CDN Video Hosting
CDN Video Hosting

What’s A CDN Video Server?

Today, we see motion graphics all over the place. Videos may be found everywhere, from our phone screens and laptop screens to bright, big billboards. Videos have become a cherished marketing tactic used by both creatives and capitalists to convey businesses and ideas since society has become so accustomed to visual storytelling. The need for a CDN video server has never been more apparent, as modern people have modern demands. According to one survey, almost 300 hours of streaming content being posted to YouTube every 60 seconds! Given how quickly things are moving, such figures are unlikely to slow down anytime soon.

Video files are big, as anyone whose smartphone bandwidth isn’t large enough to binge videos for hours on end knows. In fact, video-streaming alone is expected to account for about 80% of all web traffic this year! That’s why, in this post, we’ll look at why a CDN video server is so important in today’s world and why a low-cost video CDN could be your best option.

What Can A CDN Video Server Do For You?

A video CDN server is similar to any other CDN server, with the exception that it is meant to primarily supplement videos. A video CDN server is similar to other CDN networks in that it is designed to distribute web content to users all over the world.

When you sign up with a CDN provider, you’ll gain the following benefits:

Reaching new heights

Because CDN companies use internationally “scattered” servers, your web content can be quickly transmitted to continents and areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach with a single web host origin; this is especially true when the majority of your web data is video.

Video security is improved.

Piracy has become more feasible since the introduction of video streaming. A video CDN server has a better chance of preventing this. A variety of digital methods will be used to further protect your web content when you sign up with a provider, whether it’s a cheap video CDN or not.

Availability that is consistent

One of the most significant advantages of using a CDN provider is their ability to cache your content on their servers. So, even if the host origin is unavailable for whatever reason, your consumers may still watch your movies and consume other information via their Edge servers, which are the servers closest to them.

Fortunately, video CDN pricing has proven to be as volatile as the CDN business as a whole. Given the number of providers on the market today, you’re sure to discover a video CDN that not only meets your needs but also fits within your budget.

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What is the best CDN video server for your website?

Every day, the need for video hosting and streaming capabilities grows by leaps and bounds. As a result, the demand for a CDN video server can’t help but rise.

We’re guessing you’ve come to find out which CDN is best for boosting your website’s video streaming and hosting capabilities. Purchasing a CDN for your website is, without a question, a difficult option these days.

Even with this minor snag, CDN services are very remarkable.

A CDN video server can send your high-quality video content to your viewers wherever they are in the world, thanks to servers strategically situated all over the world.

This accomplishment is made possible by a CDN provider’s many servers, which act as several streams for your content, speeding up delivery even more.

A CDN video server with this level of efficiency may undoubtedly increase the quality of your website’s service as well as its reputation.

But, with so many CDN providers claiming to be the best on the market, how can you know which one is the best for your website?

Which of these companies, to be more specific, has the finest CDN video server on the market?

Let’s have a look.

Top 4 Video CDN Providers in 2020 to Improve Website Performance


Akamai handles 30% of all internet traffic, proving that it is one of the top CDNs on the market.

To handle this enormous quantity of work, you’ll also require an advanced CDN video server.

Because Akamai is one of the greatest CDN providers on the market, it’s no surprise that it also boasts a sophisticated CDN video server.

Akamai also offers live-stream and on-demand video hosting, allowing you to launch a video-streaming service for your target market.

Akamai is one of the greatest CDN services on the market because to its powerful CDN server for video.

Video security, privacy settings, analytics, and HTML 5 video distribution are among its many useful features.

If you want these excellent features, you should absolutely buy CDN from this supplier.

However, as one of the greatest CDN providers in the industry, Akamai would be dissatisfied with the aforementioned features.

Aside from its powerful CDN server for Live Video, it can also deliver these services with ease:

    1. Features of Web Security
    2. Customer service that is dependable
    3. On-Demand Scaled Networks
    4. Reports that are available in real time
    5. Algorithms for Advanced Compression
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Akamai continues to develop the capabilities of a CDN video server, as evidenced by its advanced capabilities. Purchasing CDN from this supplier, which is one of the greatest CDNs available today, would undoubtedly be a wise decision.


