Content Delivery Network Architecture


Understanding the Content Delivery Network Architecture

The need for a way to easily transfer data around the world without any website failures was felt in the late 1990s. Website owners became increasingly interested in the functions of content delivery networks. Website owners were first to use CDNs. In that era, ISP companies were the primary providers. Content delivery network architecture is now widespread.

Do you need to use CDN architecture for service? Do you feel the need to also go to CDN providers in order to utilize content delivery network architecture like global companies such as Netflix and AirBNB? It is a good idea to learn as much as you can about content delivery network architecture before going to CDN providers to inquire about this service. CDN architecture may seem daunting, but CDN providers might still be able to give you the facts if you contact them right away.

CDN Architecture Basics

Content delivery network architecture’s most fundamental function is its ability to cache data, which allows for the storage of data for future reference. A website visitor will request access to the website via web browser. Once the request has been granted, the data will be sent back to the user. Although this may seem simple, there are many problems with this setup. For example, latency issues due to bandwidth and distance differences. This can be solved by CDN architecture. CDN providers can program your website to be hosted at a specific point-of-presence. This POP will store all data required by visitors within the area. The visitors will be directed directly to the nearest POP and data will be delivered just as if they were requesting it from their home server. This efficient data delivery is possible thanks to the strategic location planning of CDN provider and high-tech Content Delivery Network architecture.

Edge Servers

Edge servers are points-of-presence which cache data and then send it to the closest website users. CDN providers will choose the best edge server to meet your content delivery system architecture requirements. CDN providers will ask for information about where you want to deliver your content. Only these areas will activate the CDN architecture.

Pull Zones

The CDN architecture’s pull zones contain areas where data is collected and prepared for distribution. The CDN providers will need to identify which servers the content delivery system architecture will receive data for the cache. To identify the right path for data pulling, CDN providers will need to work closely with your organization.

Push Zones

On the other hand, push zones are areas in the CDN architecture where data will be distributed. Discuss with your CDN providers who will receive these data. Your CDN providers should know how the data will be distributed within push zones.

Why use CDN Architecture?

The Content delivery networks architecture will bring you and your company better results in connecting to the rest of world. CDN providers can help you to improve productivity and raise your company’s image.


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