Find CDN of website
Find CDN of website

Find CDN of website

Find out which CDN is used on a website with the CDN Finder Tool.

Amazon’s virtual assistant can do a lot of things, but if you say, “Alexa, find CDN of website,” she might not be able to accomplish it just yet. But if you try, we won’t blame you. If you don’t know how to look for it online, finding out what Content Delivery Network a site utilizes might be time-consuming.

It’s quite straightforward. There are two methods for determining which CDN a website employs. There’s no shame in completing your study, whether you’re inquisitive about which CDN provider your competition chose or simply want to model yourself after a digital company you trust.

Option 1: Look up information on the internet.

Your best friend is the internet. There are numerous places where you can find out which CDN other websites use. It shouldn’t be difficult because most of these sites merely demand the domain of the site you’re looking for. For example, CDNPlanet’s finder tool is a terrific and simple-to-use example. Another option is What’s My CDN; this CDN locator tool is ideal for websites that use several CDNs.

Finding out which CDN provider a site has partnered with in a certain region or country can often help you clear your mind and determine whether or not you should do the same. However, in some worldwide areas, some CDN providers offer superior coverage than others. When you’re looking for that kind of information, this is quite useful.

Option 2: Do it by hand Works

You can personally inspect it if using online tools does not suffice. This solution will still require the use of a few web tools, but you will have to put in more effort. To begin, look for a website’s IP address. There are numerous tools available online to assist you in locating this information, but DNS record lookup and DNS Watch are two of the most popular.

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Find out who owns the IP address once you’ve worked that out. Again, there are a plethora of web tools, but Ultra Tools and IP lookup are two good examples. Check the “org” section after you’ve typed them into the search field of either online tool—this is where the CDN provider’s name is placed.

That concludes our discussion. Isn’t it simple?

Is a CDN required for my website?

So, you’ve figured out which CDN a website employs. Do you require one? Collaboration with a CDN provider has a 50-50 probability of helping you build your brand, but assess the urgency and importance. If you don’t have a pressing need for a private CDN right now, try a free CDN first. This will offer you a better understanding of how it operates and whether it is something you will require in the future.

While the products and services available through a free CDN are restricted, it provides valuable exposure. Technically, not every site need a CDN; especially if the site you’re running is just meant for a small local audience that lives close to your origin host.

What kind of businesses require the most CDN?

Because a CDN minimises latency, it’s acceptable to conclude that one of its key functions is to give worldwide users a better online experience. If you operate your website from Hungary, you can bet that visitors from Bangkok will not experience the same speed as visitors from Romania. There are numerous industries that regard CDN to be the most beneficial. Listed below are a few examples.

E-commerce — any site that serves as a display for a company’s products and services should be quick to load. After all, the internet is an e-commerce company’s bread and butter, and speed is a critical component in constructing one’s digital experience. Imagine trying to buy a pair of boots on an e-commerce site that takes forever to load. If photographs take more than 5 seconds to load, there’s a good chance you won’t wait for them to finish.

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Websites for news — this isn’t restricted to CNN and BBC World, though they’re both excellent examples. If your site promises to give engaging and original material, you must ensure that your overseas audience receives the same high-quality digital experiences as visitors from your origin host.

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