CDN Performance Accelerator
CDN Performance Accelerator

How CDN Performance Accelerator Can Improve Site Performance

It is important to make your website load quickly to keep first-time visitors. You can make your website faster by using the Content Delivery network to quickly deliver static content. This is one of the best ways to increase page speed and viewer engagement.

CDNs reduce the distance information travels from the viewer to the server. It is a network of services that includes multiple servers and locations in different geographic areas. When a user visits your website, information from the server is sent to the location closest to them. This speeds up data flow.

CDN Performance Accelerator: Effects

Quick loading time

CDNs can store multiple content types. CDNs allow users to load content faster. CDNs can store certain content and distribute it to users faster. Files such as:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Web fonts
  • Stylesheets
  • JavaScript
  • Other file formats such as HTML, PDF and ZIP, along with PPT are also available.

CDNs are also able to store any files saved in WordPress wp–includes or wp–content folders. CDNs can improve the speed of your website by reducing the time taken to request information, get it, then send it to you. A faster website will increase your brand’s conversion rates. This will increase the conversion rate of your company.

Bandwidth costs are reduced

CDN is best for websites that allow files to be released from the original web server. This is particularly important if you don’t want to overload your host. It also lowers bandwidth costs. Global CDNs eliminate the need for costly web hosting services which, in turn, lowers costs.

A CDN international will let you use one platform that is available in all regions and on all continents at a reasonable price. This is great for those with tight budgets. This is a great way to increase your website’s performance using one hosting platform.

Enhances SEO

A CDN speeds up loading time and overall performance. This also improves SEO (search engine optimization), and ranks. Google will prioritize websites that load faster, and are easier to crawl. Google will crawl your website more often to detect changes in content and update information about your site. This allows you to rank higher in search results for your content and provides a quick turnaround.

Your users can freely access content that is faster to be indexed. This is due to the cycles that start with your site’s health. Your site’s advanced elements determine how users discover and interact with your content. CDNs provide additional security and help reduce attacks. A combination of a CDN and an SSL certificate is essential for the ranking and health your site.

Site security improved

CDNs offer additional security against DDoS attacks (Denial of service attack). CDNs can be used to make a network or machine unavailable to visitors.

These can have a devastating effect on your website and can even cost you a lot of money. They can also have serious implications for your company’s online reputation. CDN manages traffic to keep your site online. This design was created to stop these attacks from reaching your database.

Increased availability and uptime

CDNs are a great way to improve the availability and uptime of your website’s content. Because your content is duplicated and made available in different geographical areas, this is a major benefit. When one server is down because of overload, web traffic automatically redirects towards another server.

Cloud Accelerator

Slow websites frustrate users and can hurt your SEO and conversions. These problems can be fixed by a Content Delivery Network, but only 6% use one. Why is this? CDNs offer great benefits, but they are too costly and complicated to implement for website owners.

How Does it Work?

CLOUD SERVER: The VS appliance sits between the hypervisor, and the Cloud Server hosting web apps. It automatically redirects URLs for static content to the CDN.

Firewall rules on the hypervisor are used to redirect HTTP/HTTPS traffic through accelerator. No matter how many websites are hosted, the entire Cloud Server is accelerated. The Accelerator has integrated failover and monitoring. If the appliance is down, firewall rules are automatically removed and traffic is immediately sent to the target server.

Adapter leverages locations all over the world and automatically optimizes and compresses static content from all Cloud Server sites. This content is delivered to the user at the nearest location.

NO CONFIGURATION REQUIRED: No HTML modifications are required, simply flip the switch and your websites will fly!

In conclusion

A CDN performance accelerator is one way to ensure your Google search speed stays high. The loading speed of an online business is crucial to its success, regardless of whether it is a service or a store.

Users are more likely than not to abandon your website if they find it takes too long to load a page. CDNs can be a great option to speed up your site. CDNs can make your site load faster, lower bandwidth costs, improve search engine optimization and make it a more efficient option for website owners.


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