The Most Reliable Connected Worker Platform of 2021

To be successful in today’s environment, businesses need to implement trustworthy solutions for connected workers in order to increase their profit margins and compete successfully in the market. Data is an extremely important factor in the acceleration of business activities. The fulfilment of expectations is achieved through the availability of data at the appropriate time. The connected worker solutions offer a strategy to build channels for the data to travel between workers at various stages in the organisation. These channels can be accessed by all of the workers. The vast majority of front-end workers are clueless when it comes to the project’s essential data. The successful business utilises trustworthy software for connected workers such as VKS (Visual Knowledge Share), Augmentir, Tulip Interface, WorkClout, and other similar programmes in order to circumvent this challenge. These tools connect the workers with the pertinent data so that they can carry out their duties without any lingering regrets. Take a quick look at the brief introduction to these connected worker platform tools that is provided in this article.

VKS (Visual Knowledge Share)

On this platform, there is no requirement for the completion of any paperwork in order to carry out business activities. A digital form of instructions can be generated by this piece of software and provided to the staff. Using these data that have been digitalized brings the task’s efficiency up to almost 95 percent. It elevates your business to the level of best practise and increases your rate of profitability by twenty percent. Your company’s ability to make decisions will move much more quickly as a result of using the VKS. It closes the gap in workers’ skill levels and improves the efficiency with which tasks are carried out.

Tulip Interface

It is the best solution for increasing business productivity in a short period of time and it is available to businesses. 2014 marked the beginning of the availability of this software solution that originated in the United States. This product offers a comprehensive answer to simplify a variety of tasks associated with running a business. It is a software as a service (SaaS), and it includes training documentation as well as webinars, live sessions, business hours, and online support. A demo version of this package can be obtained upon request. Work instruction tools, such as ERP, Maintenance Management, MES, Quality Management, Reporting/Analytics, and Safety Management, are included in Tulip.


It was the first piece of connected worker software to combine Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. It is considered a pioneer in the field. The integration of these technologies mitigates the shortage of skilled labour, which in turn boosts overall productivity in industrial endeavours. It contributes to the overall quality of the work and enables the organisation to experience continuous improvement. This software provides front line and back end employees in an organisation with intelligent support for the completion of their tasks on time and without any delays.


The front-line worker will be motivated to take the appropriate action for the benefit of the organisation as a whole by using this tool. The frontline team is given the authority to achieve consistent growth and appreciable operational performance, and they are recognised for their efforts. It is a software as a service tool that focuses on the company’s employees, as well as their safety, quality, and delivery. It provides assistance in assigning the appropriate team to the appropriate designation for the purposes of successfully completing the tasks. With Rever, you can quickly and easily distribute information to everyone in your organisation in a very short amount of time. Employees are motivated through the provision of rewards and recognition based on their performance.

VSight Remote Control.

This tool makes use of augmented reality in its operation. Workers are able to connect remotely at any time thanks to the VSight Remote. The on-site technicians connect with the team of subject-matter experts in order to flawlessly resolve problems relating to repair and maintenance operations. The use of this collaborative software assists the employees in connecting with one another at the appropriate times. By facilitating a remote connection between the employees of an organisation, the VSight Remote tool helps to cut down on the money spent on travel as well as the amount of time wasted doing so.


It is one of the worker software programmes with the best connections, and it communicates instructions to front-end workers in a timely manner. It offers a user-friendly, interactive platform that provides access to essential data in order to facilitate the process of decision-making. You will be able to visually process images and videos as well as link to documents and data if you use this software. The worker has simple access to the data they need at the point of use, which enables them to assist in the scheduling of jobs, audits, and checklists. You can also make a to-do list in order to ensure that you follow through on the necessary tasks in a timely manner. Because of this software, the team is able to find solutions to problems more quickly, keep track of their actions, and make sound decisions. Having instant access to data results in a successful transition, which is necessary for the organisation to experience consistent growth.


It is the most recent development in the field of software for connected workers. The year 2018 marks the beginning of its existence. The United States of America developed this tool to provide support during business hours, both live and online. This software works on Macs as well as Windows computers, as well as iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. It is an instruction software that provides features such as quote management, resource management, supply chain management, and forecasting formula management. Quality control, process manufacturing, and supply chain management are also included. Before committing to the full purchase of this tool, you have the option of testing out a free version first. This connected worker programme streamlines business operations and makes working conditions more pleasant for employees, allowing them to increase their output in a short amount of time.

The market for connected worker solutions is anticipated to expand at a breakneck pace across the globe over the course of the forecast period. This is due to rising concerns regarding employee safety as well as increased throughput. Connected worker solutions are utilised in a variety of different industries; however, the manufacturing sector is a specialty market for these solutions. In its most recent research study, Fact.MR examines the primary factors that will drive demand for connected worker solutions in the years to come and discusses those findings. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry are analysed in this study, along with the various developments that have taken place in over 20 countries with high rates of economic growth.


Therefore, your experience with the dependable Connected Worker software in the year 2021 was a fruitful one. Choose the appropriate tool that can fulfil all of your requirements while keeping up with the pace of your organisation. In order to compete successfully in the competitive market, connect with the worker software that offers the best connectivity. It is time to get creative in order to find answers to our survival problems. The Connected Worker tools that have been discussed up until this point are all incredible and will quickly increase the productivity of your company. Connect your employees as soon as possible to achieve the desired profit rates in the activities of your business.

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