Cloud Computing Concepts
Cloud Computing Concepts

History of Cloud Computing Concepts

Cloud computing is a significant innovation in computing. Cloud computing has increased flexibility and efficiency in computing. It has made industries more productive. It is important to also look back at the history of cloud computing concepts.

It is important to remember the beginnings of cloud computing as it provides insight into how it developed into the industry it is today.

Cloud Computing Concepts: The Origins

Cloud computing concepts may seem new. Cloud computing’s history is almost as old and as relevant as modern computing.

The earliest examples of cloud computing concepts date back to 1955. John McCarthy developed a concept that allowed a group to share a computing time.

Back then, computers were difficult to use. This was also the year that the first general-purpose computer ENIAC died. McCarthy’s idea was not possible back then.

McCarthy’s “time sharing” theory is designed to make computing more efficient. This is one the earliest concepts in cloud computing.

1969 was a pivotal year in the development and use of cloud computing services. 1969 was the year that ARPANET was founded. ARPANET was the Internet before the Internet. Multiple computers could share the same digital resources through ARPANET.

The internet was created in the 1990s. The internet is essential for cloud computing services. Cloud computing concepts have seen significant progress since the advent of the internet.

Cloud computing has been around since the advent of the internet. Cloud computing was only a popular idea in 2000. This was when Amazon became one of the most prominent cloud service providers in the world.

Cloud Computing Concepts – The Name That Defined It

Experts still don’t know where the term cloud originated. The name was a driving force in the definition of cloud computing concepts. The name would have made the cloud appear as an isolated feature on the Internet.

Amazon was the first to popularize cloud computing. Amazon popularized the term “cloud computing” in 2006, when they released Elastic Compute Cloud.

However, “cloud computing” was first used in 1996. Compaq Computer used the term in 1996.

Dell attempted to trademark “cloud computing” in 2008. This angered many programmers.

Cloud computing concepts are well-known to people in 2011. It was actually already used 48 million times online back in 2011. It was added to the Oxford English Dictionary as a “sub-entry” in 2012.

Cloud Computing Concepts are Increasingly Popular in Corporate Settings

Salesforce was the first company to offer apps services over the Internet in 1999. Their service also helped in developing the Software-as-a-service cloud concept.

Google Apps was released in 2006 by Google. Cloud computing concepts became more accessible to the general public with this release. You might even be using Google Apps as G Suite today.

Amazon was a major provider of cloud computing services in the mid-2000s. They were able to attract high-profile clients. They had high-profile clients like Netflix and NASA’s Mars Curiosity Robot program. They remain one of the most prominent cloud computing service providers.

As the Internet’s most popular platforms used cloud computing, their usage grew. Cloud computing is used to store data by social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. YouTube uses cloud computing to store video.

Cloud Computing Concepts Today

In recent years, large corporations have lost their dominance in the cloud market. This is due in part to the fact that small-scale companies are now competing with these giants. Cloud computing is no longer a monopoly for large corporations.

Cloud computing services are often offered by large corporations in rigid packages. Small service providers offer flexible solutions that go beyond the rigid packages offered by large corporations. They wanted to maximize the cloud’s flexibility. They are flexible enough to adapt to industry specific needs.

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing industry. Gartner estimates that the public cloud market grew by $145.3 billion in 2017. It reached $175.8 Billion globally even before 2018 was over.

According to IBM, 80% of companies use cloud computing even in 2017, according to IBM.

Future Cloud Computing Concepts

Cloud computing is gaining popularity at a faster rate. Cloud computing’s flexibility and low cost are appealing to many businesses. Gartner predicts the cloud computing market to grow from $182.4 million in 2018 to $331.2 million by 2022.

Gartner also forecasted that 2019 would end with $214.3 Billion for the cloud computing market. This would represent a 17.5% increase in growth over the previous year.

With such rapid growth, the future of cloud computing could be brighter. Cloud computing concepts could see further development.


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