CDN Pricing
CDN Pricing

Why CDN Pricing Should Be A Deal-Breaker?

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), are a must-have for websites. The internet is saturated, but it continues to grow due to the many opportunities it offers people and businesses. Cloud delivery platforms are a normal commodity. How can you tell which CDN pricing is the most reasonable, given all of the CDN brands available today? Better yet, What is the best way to determine if a CDN provider is worth it?

Curiously, CDN provider heavily rely on branding. Like smartphones, the more popular a CDN provider and the more people consider their services unique and compelling, then the easier it will be to charge higher prices for the same services offered by their competitors. CDN pricing is becoming more flexible, but more people are choosing free CDN even though they don’t get the best CDN results. A good CDN should not only be transparent about their pricing but also fair. It’s easy today to choose a provider that we don’t know much about because they have a large following. However, there are other things you should consider before signing up for what you believe is the best CDN.

Top CDN Pricing Comparison

Access the complete content delivery network of top CDN providers Without commitment.

CDN Provider Pricing First 2.5 TB
per month
Next 25 TB
per month
Next 200 TB
per month
Next 1 PB
per month
CloudFlare $20 $150 $1,000 $5,000
Web Services
$213 $2,050 $12,050 $39,770
Stack Path $150 $1,500 $6,000 $20,000
$218 $2,120 $12,360 $40,008
Google $200 $1,625 $10,000 $34,000

CDN Pricing Variables

A free CDN does have its advantages, but you will find that the features available are very limited. This may be a good option for freelance artists with only 2 or 3 pages of digital portfolios. However, it won’t work for entrepreneurs or startups that have many pages.

The CDN market continues to be highly dynamic and the CDN pricing scheme is still very dynamic. It is also a good thing that terabytes are becoming cheaper. The trend is similar to phone plans: bundles of staple delivery platform features are being made that can be used with standard CDN requirements, such as WAF, SSL and DDoS Protection, Monitoring Tool or DNS Network. However, you won’t find all of the above features in a no-cost CDN. You get a great deal when you sign up for us. We offer a wide range of services at the most affordable CDN prices.

The Top CDN Pricing Models: What Are You Paying?

Clients can now choose to pay-as-you-go or negotiated monthly contracts. Our unique feature is the fact that you can cancel at any time. This is a feature that no other provider can offer.

This is where most of your money goes when it comes pricing:

  • Traffic to your website is expensive
  • Solutions, features and services include customer support, organ shield and SSL certificates, data centers and CDN storage.
  • If applicable, CDN setup rates
  • If applicable, minimum monthly charges or commitment rates
  • It is important to remember that data centers and regions are huge factors in determining CDN pricing. To better serve your global needs, we currently have many locations.
  • We also have a CDN Comparison Chart on our homepage, in case you missed it!

Why CDN is not always the best solution and what to expect from the Best CDN

Even if you don’t know the details of how CDN works, it’s simple to get one for free. If you are interested in jumping into the free services part of the technology, don’t hesitate! But, sooner or later you will find that the free CDN does not cover many important items.

Exhibit B – Customer Service

Although there are many free CDN providers that can help you with your questions and concerns, they won’t give you the right to be the first. Before you can get expert help, you will need to wait for all the other concerns to be resolved by them. If you are in the e-commerce or digital publishing industry, you cannot afford to have your website go down. You will need professional technical support as soon as you can. Our customer service is perhaps the most important thing we are known for.

Exhibit A – Distribution

The reach of your CDN provider is crucial because it’s how you reach your market. While some providers offer CDN for free, they don’t always cover all data centers. You won’t get as many solutions if you use their free plan. Your Points of Presence may be less extensive and you could lose your presence in certain regions.


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