Cloud BasedComputingAsStorage
Cloud-Based Computing As Storage

What Cloud Based Computing Can Do For Businesses?

Forbes reports that 77% of companies have at most a portion their IT infrastructure in the Cloud. Forbes claims that 83% will use cloud computing in 2020. Cloud based computing has become the norm rather than an exception. Cloud computing is flexible enough to take on new tasks. Cloud-based technologies will continue to fill more of the tasks.

What is cloud computing used by these companies? These are some cloud-based technologies that companies use:

Cloud-Based Computing As Storage

Storage is one of the most common uses for cloud-based computing. Cloud storage is gaining popularity with the general public. Because storage platforms are easily accessible and some even free, this is why cloud storage is gaining popularity.

These cloud storage platforms are a popular option for public cloud. Google Drive is one example of such a cloud storage platform. These cloud storage platforms can be shared by multiple users. This is why they are called public clouds.

Cloud-based computing can also be used by companies for storage. However, this is more secure. Many companies store data in a hybrid or private cloud. These cloud types offer additional security for sensitive data.

Cloud Based Computing as an Infrastructure

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS is one of the main service models of cloud based computing. IaaS is a service that allows computing resources to be offered over the Internet. Cloud service provider hosts virtualized Infrastructure so that it can be offered over the Internet.

Some companies find it costly to have on-premise infrastructure. They are responsible for maintaining and upgrading the infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure allows for third-party maintenance, upgrades, and support.

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This means that the service provider is the one who will have to worry about the Infrastructure. This arrangement allows the client to only pay for the services he or she actually uses. This reduces the infrastructure costs for companies. IaaS is becoming increasingly popular in companies.

Cloud Based Computing is an App Development Tool

Platform as a Service (or PaaS) is a very popular service model among app development companies. This model offers cloud-based computing solutions for app developers via the Internet. PaaS is the right model if you are involved in app development operations.

PaaS reduces the need for a business to install and maintain app development tools on its premises. The business doesn’t have to take care of maintenance or upgrades.

It is hosted by a third party provider and made available via the Internet. The provider takes care of maintenance and upgrades.

Cloud Based Computing for Backup Storage

Businesses also use cloud-based computing to backup storage. Cloud storage is a great platform for backup due to its security.

Its scalability made it an excellent data backup platform for businesses. The data of an enterprise could be overwhelming. Physical limitations on storage hardware mean that they cannot be increased instantly.

Cloud storage can be scaled up or down as needed. It is a great platform for large data storage.

Cloud-based computing backups also provide a physical barrier between the source storage and the backup storage. This is a great setup for backup. This means that if the source storage is lost or damaged, it can be backed up in the cloud.

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Cloud Based Computing as an Email Platform

This is a fact that very few people are aware of. However, most email platforms use cloud-based computing.

Email platforms can also use cloud-based computing. It is possible for businesses to receive a huge number of emails each day. The storage hardware on-premise can have its limitations and may not be able to store large amounts of data.

Businesses may need to preserve emails for documentation. They cannot delete too many emails.

Cloud computing is a scalable solution to store these emails. Cloud based computing can be found in almost all email platforms.

Cloud Based Computing as Social Media Platform

Cloud based computing is used for almost every service offered via the Internet. Cloud based computing is used by social media platforms as well.

The data generated by social media platforms is staggering. Twitter, for example, generates 500 million tweets each day and 200 billion tweets annually. Imagine if the average hardware on premises could hold this amount. It would crash almost immediately.

Cloud computing, however, allows for flexible storage. Social media platforms can store as many as 500 million tweets per hour.

Businesses can also use social media to their advantage. This holds true even if you have a large marketing campaign.

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