Using Dedicated CDNs for Online Efficiency

Many successful businesses have come to realize that content delivery networks (or CDNs) are not a secret anymore. This is especially true for companies like Netflix or AirBNB, which reached global success. Your company now has the opportunity to achieve the same success as these world-renowned businesses. To do this, you should first get the assistance of CDN hosting companies to set up CDNs. Here’s a tip. Use more than one CDN. This may mean higher maintenance costs and greater payments, but dedicated CDNs will improve your CDN experience. Multi-CDN use is a common move for many companies. CDN hosting providers have increased in number and are easy to locate. Multiple CDNs can be used to help you communicate with CDN providers about how your CDNs can be better utilized for greater productivity. BelugaCDN invites you to speak to CDN providers about how to use multiple CDNs.


CDN hosting providers will provide a wide range of CDN locations for you to choose from. CDN providers should be knowledgeable about the different areas that a CDN architecture can reach and which CDNs can activated for each location. As CDN providers assist, you can use dedicated CDNs to target specific areas. You might have different goals when choosing a designated CDN to serve this area. One CDN might be dedicated to helping remote employees, while another CDN could be used to help the company’s website reach a market. Ask CDN hosting providers about the area’s profile. CDN providers can provide statistics, such as bandwidth profiles and density of the internet-active population in an area. When setting up CDNs in specific areas, it is important to collaborate with CDN hosting companies. CDN providers will ensure that dedicated CDNs work regardless of where they are located.


Ask your CDN hosting provider about dedicated CDNs for each function. Although it may seem like a good solution for your CDN needs, there are some risks. This CDN could become overloaded if you use it for everything, including website hosting, video streaming and image resizing. It might prove too complicated for even your CDN providers to manage multiple processes. This can be solved by assigning a CDN to each function. This will not only reduce the cache queue, but will also allow the dedicated CDN to handle only one task. CDN hosting providers won’t have to manage the CDN activity. Instead, CDN providers will handle the CDN’s unique function.


A dedicated CDN is a security measure. CDN hosting providers will monitor your dedicated CDNs for unusual activity. A data overload is a situation where a single CDN handles multiple tasks and caches multiple data types. This could cause the CDN to go into overdrive and lead to a site being forced to close down. DDoS attacks can also use this technique to overload cache, making the website and company server more vulnerable. The cache can be kept healthy by using dedicated CDNs for specific functions or locations. Although CDN hosting providers might have to look after multiple designated CDNs this is still a better security measure than trusting one CDN. The CDN hosting provider should also be able to keep an eye on security maintenance.

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It’s a smart idea to use dedicated CDNs for different purposes. Your enterprise will be able to achieve its goals sooner than you might think. CDN hosting providers are waiting for you to approach them for your dedicated CDN needs.


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