Dsi Cloud Inventory


Data Systems International® (DSI®) Launches Newest Version of Cloud Inventory® Platform

The industry leader in inventory control solutions, Data Systems International (DSI ®), has introduced the latest version of Cloud Inventory®, a cloud-based inventory management solution. This solution gives manufacturers and distributors the ability to monitor and control inventory in real-time with an unprecedented degree of accuracy. Data Systems International has developed a game-changing technological solution in the form of Cloud Inventory. This solution has the potential to significantly improve existing approaches to inventory management while simultaneously increasing productivity, compliance, inventory optimization, and revenue generation.

Cloud Inventory is a mobile-first, cloud-based solution that enables businesses to track assets, inventory, tools, jobsite supplies, and consignment materials outside of the warehouse. Cloud Inventory was designed with the cloud in mind but was built with mobile in mind. Users of Cloud Inventory have visibility into the state, location, and authenticity of inventory at every point along the supply chain, whether it be in the warehouse, in transit, or out in the field. This includes the ability to track inventory in real time. Companies are able to respond to inventory management needs as they arise and optimise the flow of their supply chain, both of which lead to an increase in revenue. This is made possible by the exceptional capability of Cloud Inventory to provide precise visibility and control of inventory outside of the warehouse in real time. It is not necessary for the user’s role to be difficult in order to achieve accurate monitoring of inventory at this size. The interface of Cloud Inventory includes dashboards that can be used to monitor and improve supply chain performance. This interface is designed to make it easy to access Cloud Inventory using mobile devices.

Data Systems International, which has been in business for more than 40 years, has a profound understanding of the significance of adaptability in the manner in which a company goes about tracking and controlling its inventory. Because of this, Cloud Inventory was developed on a low-code, flexible platform. This allows users to easily combine cloud-based solutions with the software they already use and adapt supply chain related processes as their company develops. Companies can reconfigure cloud-based inventory control applications without modifying their systems of record, increasing productivity and agility.

Cloud Inventory is designed to be highly configurable and easily implemented across a range of industries, including manufacturing and distribution, medical devices, construction and engineering, oil and energy, CPG, and utilities. While companies operating in any of these industries stand to benefit from the sort of increased visibility and real-time monitoring that Cloud Inventory provides, each company has specific inventory management needs. Cloud Inventory was designed to be reconfigured in order to fulfil the existing industry-specific requirements, as well as to be able to adapt to the changing requirements of an organisation as it develops. The easy configuration of the Cloud Inventory low-code platform allows companies across a range of industries to reap the benefits of increased inventory visibility and reduced human error while avoiding time-consuming and costly overhauls of previous systems.

The release of the most recent version of Cloud Inventory by Data Systems International comes at the perfect time, as businesses in a wide variety of sectors are adjusting to supply chain disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to a more general shift toward e-commerce. It is more important than ever before to have accurate real-time monitoring available at all points along the supply chain, and Cloud Inventory is specifically designed to achieve this goal.

Mark Goode, President and Chief Executive Officer of DSI, stated that the company is thrilled to announce the new release of Cloud Inventory, which “truly brings breakthrough inventory control without boundaries to supply chain leaders.” “In light of the recent disruptions to supply chains, the lack of inventory visibility and control has emerged as one of the most pressing concerns for boardrooms. When people talk about disruptions in the supply chain, that includes the inability to access inventory. Companies need to take a new approach to the management of their inventory, and cloud inventory provides the ideal, flexible layer to regain control and improve supply chain efficiency.