Cloudflare’s CDN video server is actually geared to fulfil the growing need for innovative and dependable video-related services among website owners. Right, what do you anticipate from one of the greatest CDN services on the market?

It has been in the CDN area for a long time and continues to expand the capabilities of its CDN video server.

It can even supply cloud encoding and has configurable HTML5 video players built into its video hosting, making it one of the most popular CDN services among webmasters.

You should absolutely purchase CDN from this company.

if you’d want to see how effective its CDN video server is.

It also comes with a free CDN that comes with a CloudFlare-issued SSL certificate, however it doesn’t support video hosting.

Cloudflare also provides the following services:

    1. SPDY and HTTP/2
    2. WebSockets
    3. API that is Restful
    4. DDoS defence at its most basic
    5. CDN that is load-balanced globally
    6. Spam and content scraping protection in the field

With all of these features, CloudFlare can surely enhance your engagement, conversion, and, most importantly, cost.

Are there any other reasons to avoid purchasing CDN from one of the best CDN providers on the market?


BelugaCDN offers one of the most appealing pricing in the CDN market today, not because of its high cost, but rather because of its extraordinary affordability.

As a result, it is one of the greatest CDN services available today, and one of the reasons why you should purchase CDN from this supplier.

HTTP video streams, pseudo-streaming (progressive streaming), and byte-range support are all available through BelugaCDN’s CDN video server.

This is one of the characteristics of a good and dependable CDN server for video.

With 28 global PoPs and 9 super PoPs spread across the globe, you can anticipate a consistent service that you can count on at any time. Beluga CDN is one of the greatest CDN services in the world because of its asset.

BelugaCDN’s CDN video server is also one of the most competitive machines in the CDN industry because to these excellent assets.

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You can trial this provider’s free CDN plans before deciding to buy a CDN from them. Their plans are broken down into three categories. The ‘Pro Plan’ includes 2,500 GB of traffic, while the ‘Business Plan’ includes 25,000 GB.

Finally, its ‘Enterprise’ package provides 200,000 GB of traffic to your website.

Because of its vast offers, even Beluga CDN’s free CDN service pushes it as one of the finest CDN providers.

BelugaCDN offers a 30-day free trial of their CDN service.

Graffana App, a BelugaCDN plugin, may also be used to track your usage stats.

Let’s take a look at some of BelugaCDN’s additional features:

    1. Dual-stack network (IPv4 + IPv6 in all places)
    2. SSL/TLS on the customer’s domain is free.
    3. Streaming logs in real time
    4. Purging on the spot
    5. Authentication with a token

BelugaCDN is also one of the few CDN service providers that provide comprehensive support for all five SSL extensions.

    1. Perfect up-front secrecy
    2. Stapling using OCSP
    3. Record sizing that changes over time
    4. HTTP/2
    5. ALPN

All of these factors combine to make it one of the top CDN services available today.

Furthermore, purchasing CDN from this provider makes sense in order to take use of all of its advanced capabilities at a low cost.

Amazon CloudFront

Cloudfront is Amazon Web Services’ CDN service, and it is one of the top CDN services available. And its CDN video server can truly offer when it comes to video-related functions.

Thanks to its powerful CDN video server, it can support live and on-demand video streaming as well as huge downloads and online assets.

To avoid the difficulties of upfront expenses, Amazon Cloudfront also offers a Pay-As-You-Go payment option.

If you want to see how well this CDN service works, you may use its free CDN, which gives you 50 GB of data transmission each month for a year. Before selecting to buy CDN from them, you should try out their free CDN.

Amazon CloudFront is one of the top CDN services for ensuring your website’s security.

It has Geo-Blocking, CDN domain HTTPS, and Customer cert HTTPS, all of which provide a strong labyrinth of security for your site from numerous dangers.

These capabilities are exclusive to Amazon CloudFront, making it one of the greatest CDN providers on the market. It’s one of the main reasons to buy CDN from Amazon CloudFront.

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