What is colocation?

Colocation (sometimes known as “colo”)┬áis the practice of renting space for your servers and other computing hardware at a third-party provider’s data center facility. Colocation services typically include the building where everything is located, as well networking, security and redundant cooling. These then support the storage and servers provided by the customer.

Data Center New Orleans

Colocation data centers allow you to avoid the capital expenses (CAPEX), of building and maintaining your facility, while allowing you complete ownership of your physical servers. It does require you to pay upfront hardware costs and can result in higher travel costs for engineers who need to access the equipment manually.

Colocation Services offered by cyberspecial

It is important to be cost-efficient and resilient if you want to succeed. Data center colocation is an option that can provide the benefits of large IT departments without the associated costs.

cyberspecial Our colocation services allow you to house your servers in our data centers. This saves you money and improves uptime. You have complete control over the server software We provide content and bandwidth. In a secure data center, we also offer power, maintenance, and other services.

What benefits will I get from colocation services?

    • Connectivity and infrastructure that is worry-free
    • Stability and security both virtual and physical
    • Scalable solutions that are tailored to your needs
    • Even during power outages, business continuity is possible
    • Monthly expenses that are predictable


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