2.9 Million Open Cyber Security Jobs in the US

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find qualified Cyber Security professionals.

Cyber Seek completed a study and found that there is an unmet need for at least 2.9 Million cybersecurity job openings. Northern Virginia has the most job opportunities. Northern Virginia is a hub for cyber jobs due to the growth of areas like Ashburn, VA. Ashburn has more fiber optic cables than any other place in the world. Technology companies have non-descript data centres in Ashburn.

California is 2nd in the country when it comes the cyber jobs gap. California is home to Silicon Valley, Microsoft and many other tech companies and startups.

There are over 13,000 jobs available in other states, including Illinois, Texas, Florida and New York.

These jobs are so difficult to fill.

Because of their strict requirements, these jobs can be difficult to fill. These jobs are often filled by government contractors. Contract requirements include security clearances and certifications.

If a job requires security clearance (Top Secret, Secret, etc. The qualified applicant pool is very small. Clearance can take up to two years. It is essential to hire someone with a clearance. Companies are rarely allowed to hire people without security clearances and must wait for years before the clearance process is completed.

The applicant pool can be limited when a position requires certification. Certifications such as CISSP, IT certifications that require five years’ experience on the job and a tough exam that only 50% of applicants pass the first attempt. Other certifications can be very difficult and require months of dedicated learning.

Many of these jobs are not available and won’t be filled. LinkedIn recruiters are actively looking for potential candidates and trying to attract cybersecurity talent with high-paying job offers and other promises. Six-figure salaries are the norm.

The scarcity of resources will not end

Employers looking to fill these positions are not seeing a bright future. Cybersecurity professionals have many options. Employers understand that it is important to keep their cyber employees happy, as they can leave the company and find work at another one the next day.