Cloud Storage CDN in Market
Cloud Storage CDN in Market

Top 4 Cloud Storage CDN in the Market

No longer are our files locked on one device. We can now access them from any device we choose – and in real-time via the Cloud technology.

Cloud-based services are becoming more popular, including cloud CDN service provider.

These content delivery services are essential if you need to quickly deliver your content around the globe.

People’s attention spans are decreasing by the day. A few seconds latency can lead to a loss of customers.

Your website will need a reliable content delivery service.

The question is: With so many content delivery options, which one has the best delivery network and features for your website?

Let’s see what happens.

#1 Cloudflare

Cloudflare boasts a large delivery network, which includes 28 global PoPs as well as 9 super PoPs strategically located in different parts of the globe. It is a cloud storage CDN capable of high performance.

The content delivery service provides detailed insight through real-time traffic statistics.

It also works in tandem with other content delivery services on the market to offer flexibility for your budget.

The cloud storage CDN offers a ‘Pay As-You-Go” payment option that provides a cushion against high upfront costs that could easily impact your budget. This is why many web owners love this content delivery service.

Its free CDN provides unlimited internet traffic to your website, all at no cost.

Apart from these features, the best thing about this cloud storage CDN is its affordability.

You might be asking, “How affordable?”

The cost of this content delivery service is only 1/4 of the average price of competitors, while it delivers most of its high performance features. This is a deal not all content delivery services will offer.

These are just a few of the many other benefits that this Google Cloud CDN has to offer:

  • Dual-stack full dual-stack network (IPv4 and IPv6 everywhere)
  • Pseudo-streaming (progressive streaming), byte-range requests support
  • Only the HTTP video streams can be delivered
  • SSL/TLS free on your domain
  • Live streaming of logs
  • Transfer speed rate limiting
  • Instant purging
  • Token authentication

Cloudflare’s responsive technical support team is another reason it is a top cloud storage CDN.

This content delivery service is able to deliver solutions to customers quickly and efficiently through its proven delivery network.

#2 BunnyCDN

The content delivery service knows that even a few seconds delay can cause customers to be lost. It uses NVMe technology and SSD technology to stop delays and keep latency down to milliseconds.

It also boasts an 18Tbit+ backbone, which allows it to deliver the best content delivery service possible to its customers.

With its efficient delivery network, one of the best things about this cloud storage CDN was that it can be reached from different parts of the globe in record time of just 30 milliseconds.

This cloud storage CDN prepares you for the future. It’s HTTP/2 and Brotli-ready, which are the technologies that will be most widely adopted in the future.

BunnyCDN also has the ability to monitor traffic via its real-time monitoring dashboard.

It can also redirect or block IPs and countries from cheaper regions.

BunnyCDN is a pioneer in the use of high-performance technologies and networks to deliver the best content delivery service a cloud storage CDN has to offer.

It is why it is always included in any list of the top-performing cloud storage CDN service providers in the market. Well-deserved, indeed.

#3 StackPath

This content delivery service can compete with other cloud storage CDN providers to deliver the best cloud CDN service on the market.

It is committed to being a leader in the CDN market by having a broad delivery network that spans North America, South America and Europe.

Let’s take a look at the cloud storage CDN and what it can do for you:

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Private EdgeSSL Certificate Free
  • EdgeEngine Serverless Scripting
  • Custom Rules Creator
  • Segmented Downloads
  • DDoS Attack Protection
  • View reports, purge cache and set up places
  • Load balancing, blocking
  • View reports, purge cache and set up places

It’s also a cloud storage CDN, which sincerely wants to communicate with customers to answer their questions or provide content delivery services related information.

They offer a very helpful and responsive 24×7 support service that is available via chat, phone, or ticket support. All at no cost.

StackPath understands that content delivery services are not just about technology and efficient delivery, but also the expression of sincereness towards customers.

StackPath continues to be pushed up as the best cloud storage CDN on the market.

#4 Sucuri

This cloud storage CDN has a solid security background and is well-equipped for protecting your website against hackers, DDoS attacks and malware.

This cloud storage CDN offers infrastructure with a large delivery network. It has 10 SuperPoPs located in the USA, Europe and Asia. There are also 2 CDN PoPs located in Australia and Brazil.

It is a cloud storage CDN that focuses not only on security but also on strong delivery networks to deliver the best content delivery service on the market.

Let’s take a look at what else Sucuri has to do:

  • Website speed can be improved by up to 70%
  • All plans include unlimited bandwidth
  • Redundancy and high availability
  • Support team available 24/7
  • Support for HTTP/2
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Efficient Web Uptime

This content delivery service is not limited to improving your website. It can also find other solutions.

It provides various caching solutions for different websites, just like its caching services. This allows it to provide the best content delivery service possible.

These are just a few of the many reasons why this cloud storage CDN has been able to compete with other CDN services for the title of one the best content delivery services on the market.


We’ve now seen the top cloud storage CDN service providers on the market and can see that all of them are set up to offer the best features.

These content delivery services are sure to please website owners as they are well-equipped and can improve the performance of their site.

However, it seems that they would be more interested in cloud CDN services if they were available at a cheaper price. This is why they might wait.

Although the CDN market has many of the most impressive features, web owners seem to want “best prices”.

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