Practices DNS security best practices are essential for every organization since they are critical to nearly all operations that involve networked applications. It allows communication between networked applications. DNS is also extremely complex in theory and implementation. Cyber adversaries are increasingly focusing on the attack of DNS infrastructure. Applications cannot communicate with the...

Top Cybersecurity Tools

Top Cybersecurity Tools
This article lists and describes the most important cybersecurity tools every cybersecurity professional should know. Many companies view cybersecurity one of their top priorities. Cybercrime has increased due to the increasing dependence on technology for critical business operations. Cyberattacks can have devastating results for victims, such as financial loss, reputation damage, and compromised customer data. Cyber-attacks can also...

Cyber Security Jobs That Don’t Require Clearance

Cyber Security Jobs in the US
2.9 Million Open Cyber Security Jobs in the US It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find qualified Cyber Security professionals. Cyber Seek completed a study and found that there is an unmet need for at least 2.9 Million cybersecurity job openings. Northern Virginia has the most job opportunities. Northern Virginia is a hub for cyber jobs...

Multi Factor Authentication (Types of MFA)

Multi Factor Authentication
In recent years, more and more people and companies have sought out better ways to protect their data. With large companies such as Ticketfly and Facebook suffering data breaches that were devastating in 2018, no one is really safe. Many people are concerned about losing their data or sustaining financial loss as a result of data...

Essential Cybersecurity Controls

Protect Your Website from Cyber Attacks
Cybersecurity Controls are vital because hackers continually invent new ways to execute attacks. Organizations must implement the most effective security measures to increase their security. A holistic approach involves adhering to international standards and complying with different regulations. Cybersecurity controls are countermeasures companies use to prevent, reduce, and counteract security threats. These are measures that a...

Types of Cybersecurity

Protect your Website from Cyber Attack
This Cybersecurity Guide provides a framework for integrating cybersecurity activities, and a quick overview of security controls that should also be used. Cybercrime has become a major concern in today's digital world. Cybercriminals who are looking for financial or business benefits will likely target smaller businesses that do not have cyber security personnel. This Guide to Types of Cybersecurity...

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