Are you searching for the best WordPress CDN for your website?

A CDN service speeds up your website speed by serving cached static content from servers located near your user’s geographic location.

This article will discuss the best WordPress CDN services and how CDN can speed up WordPress sites.

What is a CDN?

Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is a network that delivers static content from websites to users based on their geographic location. Check out our infographic to learn more about why you need a CDN on your WordPress blog.

A CDN is not a build your website.

How CDN speeds WordPress up?

Your WordPress hosting company will normally serve your website from one location. All visitors to your website can access the same server.

Websites with high traffic will experience slowdowns due to all the user requests. It can cause your website to temporarily go down during peak traffic hours.

Strangeloop’s study found that one second delays in website speed can cause a delay of up to ten seconds.11% fewer page views, 7% fewer conversions.

CDN is here to help. CDN caches the server’s static resources such as stylesheets and javascript.

All static resources of your website are served by CDN servers when a user requests it. This decreases the load on your hosting server, and makes it more efficient and faster.

Static content is served by a network server located in various geographical locations around the world. Every user request is processed by the server nearest to their location. This speeds up page loading and makes your website much more user-friendly.

Let’s now take a look at the top WordPress CDN services and compare them.

How To Use CDN For WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce plugins available for WordPress websites. This plugin allows website owners to create an online shop from their website. It is used by more than 30% of all online shops.

It’s popular because it is easy to integrate with many payment methods and its extensions. It is open-source software and allows shop owners full control over their business.

Websites must load quickly to convert more visitors to customers. Free WooCommerce CDN comes in this category.

An online shop that sells more products will see more visitors. This causes a slower loading speed and increases in the amount of resources required. A CDN is the best way to solve these issues in your WooCommerce shop.

What is a CDN’s solution to this problem?

CDNs are a network of servers located remotely that can be used to load your website pages. This improves loading speed. The website page requested is loaded by the nearest CDN server depending on where the website visitor is located.

This will ensure that your website loads quickly enough to keep visitors engaged and convert them into paying customers.

Websites that take longer than three seconds to load are often abandoned in this fast-paced world we live in. This problem can be solved completely by a CDN. A faster online shop can translate into higher revenues.

You can activate the WooCommerce Content Delivery Network, (CDN), on your website

You have many CDN options that you can use on your WooCommerce store. This will allow you to quickly load product images, resulting in increased sales and repeat customers. You can activate CDN for your website by signing up for any CDN solution you choose.

Your website will activate the CDN. The CDN will load your pages onto its remote servers and take them from your website. A visitor will search for your website and the CDN server closest to him or her will show the webpage. This will increase the speed of your website.

Make sure you select a paid provider when choosing a CDN to host your wordpress website. Free CDN service for woocommerce may not be effective.

CDNs not only increase the speed of your website but also make it more secure. With its many servers, CDNs can increase your website’s traffic. Your website can be protected from DDoS attacks because it has many servers to load from.

Hackers and business rivals often target online shops. High quality CDNs will offer the security you need.

You can also speed up your WooCommerce website using other methods

Optimize your Website Images

Images and other dynamic assets are a key component of modern websites. Many high-definition images are available online for the products that they sell. The website loads slowly due to these images. You can cache these images on a CDN to make sure they load in the background and don’t stress your website server.

Optimize Your Plugins

As you add more images to your website, plugins can slow down the site. As your website grows, you should check your plugins and delete any that aren’t necessary.

Optimize Your Themes

You should choose the right theme for your WooCommerce site. Your website will load slow if you use too many themes. You should choose themes that are easy-to-load.

Speed Check Your Website

Make sure you are aware of the speed of your website before you implement a CDN. Check the speed of your website after you have integrated the CDN. This is how you will know if the CDN works.


After carefully evaluating all these top WordPress CDN services, one thing was clear that is the best WordPress CDN in the market. They have the best set of features at an affordable price and a beginner-friendly setup.

We would also recommend Sucuri, because it gets you access to their website firewall and cloud proxy. To further improve your website performance, you can use Sucuri in conjunction with other CDNs.

Cloudflare’s free CDN plans are ideal for those with tight budgets.

We hope you found the right WordPress CDN solution with this article. Check out our review of the top WordPress SEO plugins, and the best small-business phone services.


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