Get CDN Server Hosting
Get CDN Server Hosting

What is CDN Server Hosting?

Let’s first discuss server hosting before we get into the Content Delivery Network technology. A business source explains that server hosting is the offsite management and maintenance of hardware resources designated for company use. Companies can enjoy the full benefits of an IT infrastructure by paying a monthly subscription to a hosting provider. This is without the need for equipment maintenance and training.

Companies and brands who use server hosting services can avoid the financial and physical burdens that come with owning and maintaining one. CDNs are clusters of servers located in different parts of the world. These servers are responsible for caching web data and distributing it to users all over the world. Website visitors must understand that a CDN is required to access web content from a host source. Although this is fine, it doesn’t mean that host origins can cater to multiple users at once. This makes your website load slower and can cause your website to crash easily if it isn’t backed up with CDN hosting providers.

To better distribute your digital efforts, CDN server hosting is available.

A brief refresher: Why is it important to get CDN Server Hosting

A Google research found that more than half of mobile users will leave a website if it takes longer to load.

If you don’t have CDN hosting providers and your website is mobile-centric it could experience a five second delay in loading.

It’s easy to see how your website could fail without any boosting tool.

You don’t want users leaving your website or app because they didn’t get CDN server hosting.

CDN providers are no longer an uncommon sight for business owners. These providers are proven to be beneficial and effective for modern businesses.

This means that it’s not about whether you should get CDN hosting, but rather which CDN providers are capable of meeting all your requirements.

Use CDN Server Hosting Freely for Your Business

Who wouldn’t love to have a CDN hosted for free?

You can boost your profits and increase your boosting abilities with CDNs. Now is the time to look into CDN providers who offer this service for free.

However, most people feel the stigma that comes with free stuff. This tells them that they can simply disregard these items as junk. A free CDN hosting is not a trend that follows, since it can still provide quality service to its users, even though it’s free.

CDN Server Hosting knows that free services are a great way to promote your brand and showcase your capabilities.

CDN providers cannot achieve these goals if they provide a low-quality tool.

Before you decide on the best CDN Server Hosting, take a look at this list.

Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN is a well-known CDN provider that offers the lowest prices (if not the cheapest) in the market.

This CDN provider does not just offer cheap hosting; it also offers high-quality CDN server servers for web owners.

You can have your website traffic of 2,500, 25,000 or 200,000 GB through the free CDN. There are three plans available, each one tailored to your needs.

Cloudflare CDN is more than a free CDN. It offers responsive technical support, security token and unlimited cache purge. Real-time analytics are also available.

It also has 28 POPs worldwide and 9 super-POPs strategically located around the globe, which provide uninterrupted service to its customers.

We should not forget about the features that made Cloudflare CDN the most competitive CDN provider on the market.

Cloudflare CDN Sonar tm (Real Time Traffic Statistics)

  • Large file delivery
  • IPV6 Network
  • Instant Purging
  • Anti-DDoS
  • Video on demand
  • Live Video

Cloudflare is a CDN server hosting provider that offers high-performance CDN providers at high prices.


SiteGround provides a free CDN service. However, you can also extend its capabilities by paying a small fee.

It is a trusted provider of CDN server hosting that has proven to be reliable for customers. This is why it remains one of the most popular CDN providers on the market.

Its CDN is free and offers site transfers, automatic daily backups, email and SSL. You can also get 24/7 expert support by phone or chat. SiteGround is the best CDN hosting option for WordPress accounts.

This CDN provider is the best for business email hosting, with its 99.9% uptime promise.


1and1 is a CDN server hosting provider that charges no hidden fees. At checkout, users will only need to pay USD 6 or USD 12.

Many CDN providers are aware of the demand for one-time payments. Customers who prefer monthly payments will also be happy to receive a one-time payment offer from their CDN provider.

It is easy to set up 1and1 and you will have a personal consultant to assist you in finding the best way for them to work for you.


Bluehost is a top-rated CDN provider and is well-known for its outstanding performance at a very reasonable price.

Bluehost users will get a free Weebly site creator and Cloudflare CDN. It is a strong competitor to top CDN providers on the market, which only shows its efficiency.

It has advanced CDN server hosting but users still have a free CDN service that they can expand if needed.

Bluehost is highly recommended by WordPress users because of their firsthand experience with it capabilities, which brought many advantages to their websites.


Liquidweb is a CDN server hosting service for website owners. Now that you have had a chance to use a free CDN, it’s time to upgrade to more advanced capabilities in order to propel your business forward.

This tool can handle heavy duty tasks and steady streams of extremely demanding operations.

This is without a doubt one of the top CDN providers on the market. It provides sophisticated solutions to users’ complex tasks. You should remember that a free CDN can be useful, but not for too long if your goal is to propel your business forward.

Here are some of the benefits Liquidweb offers to your business:

    • Cloudflare CDN
    • DDoS Protection
    • 100% Uptime Guarantee
    • 24/7 Heroic Support (r), via chat, email and phone


InterServer, a CDN provider, offers unlimited storage space and data transfer that users can take advantage of. Its attractive offers make it a strong competitor to other CDN providers in terms of price and capabilities.

If users sign up for CDN server hosting, they are guaranteed 99.9% uptime for all websites and applications.


A2Hosting is ideal for anyone who manages a resource-heavy WordPress site.

A CDN server hosting is required for WordPress sites if you don’t mind losing the richness of your content.

A2Hosting provides WordPress site owners with the tools they need (including a free CDN) to maximize their website and increase their profits.

It is one of few WordPress-centric CDN providers that lives up to its promises of efficiency and convenience for WordPress users.

Take a look at the services that A2Hosting offers:

  • PayPal integration and SSL certificates
  • Optimized caching, SSD speed boost and Turbo Server
  • Cloudflare offers free cdn and 1-click WordPress installs
  • FREE HackScan and KernelCare
  • A2 optimized WordPress plugins for security and performance

It is a CDN server hosting provider that provides flexible plans to meet your varied needs. It provides ‘Shared Hosting,’ ‘VPS Hosting,’ and a ‘Dedicated Server’ that all can meet your growing needs.

A2Hosting, like many CDN providers also offers customer support via its ‘Guru Crew Support team’ which is available 24/7/365.


A CDN server hosting is essential for digital success. There are many CDN hosting companies available now. The challenge is to find one that suits your needs and fits within your budget.


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