Email Security Service Providers
Email Security Service Providers

Hosted Email Security by Cyber Special

It’s your primary line of communication, but it can also be a target for unsolicited intruders. An email solution is needed that allows you send and receive files in any size you like without worrying about what you might get when you click the send button.

Cyber Special Lets you communicate securely, efficiently, and most importantly–with complete confidence We will Set up robust email systems Streamlining tools and the most up-to-date technology will help you maximize your investment. Collaboration and communication While keeping it securely secured.

What benefits will I get from utilizing hosted email security services?

How does Hosted Email Security work?

Hosted Email security A cloud-based email filtering company established Hosted Email Security Software. Hosted Email Security software increases spam detection rates and prevents phishing emails entering the network.

Cloud-based email security services are easy to maintain and the software vendor can perform instant software updates when new software is released. It is compatible with every operating system and is versatile. It is easy to use and doesn’t require any hardware for installation. The service provider also offers technical support that is available all the time.

Businesses can protect their corporate networks against malicious and threatening email by creating an account with a service supplier, adding the domain and domain admin to the account, and redirect MX records to connect the company’s server. Domain admins set policies, and all emails pass through the service provider’s servers filtering according to those policies.

As per the requirements, policies can be created or modified or extracted from an existing directory tool. Domain administrators can apply different spam thresholds by group, user domain, or a central management portal or enterprise-wide portal. It also assists in scheduling reports that will be sent to each user after the email has been quarantined by the web-based email security software.

Domain administrators can thus monitor spam email in real time and isolate them. They can also create customizable reports or use the management portal to identify them. If the business is in a regulated sector, the reports provide online security tools and allow businesses to gather and create all risk assessments.

Why businesses need an email security solution from a third party

Recent email breaches led to data loss totaling over half a million people’s personal information. 39% of breaches were discovered in the healthcare industry, which has the most stringent controls to protect sensitive information of patients, staff and physicians.

It has been a constant challenge to protect company email from spam attacks.

Businesses need a Third-Party Email Safety Solution that includes email archiving, encryption, large files transfers, integration, and email branding.


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