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IT Certifications

We’ll show you how to become a cybersecurity specialist and embark on a rewarding and exciting professional journey. Cybersecurity is currently one of the most rapidly expanding fields in the world. As a result, there is a significant skills shortage in the cybersecurity industry. This chasm has been widening for some time. Since 2016, organizations have reported an increase in the scarcity of cybersecurity skills every year since that year. [1] In a 2019 report, the World Economic Forum stated that the United States has more than 200,000 cybersecurity specialist positions that are difficult to fill. [2] As a result of the increase in cybercrime, organizations are placing greater emphasis on cybersecurity. This brings us to our next question: How can… More information can be found here.

What is the best IT certification to have?

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. There are a plethora of IT certifications available, but the Certified Information Security Professional (CISSP) Certification offered by ISC2 is the monster of all certifications. There are a variety of reasons why the CISSP certification is one of the most highly sought-after and highly regarded in the information technology industry. First and foremost, passing the CISSP exam is extremely difficult. The pass rate is usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 percent. Because of the difficulty of the test, those who can pass must be extremely knowledgeable in their field. The test is extremely difficult, and highly intelligent people… More information can be found here.

CASP vs. CISSP – My Experience

The only reason I decided to take the CASP exam was for one specific reason… There is only one reason why I initially chose to sit for the CASP exam rather than the CISSP exam. I did not logically make my decision. I was completely unaware of the true differences between the tests. I chose to take the CASP test first because I believed it would be less difficult to pass. Quite simply, I believed that I would have a better chance of passing the CASP than I would have passed the CISSP. According to what I’ve heard, the CISSP is one of the most difficult and dreaded exams out there. I was told story after story about people who were… More information can be found here.

Cybersecurity Certifications You Need to Do

Olivia Nelson writes about the cybersecurity certifications that you should pursue.
Nowadays, technology has taken over, and businesses all over the world are adopting technological solutions to conserve resources. Many businesses are on the lookout for qualified employees with competitive skills who can contribute to the improvement of their organizations. To remain relevant in today’s job market, you must obtain some level of cybersecurity certification. This will allow you to gain the skills you need to not only stay competitive but also to be better prepared to counter any cyber threat that comes your way. As a result of this article, I will walk you through some of the cybersecurity certifications that you will require… More information can be found here.

The Top 20 Cities for CISSPs

We looked at job postings, crunched the numbers, and calculated the actual value of the CISSP certification to compile a list of the top 20 US cities with the highest concentration of CISSP certification holders. The monetary value of having the CISSP certification is determined by the job market in which you are employed. If you obtain the CISSP certification and live in a city where there are few CISSP job opportunities, you will be forced to decide between moving to a more prosperous area or accepting a salary that is not commensurate with your skills and abilities. Although remote work is sometimes an option, many cybersecurity positions require that you be physically present… More information can be found here.

There are 2.9 Million Open Cyber Security Jobs in the US

Recruiting qualified Cyber Security professionals is proving to be extremely difficult for many businesses. According to the findings of a study conducted by Cyber Seek, there is a shortage of at least 2.9 million cybersecurity jobs. Northern Virginia has the greatest number of job openings. Growing areas like Ashburn, Virginia, in Northern Virginia, have made it a hotbed for cyber-related jobs. With more fiber optic cable than almost any other city in the world, Ashburn is a technological hotspot. Ashburn is crammed with data centers for technology companies that aren’t particularly attractive. When it comes to the cyber jobs gap, California is the second most affected state. Silicon Valley, Microsoft, and hundreds of other companies… More information can be found here.

Get AWS Certified on the Cheap!

According to a recent report, the AWS Cloud Architect certification ranks first on the list of the most valuable IT certifications to hold. A large number of IT professionals are working hard to obtain this certification so that they can include it on their resumes in the hopes of receiving a nice pay raise as a result of their efforts. cloud architect tops the latest salary survey/To obtain this prestigious certification, I am currently putting in the effort. I was looking for a study program that would adequately prepare me for my upcoming exams. As someone who works with dozens of people who already have this and other AWS certifications, I figured it would be best to consult the experts. Getting access to AWS… More information can be found here.

Why you fail the CISSP exam and how to make sure you pass on the next try!

In the cybersecurity field, there are only four types of people, according to those who work in the field: Individuals who have passed the CISSP exam Candidates preparing for the CISSP certification exam Those who did not pass the CISSP exam Those who are apprehensive about taking the examination Being a certified information security specialist (CISSP) is essential if you want to work in a high-paying and highly rewarding environment. The CISSP exam serves as a gateway. Those who have made it through that gate are frequently regarded as the pinnacle of achievement in the field of cybersecurity. Even if you passed the CISSP exam, there is a good chance that you did not… More information can be found here.

CISSP Adapative Exam – What to expect.

