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What is Coinhive Malware?

Coinhive is a cryptocurrency mining code that is infiltrating websites all over the internet without the owners’ knowledge.

When a computer user visits a website, Coinhive uses javascript to harness the CPU capacity of the computer user.

As a result, whenever you visit a website that contains Coinhive code, your computer is hard at work mining cryptocurrency for someone else.

Coinhive is not a malicious programme in and of itself.

Coinhive is not malicious in and of itself. Coihive code is a technique for generating income from websites that is used instead of placing advertisements on the site. We have no moral objections to a user being informed up front and given the option to leave the site or continue using it.

The code, on the other hand, is not always made available to the user.

Even worse, hackers are now putting the code on unsuspecting websites in order to make money off of it. The majority of the victims are running an older version of Drupal, which contains security holes that can be exploited to install the script on their computers.

Creating a cryptocurrency mining operation Monero is the cryptocurrency with which the Coinhive mining code is most commonly associated. In fact, the people who run Monero are aware of the problem and are working on solutions to reduce the frequency of the attacks.

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