Cloud Distribution Network

Cloud Content Delivery Network

The modern web experience is increasingly incorporating video. Many websites are using video because it offers a better user experience than regular text and images.

Video deployment to users can be a tricky task. The first step is to provide video to your visitors. It is more important to offer quality streaming video experience.

It is true. Video is only one thing. Your visitors expect high-quality broadcasts whenever they view a video on your site. You run the risk that visitors will leave your website and go elsewhere if the video stalls or buffers.

Web administrators have to understand that streaming video and video-on-demand require advanced content delivery services. You won’t be able to use your standard CDN provider that is not capable of video streaming distribution.

You can use a reliable cloud content delivery system to increase your CDN streaming bandwidth.

Cloud Content Delivery Network for Quality Web Content Delivery and Video Delivery

A high-performance cloud content distribution network is the best choice if you want to offer your visitors the best possible video streaming experience. You don’t want to choose just any CDN provider. You need a reliable CDN platform designed to deliver optimized video and web experiences for you and your visitors.

CloudFlare cloud CDN is here to help. CloudFlare is a leading provider of cloud content delivery networks services and can provide a secure and reliable user experience for your website and business on any device, anywhere in the world.

CloudFlare will handle the complicated task of distributing web and video content across the globe, while also solving security and scalability issues.

CloudFlare Cloud CDN Service allows subscribers to this SaaS to also implement a highly configurable, highly scalable, and fully ready-for-deployment CDN platform, without having to invest in additional hardware or technology.

Web administrators can significantly reduce deployment times and optimize their network and servers to deliver video and content.

Cloud CDN Platform Benefits

Cloud-based content delivery networks are a great way to optimize your web and video content for the best user experiences.

You are not only helping your business, but also in many other ways, such as:

Video and web deployments at a lower cost

Cloud-based content delivery eliminates the need to purchase expensive hardware and equipment, particularly for video. This greatly reduces the capital investment required, which would otherwise have been a significant upfront cost for your company. You can also control your budget and work around costs with predictive pricing and pricing. There are no unexpected expenses such as maintenance or new parts fees.

Turnkey CDN solution

The cloud offers a ready-to use solution for your business that can be customized to your specific business requirements. There is no complicated installation. It’s as simple as setting it up. Your website and video will be ready for deployment.

Free updates and upgrades, no maintenance

The best thing about the cloud is that you only need to use it. CloudFlare CDN is responsible for maintaining the entire service. CloudFlare CDN will manage and maintain the content delivery platform. All subscribers will receive any upgrades and updates to the system. Upgrades and updates are available without additional charges.

Reduce the burden on the origin server

The origin server will bear the majority of traffic load without a CDN platform. The origin server can fail or become unusable due to high traffic volumes. Add the task of deploying video and you’ll see a sharp drop in page loading speeds. Cloud CDN reduces the load on the origin server by taking care of video and web content deployment around the globe.


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