It is estimated that the vast majority of current CISSPs took their exam in the previous format. The exam consisted of a grueling 250-question test, with nearly 85 percent of the testers completing the exam in the allotted 6 hours. However, at the end of 2017, the exam was modernized. The CISSP exam has been upgraded to a “Smart Exam.” The adaptive format of the CISSP exam was introduced in December 2017 and has been in use since then. This is referred to as a Computerized Adaptive Exam in the official literature (CAT). The CISSP is one of the first certification exams to be migrated to this new platform, having done so in 2012. But the rest will come in due course. … More information can be found here.

How to pass the CCNA Exam

If you have found your way to this page, likely, you are already familiar with the CCNA certification exam. It is a vendor-specific exam that covers the fundamentals of network administration and management. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is an abbreviation for Cisco Certified Network Associate. In addition to the standard CCNA exam, there are now several specialty exams, such as the CCNA Security exam and the CCNA Cloud exam, as well as others. Before the introduction of all of the new flavors of CCNA, there was the original: CCNA Routing and Switching certification. This test was extremely comprehensive in that it covered both fundamental and advanced topics at the same time. At some point, the folks at Cisco decided to provide the option… More information can be found here.

AWS Cloud Architect Tops the Latest Salary Survey

In the cloud computing industry, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most significant player, accounting for an astounding 45 percent of the total market share. As a result, there is a great deal of demand for AWS cloud specialists. According to the most recent Salary Survey conducted by, AWS professionals can command substantial salaries. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is the most lucrative certification available right now, according to industry analysts. Holders of this certification earn an average salary of $146,960 per annum. People in the information technology industry are scrambling to get ready for the AWS Solutions Architect exam. I’m aware of a few people in my social circle who are currently preparing for this exam… More information can be found here.

IAM vs IAT Certifications

There is frequently some misunderstanding about the distinction between IAM and IAT certifications. These terms are frequently misunderstood and used interchangeably. The Department of Defense established both the IAM and the IAT in 2004, respectively. These are qualification standards intended to ensure that the Department of Defense’s information technology systems is staffed with technical and management personnel who meet a certain level of technical expertise. a. Information Assurance Technical (IAT) is an abbreviation for Information Assurance. It is possible to achieve different levels of IAT certification by passing specific exams and accumulating a specific amount of work experience that meets specific requirements. These requirements are primarily concerned with technical knowledge and are geared toward technical professionals… More information can be found here.

How to Transition to a Cyber Security Career at Any Age

Are you considering making a career change to a position in cybersecurity in the middle of your career? It is an excellent field to work in. There are currently millions of cybersecurity jobs that are unfilled in the United States and countless more around the world. There aren’t enough qualified applicants to fill all of the available positions. Because there are only a limited number of qualified applicants, salaries for cybersecurity positions are increasing. It is common for cybersecurity positions to pay more than six figures to individuals who have only a few years of experience but a few strategic IT certifications under their belt. Are you in your thirties, forties, or fifties? It is never too late to make a change… More information can be found here.


What is the difference between the PMP exam and the CISSP exam? The fact that someone had asked me that question struck me as a little strange. What is the difference between the PMP and the CISSP? These are two completely different tests on two completely different subjects, and the results are completely different. The PMP exam tests project management skills, whereas the CISSP exam tests cybersecurity skills. But then I gave it some consideration. The question is a legitimate one. I anticipate that a large number of people will be considering both the PMP and the CISSP certifications. Both of these certifications are widely regarded as the gold standard in their respective fields of expertise. As a result, this is a question that deserves some consideration. The importance of… More information can be found here.

Don’t Underestimate the CompTia Security+ Exam

It is not that simple to pass the CompTIA Security+ exam! I was recently at a family reunion and struck up a conversation with my cousin, who works in information technology for the military. He was preparing to leave the military in a few years to transition into civilian employment. I inquired as to whether he possessed any information technology certifications. “No, but I’m thinking about trying to get some of the really easy ones, such as Security+,” says the author. Just a couple of years before this conversation, I had taken and passed the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. “That simple?” I thought to myself. “I don’t believe so!!!” But I did it… More information can be found here.

How I passed the CISSP exam without reading any books

Reading is not my preferred method of learning. It seems to me that in today’s world of podcasts and audiobooks, an increasing number of people are becoming accustomed to learning through reading and writing. This is, without a doubt, the case in my opinion. Audiobooks and video training are two of my favorite ways to learn. My sole study method for passing some difficult IT certification exams, including the CISSP exam earlier this year, was to rely solely on these learning techniques. There is no need for an expensive boot camp. Boot camps for the CISSP are not my favorite thing. My opinion is that many of the companies that offer these week-long training courses are doing a disservice to the people who are enrolled in them. More information can be found here.

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