Many countries consider torrenting movies, music, or other media illegal. ISPs monitor P2P traffic and may fine you for copyright violation. A VPN can be used to protect your online privacy. But does it also hide torrenting from ISPs?

Let’s start by looking at whether ISPs can detect torrenting when you use P2P traffic.

How can ISP detect torrenting

Many ISPs are able to see you torrenting. They can detect P2P traffic through large bandwidth consumption. Multiple connections to different IP addresses may also indicate torrent activity. Your ISP can also be notified by third parties that you are downloading copyrighted materials.

Can VPN hide torrenting from ISP?

VPNs can hide torrenting from your ISP. VPN encrypts P2P traffic to prevent ISP from seeing it. VPN hides your true IP address and allows you to connect to other peers to get files. A VPN will not allow your ISP to track what you do online, even if they track torrents.

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Are ISPs concerned that you torrent?

Most ISPs don’t care if you torrent. It is legal to download many apps, movies, and Linux distributions. It is forbidden to share copyrighted products such as music, movies, or games.

How ISP tracks torrents.

The companies that own the movies monitor all torrent files. Next, connect to your real IP address and attempt to download the file. It is obvious that you downloaded the file without using a VPN.

The company that monitored torrents informs your ISP. This informs your ISP that the torrent was not authorized for you to download the movie.

It is then up to the ISP to decide how to handle such a situation. ISPs will usually send a copyright violation letter. You will be fined if they have evidence of your torrenting or copyright infringement.

Your real IP address is hidden from torrent monitoring systems when a VPN is used. This means that your ISP cannot tell it is you. A VPN encrypts your P2P traffic so your ISP cannot see your online activities.

Summary – Does ISP hide torrenting?

A VPN will hide your online activities from your ISP as well as the torrent monitoring system. You could get in trouble for torrenting or sharing copyrighted products.

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